Signs He Is Serious About You

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Wondering if he’s serious about you? Look for these sure signs & They’ll confirm that he’s in it for the long haul!

Dating seems all fun until you start developing serious feelings for the guy and are left to wonder on your own whether he feels the same. 

You can’t straightforwardly ask a man if he’s serious about you, lest you might come off as desperate or awkward. But that doesn’t mean you have to remain in the dark forever and be utterly helpless.

No doubt, finding out a man’s inner thoughts can be the toughest nut to crack. And probably that’s why people say, “actions speak louder than words.” He might suck at expressing his feelings or confessing. But if he’s damn serious about your relationship, his actions and attitude will speak volumes.

So, without further ado, here are the top 35 signs he is serious about you — watch for them and find out where your relationship is headed!

25 signs He Is Serious About You

1. He Doesn’t Flirt With Other Women

If you’re not into a casual fling, I’m pretty sure you don’t want your man to flirt with a lot of women. You don’t want him to treat you as a fling or just “another” woman. 

Thus, if he’s dallying with someone else behind your back or even in front of you (which is worse), you know this is not what you signed up for.

A man who’s serious about you will be dedicated to you inside and out. He will see other women platonically. 

So, if your man’s body language doesn’t abruptly change when another woman approaches him, or you never find him staring at other women, chances are he’s pretty focused on you, girl!

2. He Loves Having Long & Deep Conversations With You

 Signs He Is Serious About You

Know you’re special to him if you’re not the only one initiating communication every time. If he calls you to discuss things or simply have a chit-chat about how his day went, he’s getting serious. 

Bonus point if you find him often interested in knowing you better and having lengthy, serious conversations about each other. He doesn’t make you feel desperate for communication and keeps in touch with you on a regular basis. 

3. You Are a Priority to Him

The very feeling of being special to someone shows that you’re a priority in their life. If he’s serious about you, he will take out time to go on regular dates or meet up casually and catch up with you.

If he’s unable to stick to the discussed plan, he’ll let you know and try to make up for it by rescheduling rather than dumping things altogether.

You can see his affection towards you if he makes a serious effort to keep the relationship blooming. When you’re his priority, he’ll be there whenever you need him and won’t disappear. 

4. He Supports Your dreams and goals

Signs He Is Serious About You

A person truly cares for you when they’re with you through thick and thin. No matter how bad your day went or what struggle you’re facing, he will strive his best to uplift and support you.

Your dreams and aspirations mean a lot to him, and he goes out of his way (or at least tries to) to keep you encouraged to achieve them.

He concretely tells you that no matter what happens, he will be there at the end of the day to rely on. If you feel that he’s become one of the strongest pillars in your life, I’m pretty sure you’re the world to him!

5. You Can See Him Trying to Spend More Time With You


What can put more butterflies in your stomach than seeing your man make an effort to be a part of your life?

Forget getting physical — if he’s trying to simply spend a couple of hours with you, maybe in a game zone having fun or buddy reading a book, he’s head over heels for you.

Having your favorite human present with you is intimate enough. And if he likes to keep you close and be around you as much as possible, you’ve worked your magic. 

6. Your Opinion Matters to Him

Not just he supports you, but he expects the same from you. The fact that you matter to him reflects in what he thinks of your opinions. 

When he’s in trouble or in any sort of dilemma, he doesn’t forget to take your advice and lets you know about the situation. 

Or even for the smallest of subjects, like selecting a tie for a business meeting or choosing a gift for his relatives/family, he’ll consider your take on that. 

My point is that as much as you depend on him so does he on you. And that’s one of the telltale signs that he is not taking this relationship lightly but rather sees a long-term relationship in it.

7. He Adores Your Imperfectness

To find a love that shelters you for your good and bad is rare and true. So, if he adores your oddities and accepts you with all your flaws (physical, emotional, behavioral), he’s definitely a keeper.

He’ll provide a safe place for you to grow and be in love with yourself. You won’t have to shy away or be embarrassed by your fears and weirdness. 

Thus, if he makes you confident about your uniqueness, he’s becoming more fond of you as time passes by.

8. He Introduces You to His Family & Friends

You’ll know if a guy is serious about you if he introduces you to his closest friends and family. That’s the biggest game-changer, trust me. It’s like a straight-up invitation to become an important part of someone’s life.

If a guy’s bringing you home, it means that he’s already informed his parents and siblings about you and that I can smell the wedding season from here (jk 😉).

9. He Wishes to Meet Your Folks

What’s more charismatic than a guy jumping through hoops to impress your parents and bond with your friends/siblings? And more, find them adorable and accept them as you do. GREEN FLAG ALERT!!

If you’re meeting each other’s inner circle, mingling awkwardly, and gradually becoming more comfortable and closer to them, things are getting pretty official.

You don’t need to worry if he’s serious about you because deep down, even you know he is.

10. He Knows Your Triggers

We all have some triggers that put us in a bad place, the way out of which seems a rough one. But if he is already aware of what sets off your anxiety or makes you terrified, he genuinely cares and looks out for you.

It might be something as simple as a food allergy you have or a tragic incident that has rendered you defenseless against something. 

If he knows what ticks you off and stays there to calm you down, do I even need to say more?

11. He Misses You When You’re Not There

Men do not share information about their romantic lives with their friends and families. They like to minimize sharing and express themselves only in front of their lovers.

So, if you’re out of town, it is normal to receive an “I miss you” text from your guy. 

But if you find him talking about you even in your absence, say from his sister or buddies, he literally cannot stop himself from missing you.

12. He Respects Your Space

A person who truly loves you will respect your space and boundaries. They won’t force you to commit things you dislike or are uncomfortable with. 

In the case of dating and relationships, this is highly evident from the way your partner treats you. 

Does he directly/indirectly pressurize you for physical intimacy even when you don’t feel like it? Or does he understand your state of mind and give you time to move things ahead?

Having a steady pace and being on the same page are the most important things in any relationship. If your partner is mature enough to respect this, he might be “the one”!

13. He Avoids Escalating Arguments

Let’s admit — we’ve all got our egos and attitudes. But putting them down for the sake of your relationship or the person you love is SOMETHING. 

Of course, I don’t mean to say that every single time it’s the guy who’s supposed to clear things out. However, a person serious about you will try their best to resolve an argument rather than anger it.

Maybe he’ll try to calm things down or give you space to discuss things when both of you aren’t in the heat of the moment. Everyone has their own approach — it’s the thought that matters.

14. He’s an Open Book (With You!)

Telling someone everything about you is the most intimate form of getting close to another human. The more you discuss stuff about yourself, the stronger your bond becomes.

He might talk about his childhood, dreams, family, interests, fears, etc., with you. What’s important here is that he shares all of this information voluntarily. You don’t force him to be open. 

He wants you to know everything about him, be it matters worth discussing or not.

15. He Trusts You

If your guy hasn’t yet confessed he trusts you, there are numerous subtle signs to tell whether he does or not.

First, do you know about his future plans? Does he willingly share his personal life with you? Does he often come to you for advice and respect your opinions? 

If yes, then he sees you as a reliable partner and puts his faith in you. He doesn’t control or suspect you. 

Moreover, he’s not scared to be vulnerable or at his worst around you because he believes you are a safe place.

16. You Find Him Patient Around You

 Signs He Is Serious About You

There are numerous situations when a person might behave impulsively — but that’s the last type of reaction you want when you’re ranting about something or someone. 

If he’s serious about you, he’ll try to console you if you’re in bad shape and listen patiently to your troubles. He won’t shut you up for letting your emotions out, rather will find a way to deal with them because he cares for you.

He will do his best to relax you, maybe cheer you up with your favorite snack or simply hug you to say he’s there. Whatever form his effort takes, he won’t snap back at you or be frustrated. 

17. He’s Told You About His Future Plans

You know your relationship has taken a serious turn when he shares his future plans and even includes you in them. 

I’m not necessarily talking about buying a house and living together here. But he finds it important to update you when his plans change, for example, if he’s thinking of changing jobs or moving places.

Or maybe which city he would like to settle in, what lifestyle he aims for, and even how many kids he wants (crucial to discuss such things beforehand).

This shows that he knows your decisions will influence each other and thus sees you as an important part of his life

18. You Are Your “Original Version” With Him

The fact that you have your guard down around him means he’s serious enough to make you feel comfortable. You stay relaxed with him and are not anxious about how he sees you. 

You don’t try to be someone else to draw his attention. Rather, you’re carefree and enjoy his company while being true to yourself. 

Long story short, he does not make you feel the need to pretend anything. He loves you for the person you are and is proud of you.

19. He remembers details about your life

There are many indicators that someone is serious about you, but one of the most obvious signs is if they can recall little details about your life when you mention them.

From remembering your favorite band to knowing the name of your first pet – and everything in between – these small memories demonstrate that our partner has taken a genuine interest in who we are as both an individual and a couple.

There’s no magic formula for it, either; it’s just about being truly interested in learning and understanding all that makes us who we are. So, next time you find yourself sitting across from someone special who remembers the littlest things about your life story, consider it a reminder that they are in for the next level!

20. He talks about you with admiration to others

If your significant other tends to beam with pride when talking about you to his friends and family, it’s a clear sign that he’s serious about you! It’s like the saying goes — when people show you who they are, believe them.

There is no greater honor than for someone to hold their partner in high regard and talk about them fondly with others. If his admiration for you shines through in conversation, then it’s most likely true love, and you have found a keeper!

21. He puts your needs before his own

I’m sure many of us have experienced moments of thoughtfulness from our romantic partners that make us feel special and appreciated. When they go out of their way to put your needs before their own, it is a sure sign that they are fiercely devoted to you.

A partner like this will always try to support and care for you the best way they can. It’s important to allow yourself to experience and receive these compassionate acts of kindness because not only do they make you feel loved, but it’s also a testament to the strength of your relationship as well.

Take notice of those special moments when he puts your needs before his own – it’s possible he might be showing you just how serious he is about keeping the spark alive!

22. He protects and honors your relationship

When a man is serious about you, signposts should be clear: his care, respect, and adoration for you should be visible. If he takes the time to honor your relationship with thoughtful gestures and meaningful conversation, stands up for you at every opportunity, and strives to build your trust – it may be a great sign that he wants this arrangement to be permanent.

It’s easy to get caught up in the tornado of love, but if you take a moment to examine the relationship, then recognizing his security in committing will become apparent. Your heart will know if he is all-in!

23. His actions consistently reflect his words

When it comes to relationships, it’s all about the little things. We all know how powerful our words can be, but actions really do speak louder than words.

If a special someone in your life is being serious about you and taking steps to build a stronger emotional connection between you two, they will make sure their actions consistently reflect their words. It could range from random acts of kindness and thoughtful gifts to bigger things like reassuring words and making plans for the long term together.

All these contributions are the biggest signs he cares about you on a deeper level and is committed to showing you how much he values your relationship. Take notice when his actions match his words; it’s simply one of life’s greatest gifts!

24. He gives you his undivided attention when he’s with you

If a serious relationship is on his cards, you bet he will give you 1000% of his attention when he’s around you.

From listening intently to responding with thoughtful questions, there are many ways to show someone they have your full focus. But don’t just take my word for it – studies have shown that the more engaged someone exhibits in a relationship, the more likely they are to be truly dedicated.

25. He Wants to Be Official!

The clearest sign he is damn serious about you — he desires to be in an official, committed relationship.

This does not limit to public displays of affection (PDAs) but that your families know about you guys dating and everyone (including you) now seriously considers you guys as a couple.

You go to each other’s office parties as their official dates and are even thinking of moving in together now. 

Your relationship has become more mature. Rather than dropping subtle hints, you guys now directly talk about your future plans and connect on a deeper level.

A Couple More Signs he is serious about you…

I don’t think I need to say more, but at times we all feel insecure, and our doubts flood almost everything in our lives. So here are a couple more undeniable signs to help you see if your partner is serious about you and be confident in him.

  1. He always keeps a stock of things you require at his place. For example, sanitary pads, your favorite pop tarts, or even some empty space in his wardrobe for your clothes.
  2. He doesn’t get jealous when he sees you with another man and puts his complete faith in you.
  3. He plans dates that cater to your likes and surprises you with gifts and flowers out of the blue.
  4. He is not self-absorbed to provide you with sexual pleasures.
  5. He cares about your career and understands if you’re unable to meet him due to the same.
  6. He tells you to call/text him when you reach home after a date or even from the office late at night for safety reasons.
  7. He is proudly showing you off on social media.
  8. He is nowhere to be found near dating apps, as he only has an eye for you.
  9. You are freely and openly talking about your past relationships as they don’t make you uncomfortable now.
  10. He has changed his relationship status to committed now – not afraid to show you off!

Bottom Line to signs he is serious about you

You WILL know if a man’s getting serious about you. His concern and care are reflected in the way he treats you and how he’s gradually making you more and more comfortable with him.  

Check with the above top signs if unsure what his feelings are, and listen to your gut. If you still think the situation is not clear to you, take charge and ask him. 

Trust me, it won’t be awkward. 

If you guys have been seeing each other for quite some time now (more than 6-8 months), it’s completely alright to question your relationship and find out where it stands. 

I’m pretty sure he will only be glad and more in love with you for doing this!

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signs he is serious about you

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