From cheaters and traumas to a relationship that fulfills, I think I know a thing or two about keeping it alive!

Hiiii Gorgeous!

I’m Harman, or you can call me your personal therapist! Shh, they say I’m a terrific listener and have the most awesome advice 😉

Does that make me bulletproof from traumatizing relationships? I guess not!

I have had my set of struggles with people that seem great at first but take about 2 seconds to go downhill. I have seen my friends and their friends and their friends swiping right and left, dating, choosing the wrong partners, crying day and night over toxic people, toiling to get a minute of peace, and then losing hope.

It’s time we start treating heartbreaks as serious human body problems because, babe, when someone stabs you in the heart, it sure feels like you may not see the next morning sunshine!

So enough with that! Enough with not being able to find the right person. Enough with getting all the signs wrong. Enough with ignoring red flags, for that matter. Enough with the drama, dating endeavors, not treating or getting treated right, and letting go of the right partners.

Here at Cupid and Cuddles, you’ll get the best advice from a dating and relationship expert who is more like a sister to you! Let’s get rid of all the jerks, preserve all the gems, and work on ourselves so we can attract better! Who’s in?

But what’s my story?

In my teenage years, I was not the very pretty one or even the popular one for whom boys used to line up. I was a very average-looking, low-on-confidence gal who could not even think of dating.

So when a boy came up and said he loved me, you bet I was all over him. It was unbelievable that someone could love me.

But not even 2 months down the line, I got a chance to see red flags, which I successfully ignore, of course. The true love scenarios!

What can I say? He was a player. He cheated on me with more than 4 girls (I got to know about 4, lol, there prolly were more).

Talk to me about my first heartbreak and even lesser confidence level. I was so shattered I actually changed schools. And what was I? Not even 16!

But then I realized what was missing. Self-love. How could someone else love me when I could not love myself? And I’ve been together with my soul and body for 16 years.

So even when I was young enough not to be able to understand the true meanings, I started working on myself. Did things that made me look pretty, had a mental glow-up, started finding hobbies, started talking to people, pushed my true self to come out, and then…

Found Parav. We started off as best friends. Hanged out all day and talked all night. It was love at first sight for him. I don’t know how much of that is true, but I like to assume it, lol.

6 months in, I proposed. Could you believe that? And, of course, he said yes! How could he not, have you seen me?

Anyhow, ever since, it’s been 5 years, and we’re still strong like a rock. Yes, we have had ups and downs. We’ve had fights that could turn into breakups. We’ve had disagreements. We’ve been long-distance (that too for more than 3 years). We have had communication gaps. And jealousy and fights, but at the end of it, we chose to stick together because we wanted to.

Finding the right person is not easy. Managing relationships is a task. Keeping the spark alive is difficult.

So we really need to learn how to do this stuff. Because trust me when I say it is just so beautiful in the end that it’ll be worth it.

I don’t know what the future has in for us, but I’ll update you because either it’ll be the love of my life or my worst worst worst heartbreak.

Anyhow, let’s work together to build your happily ever after with all this expert dating and relationship advice!

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