23 Unique & romantic Beach Date Ideas To Spruce Up Romance!

beach date ideas

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Looking for some fun and creative ideas to add a little more excitement to your beach dates? Check out these ideas!

Beach dating has been in the books for long enough to go beyond a simple walk by the coast. 

Be it snuggling up in a cozy blanket by the smoky sunset melting away into the ocean or diving right into it for a passionate getaway from the hustle-bustle of the city. There are a zillion unique ways to spend more time with your lover on a beach and get to know them better. 

So, without making you wait further, here’s the ultimate dump of the top 23 beach date ideas that have all couples pumped up!

cutest beach date ideas ever

1. Make Bonfires

beach date ideas

A classic touch for group dates, bonfires are the best way to end a romantic evening and make it one of your most memorable nights. You can arrange a traditional fire pit, add some scented candles to the decor and lighting and top it up with some red wine. 

Put jazz in the background or if more couples are joining you, playing the guitar and losing yourself to your favorite tunes never gets old. Oh, and don’t forget to light up some sparklers, make s’mores, and bring in blankets!

2. Build Sandcastles

Building sandcastles is a great activity to bond with your partner while reminiscing about the old days. You can share your childhood memories and live them once again. 

All you’ll need is a couple of buckets, a shovel, and a beach with good fine sand. You can also get sandcastle building kits to give proper shape to your imagination and have the utmost fun!

Go for sandcastles, preferably on an overcast day, so that the sand remains cool and can retain moisture. 

3. Play a Soccer Game

beach dates

Popularly known as beasal, soccer on sand is a must-try for couples looking for an energetic session. 

Remove your shoes, and dump the idea of having a shin guard because it’s simply against the rule. You can have each other’s sandcastles as your goalposts to make the game more exciting and add some crazy punishments for losing.

Keep drinking water handy and stay hydrated. Sand football can turn out to be an intense game with exertion but equally fun. 

Hence, you must be thoroughly prepared to face off against your partner!

4. Go on a Traditional Picnic

Picnics have been one of the best relaxing methods in natural environments, offering mental peace from work and city life. Taking it to the beachside with your partner can further give you time to know each other well and even sort things out if need be. 

If planning for a daytime visit, don’t forget to bring an umbrella or, better, a picnic canopy, sunscreen, hats (do you have any idea how many types of hats there are?), and thick blankets to sit on. 

Lighting is a must for nighttime visits, and bug-repellent sprays or rackets will save you unnecessary scratching. 

5. Skinny Dipping

beach dates

A bit challenging but thrilling, skinny dipping, in layman’s terms, means swimming naked. A more intimate beach date idea for you to try, it gives you an adrenaline rush and satisfies your free-spirited nature. 

It’s best to find a private beach to carry this activity out since people might object in public. You can also go to a hidden and unpopular beach to have privacy. Early morning or late in the evening is the ideal time for skinny dipping due to obvious reasons, duh.

Remember to hide or store your clothes somewhere safe, so your thrill doesn’t become a nightmare. Also, avoid drinking when skinny dipping due to health concerns and taking pictures unless your partner consents. 

6. Fishing With Bare Hands

Fishing with rods is peaceful and gives you plenty of time to converse or do some other stuff. However, if you’re looking for something more active and participating, go bare hands. 

Find a good spot with slow water movement but deep enough for the fish to hang out. Cool down your arm by submerging it under water (up to your biceps) for 7-10 minutes. 

Next, attract the fish by wiggling your index finger as if it’s a worm, and as soon as the fish approaches, pull it out using its gills. 

This hilarious activity is a must-do if you’re having a nighttime picnic or a bonfire/BBQ session. 

7. Visit Nearby Shops

Need a break between your beachside activities? Time to hit the locality! 

Shopping near beaches comes with unique experiences and discovering unexpected things. You might start from a decent thrift shop and end up finding your future at a psychic’s. However, do look out for insanely high prices to dupe tourists and newcomers. 

Window shopping can be amusing, especially when there are antiques in the picture. You can also buy some sort of souvenirs for each other to remind yourselves of the date and have a keepsake. 

8. Treasure Hunting

A leisure game to carry on when you’re exhausted after an intense soccer game or need a change from sitting all long on a picnic, a treasure or scavenger hunt can give you a much-needed break.

Prepare a list of things to find beforehand — heart-shaped pebbles, colored fishes, lost flip flops, baby fishes, etc. To make it interesting, you can carry a metal detector to find hidden treasures below the sand!

9. Say Yes to Surfing!

beach dates

Whether you’re trying it for the first time or are a professional, surfing should not be missed at any cost when you’re on a beach. You can begin with boogie boards if new and get on-the-spot tutorials from an expert and get started. 

Surfing will bring you one step closer to nature and help you and your partner to relax thoroughly and enjoy yourself to the fullest. You can get surfboards, suits, and other necessary equipment on rent from nearby shops and have a truly mesmerizing date on the beach!

Besides surfing, you can also opt for other water sports like snorkeling and scuba diving.

10. Horseback Riding

Want the main character feels? Get on a horse and ride on the coastline with the wind in your hair and your partner by your side. You can either rent a horse or arrange one on your own — whatever suits you best.

However, rental horses come with perks — they’re acquainted with the place and remain calm and composed as opposed to other horses. 

Make sure you are aware of the weather that day to avoid any accidents and know how to swim or have an expert accompanying you to look after the horses. Also, check with the beach authorities first if they allow horses, or else you’ll have to find another beach.

11. Get on a Boat Cruise

date on beach

Getting a ticket to a boat cruise might land you a successful date. There is a myriad of cruise options available — expedition cruises to quench your curiosity, adventure cruises to partake in off-vessel water sports, themed cruises to explore different interests and hobbies, etc. 

There are also boat cruises available for the sole aim of watching a sunrise or sunset in the middle of the waters.

If budget isn’t a problem, you can go for luxury cruises and yachts to journey to an island and have a solid weekend getaway. 

12. Watch the Sunrise

date on the beach

In a world whipped for stargazers and nighttime beachside parties, go off-road and wait for the sunrise. Especially if you and your partner are early birds. 

Get an inflatable sofa/bed if possible, or even a thick blanket might do the job. Prepare your seating arrangement, throw in some cushions, snacks, and lights, and wait for the sun to rise. 

Take in this glorifying moment without the interference of your phones or the need to snap a picture. Just be there in the real world with your partner and let it go down in your memories. 

13. Head to a Beachfront Restaurant

If you’re not a fan of prepping up for picnics, beachfront restaurants and bars are always an option. 

Ideal for first dates since too much mingling can also be awkward and seem like a desperate attempt, sticking to the table & chairs with a riveting ocean view can do wonders. 

Surrounded by the soothing natural background of gushing waves, a few people playing on the beach chasing each other, and crying seagulls, you and your date can spend a lovely time on appetizing and delicious food. 

The aura keeps things exciting, and that magical spark keeps burning within. 

14. Go Shelling

Shelling is ideal for beach dates when you’re super comfortable with each other and want to do something unusual rather than dining or having a picnic. 

Go beachcombing early in the morning when there’s enough light but not many people and look for shells — small and big, round and weird shapes, amazing colors and designs, etc.

Numerous shells can be found after storms and low tides. Thus, decide beforehand when to go shelling to get your hands on some really stunning ones.

15. Have a Barbeque!

beach activities for couples

Add a little twist to the classic picnic with a barbeque stand, a deluxe touch to your romantic night. 

Nowadays, many beaches come with in-built BBQ pits and seating arrangements, so you won’t have to carry the equipment all the way long. 

Bring in marinated meat and veggies prepared a day before and keep a stock of marshmallows for dessert. You can also carry a BBQ kit for roasting food on the beach and enjoy a scrumptious and luxurious meal.

16. Fly a Kite

Highly suited for summers, kite-flying is a lively beach date idea that allows creativity and is budget-friendly. All you have to do is purchase a kite (you can also create your own on the beach!) and start flying.

Whether you’re skilled at it or not, trying kite-flying is always fun, especially getting the kite in the sky successfully. Waves of laughter are bound to come as you guys compete to cut and catch the other kite.

And in case you don’t feel like flying a kite, be attached to one and go parasailing! 

17. Speed Boats or Jet Skis?

If you wish to explore the water side more, hop on to a jet ski with your date or a speedboat (if with a group) and ride on the waves and speak with the ocean. 

If you own a jet ski, perfect! If not, you can always rent one and have blazes of excitement throughout your body. After all, you’re above a whole new world that’s unexplored and enigmatic.

18. A Grand Movie Night

Bring out our outdoor cinema system, projection equipment, or even a laptop for a beachfront movie night. 

You can either sit in the boot of your car if there’s enough space for two or make a sitting arrangement with beach chairs or an inflatable mattress. 

Have some light snacks like sweet potatoes and roasted corn to get the feels and invite more couples for a vibrant environment.

19. Rent a Couple’s Kayak

beach dates ideas

For die-hard adventurers, renting a couple’s kayak might just be the perfect date idea to spend a thrilling time along the coastline and explore the beach from the ocean’s side. 

Renting a kayak is pocket-friendly and convenient. Plus, you don’t need to buy any specialized equipment since your kayak rental company will provide everything. 

Simply keep yourself hydrated, avoid alcohol consumption before and during the tour, and wear PFD (personal floatation devices) for your safety.

20. Play Frisbee

You can play a plethora of games besides soccer to keep yourself entertained, even if you don’t know a thing about them. 

For beginners, a frisbee is an easy option — all you have to do is catch and throw. The cherry on top is if you allow your dog to tag along on your date and play the classic game of catch!

Even frisbee has numerous variations like frisbee relay race, frisbee tag, musical frisbee, frisbee through the hula hoop, etc., which can be played on a group date!

21. Relax and Read a Book

beach dates ideas

Not a fan of jumping, running, kicking, or throwing? Fret not; we’ve got you guys covered. 

Compliment your day out at the beach with a reading session and just relax. You don’t have to do anything but lie down in the comfort of your partner and read the same/different book(s) — whatever suits you. 

Find a cozy spot on the beach, have your essentials (snacks, blankets, drinks, etc.) — and have a de-stressing beach date!

22. Candlelight Dinners

Having a beachside candlelight dinner followed by stargazing is one of the most romantic ways to have a beautiful date. 

You can opt for electronic candle lights since the wind might be your enemy on your beachy date. Rest all remains the same, select your favorite blanket, have pre-prepared food or BBQ on the spot, and serve it hot. 

Do not forget to wrap it up with your date’s favorite dessert, lie down on your backs and cuddle up as you stargaze!

23. Take a Long, peaceful Walk

beach date ideas

There’s nothing wrong with a sweet and romantic long walk along the coastline if you guys are gonna enjoy it. Simple things are gold treasures, after all. 

Hands in hands, blushing cheeks, stealing glances, that’s where the essence of romance lies! 

So, go explore the beach on your feet, maybe push each other into the crashing waves for fun, and date as if that moment is your happy ending!

Final Thoughts on the best beach date ideas 

The list does not end here. There are numerous beach date ideas you can combine, add your personal twists too, and create an altogether new experience for yourselves. 

For example, combine a couple of activities mentioned above and do that over 2-3 days with night stays included, and you’ve crossed beach camping off your bucket list!

Just make sure you’ve checked the weather conditions a day before, and have essentials like bug repellents, power banks, sunscreen, extra pair of clothes, etc., and you’re all set to have a delightful beach date.

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