Spontaneous Things to Do with Your Boyfriend

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Boredom, begone! Because with these spontaneous date ideas, you can break free from routine and inject excitement into your relationship!!

Are you feeling stuck in your relationship? Are the monotony and predictability making it way too mundane? Do you want to spice up your relationship and add some fun vibe to it?

If yes, then let me share the biggest secret to keeping the spark alive in your relationship – indulge in engaging activities and start doing fun things with your guy.

Yes, your relationship should not be restricted to just work meetings, bill payments and grocery shopping. Your love life deserves to be much more fulfilling.

And if things have been pretty off between you two, it is high time you start including fun things in your daily life. What your relationship needs is a breath of fresh air to eliminate the sense of monotony and boredom.

Since you are here, I am assuming that you are already looking for innovative ideas to enjoy quality time with your partner. I won’t keep you waiting, bub!

Grab your favorite coffee, and while you sip it, discover some of the most thrilling and fun spontaneous things you can enjoy with the love of your life!

42 Fun but Spontaneous Things to Do With Your Boyfriend to Make the Most Out of Your Time Together!

1. Couple tattoo/ piercing

One of the most thrilling and passionate things to do together, getting a tattoo or piercing together, should definitely be on your bucket list.

Sharing the pain and fun together will heighten your feelings. You will make memories for life. And the end result will turn out to be amazing!

Do not forget to click some pics together. Also, document the process and later on cherish them together.

2. Plan a road trip together

There’s something exceptionally special about road trips. All the more if you are going on a road trip with your loved one.

Staying within the 4 walls can get quite suffocating at times. To break out of the monotony, road trips can be extremely fun. So when it gets way too overwhelming, just set out on an impromptu road trip. Plan a staycation and pack for the same.

Enjoy the entire trip – shoot videos, click pictures, play songs, relish the gorgeous view, and soak in the fresh air and natural light.

To make it even easier for you, here are some cool road trip accessories you’d wanna pop into your bag!

3. All-day movie marathon

Another great idea to enjoy your quality time together is to watch movies that you love. Get some popcorn, quite a few ice cream tubs and order in pizza. And get set, go!

Binge-watch your favorite movies and web series while gorging on the delicacies you love.

Laugh together, cry together, love together- watch movies together to experience this emotional roller coaster once in a while.

4. Buy couple concert tickets to your favorite band

Book 2 tickets to the concert of your favorite band. And if the band is your childhood favorite, then the experience will be all the more wholesome.

Hold each other close and sway to the music beats. Sing your heart out together. Feel the magical ambiance around you.

5. Get enrolled in a weekend dance class together

Is dancing in each other’s arms your love language? Then I will suggest you join a dance class together. Dancing together is one of the most romantic things that you will ever experience.

Learning dance routines together will really turn out to be a wonderful experience.

You will remember these practice sessions for the rest of your lives. Also, when you ace the dance moves, you will actually be able to ace all those pubbing nights.

6. Explore a new outdoor activity hand in hand!

There’s a special charm in enjoying outdoor activities with your loved ones.

Step out and enjoy the world outside your room! Whether you take a random road trip to reach the rock climbing site or go kayaking to enjoy the scenic beauty around you, the great outdoors will give you unlimited opportunities to enjoy every moment.

There are truckloads of fun activities that you can enjoy outdoors, for instance, rafting, fishing, horseback riding, mountain biking, trekking and so on. ‘

Pick your choice and start making memories together.

7. Join a couple hobby class

Adulting is indeed a tough job. And when the two of you are chasing your dreams together, your hobbies tend to tack a backseat.

You just have got one life. And you cannot spend it while stressing about money matters and daily chores.

Take time out, maybe on weekends, for a hobby that both of you will enjoy. Join a cooking class, maybe. Or it can be a painting class. You can get yourself enrolled in a pottery class as well.

The key is to enjoy your common hobbies together. This will keep your inner child alive, and also, it will give you two quality time to enjoy with each other and produce something artistic and beautiful.

8. Go for an Instagram-worthy picnic spot

One of the most fun, spontaneous things to do with your boyfriend is to go to a picturesque picnic spot.

It can be a park with greenery all around, or a lakeside or maybe a sandy beach.

To escalate the experience, try packing your favorite food in the picnic basket. Coffee and sandwiches, some fresh juice, wafers and croissants and a bottle of wine would be ideal.

If you guys are fond of reading, then take along some books as well.

Together you will enjoy the fresh air and the dreamy view. And also, chomping on your favorite food while surrounded by the natural ambiance will further add to your experience.

9. Enjoy trekking together

If you two love to explore the outdoors and want to experience something adventurous, then go for a trek together.

Trekking not just benefits you physically and makes you adept and strong but also adds to your mental piece.

You two will literally learn to match each other’s steps while admiring the picturesque beauty around you.

The natural trails, waterfalls, lush greenery, flora and fauna around will let you enjoy the beauty of nature from close proximity.

And during this process, you guys will get more time to connect, talk your heart out and enjoy quality time together.

10. Bake a cake with love!

Have you ever tried baking cakes for each other on special occasions? If yes, now is the time to do it together.

But the key is to do it without any agenda. I mean, we all bake cakes for birthdays and anniversaries. Why not do it on a random day to just ditch the monotony?

Grab all the necessary ingredients, do the preparations together, and then bake a delicious hot chocolate cake together.

Once it comes out fine, take a picture to capture the moment forever and then gorge on the hot chocolate cake together. The oozing choco syrup and melted choco chips will treat your taste buds and also enhance your mood.

11. Play video games together

Is your boyfriend always busy playing games online? Join the bandwagon and explore what’s so special about these video games.

You will actually enjoy each other’s company as you play video games together. The competitive spirit will notch things up, and also it will be a fantastic way to spend quality time with your partner.

Try playing Mario Kart if you are looking for simple gameplay. However, if you want something hardcore, then go for Call of Duty, Mortal Combat or PubG.

Trust me, your boyfriend will just LOVE this idea!

12. Go on a romantic stargazing date

Stargazing tops the list of romantic things that every couple should do. And if you have not tried it yet, then take this as a signal, darling!

Although this may sound too Hollywood-ish! But trust me, once you lay there still while holding his hands, and keep staring at those twinkling stars, your hearts will fill with peace.

Stargazing will fill your heart with love and emotions. In those silent moments, you will realize how much lucky you two are to have each other.

Your terrace or balcony can be the perfect stargazing spot for you. Or you can also book an AirBnB with a cozy terrace. Wrap up yourselves in a snuggly blanket and enjoy the serene view and the peace within.

13. Enjoy bowling

Bowling is one of the best fun and spontaneous activities for couples and friends alike.

A bowling night can be the perfect plan if you are bored of staying at home this weekend and want something fun and exciting.

I personally enjoy bowling a lot and try to go bowling with my partner once in a while. Then we go for a romantic bike ride and end up in a fancy restaurant.

Both of us are hardcore foodies, and without devouring a delicious meal, our dates will always be incomplete.

14. Organize a fun house party

Raise your hands, all the party lovers in the house! This weekend brings your entire gang home. Host a fun house party and set the theme as per your choice and comfort.

Try BBQing with your partner. Make some finger-licking dips and fries. Organize a movie night or maybe have a gaming zone ready.

The party need not have to be huge and grand. Keep it simple and cozy so that you guys can have a hilarious time with your closest friends in a comfortable setup.

15. Enjoy boating together

If you and your partners are water babies, then this can be a unique beach date idea for you two.

Go boating together. To amp up the experience, you can also try organizing a date night ideas on the boat.

Surrounded by water on all sides and with such a scenic view in front of you, the date night will turn out to be one of the most memorable ones.

16. Relive your childhood together in an amusement park

Now who does not love visiting an amusement park? If you think that you are too old to enjoy the amusement park rides, then think twice, honey!

On a boring weekday when you are absolutely clueless as to what to do, get tickets to your nearest amusement park. Hop onto the car and drive down to the place where you will get to unleash your inner child once again.

The fun vibe, the laughter, the colorful stalls, the adventurous rides- everything seems so vibrant about amusement parks.

Try every ride out there with your boyfriend. Hold him close as you feel the adrenaline rush pumping through your body.

Amusement parks are indeed one of the best places to ignite the long-lost spark in your relationship. Relive your carefree sides once again and laugh all your worries away.

17. Dine out in a fancy restaurant

A fine dining restaurant can give you that instant plush feeling that each one of us needs every once in a while.

I totally understand how boring it gets at times when you spend days in your PJs while washing and cooking together.

So once in a while, get up, and feel that main character vibe. Behave like the main actors in a Hollywood movie, dress to impress, and go out to a fancy restaurant.

Eating dinner in a luxe restaurant with a plush ambiance will give you an instant dopamine boost. Good food, nice music, and your partner by your side- life could not get better!

18. Enjoy a standup comedy show

Book two tickets to a standup comedy show and laugh your heart out.

Once in a while, you need this kind of detox to get rid of all the stress in your life. You will have so much fun, trust me!

Once my partner and I accidentally ended up in a comedy show while experimenting with different last-minute date ideas. And boy, oh boy, we loved that date. We still cherish those moments when we almost cried while laughing like crazy!

19. Cook up a storm together in the kitchen

Nothing can get as romantic as cooking your favorite dish together. Whether you want to cook up something simple or want to flaunt your Micheline star-ish skills by preparing something fancy, cooking together is indeed one of the best date night ideas you will ever come across.

20. Take a bike ride like the good old days.

Remember how nice it used to feel when just the two of you roamed across the city streets in his bike?

Why not try it once again? In fact, you can try it tonight itself, honey!

After dinner, grab his bike keys and go VRA, VRA, VROOM! A bike ride after dinner will feel so relaxing and rejuvenating. You will feel nostalgic about all those old times.

Get an ice cream cone and relish it while on the go! (Ah! My hopelessly romantic heart has already started imagining you and your partner in this romantic getaway.)

21. Sing your heart out on a karaoke night

A karaoke night will be a fun way to unwind in style and shoo away the boredom in your relationship.

Both you and your partner can grab your mics and sing at the top of your voice. You can even arrange for a faceoff round.

And the winner gets special treatment in the bed (YKIYK) 😉

22. Take a warm, cozy bath together

Ah! What a way to call it a night! Babe, this is one of my favorite things to do to soar the temperature high between him and me.

Once we are back from work, we prepare the bathtub. You can use scented candles to create the vibe. Rose petals, bubble baths and essential oils will further heighten the experience and make it way more sensual.

23. Enjoy an ice cream sundae night

If both you and your partner are big-time ice cream lovers, then you must definitely try this out!

Grab your favorite ice cream sundae tubs and plan an ice cream sundae night this weekend. Get all the flavors you love. Mix, share, gulp and lick- do whatever you want!

Just relish every scoop until your taste buds feel satiated.

24. Try golfing together to get that plush feeling

There’s something exceptionally luxe about the game of golf. You can either go for a mini-golf sesh or explore an entire golf range.

And the best part is that contemporary golf courses are based on fun themes that you will actually enjoy. You can enjoy the amazing view and also practice a few swings with your partner.

25. Go for a spa day together

Life is way too hectic, and there’s so much we have to do every day. Steal a few moments of solace and unwind in style by booking spa sessions. A spa day together will give you that perfect peace from within.

And that post-spa glow is something to die for!

26. Indulge in a dreamy candle-lit dinner date

Candle-lit dinners are always special. But the fun lies in having a romantic, candle-lit dinner out of the blue.

You do not need a reason to celebrate your love and togetherness. It is one of the craziest spontaneous things that you can do with your partner.

Turn your mundane dinner into a special one by switching off the lights and placing those aromatic candles in strategic places. Deck up your diner table and all the corners of your room with candles. Use aroma candles as well to set the mood.

Order in food and serve the food in the best of dinner sets you to have to get the fine-dining vibe at your own home.

27. Renovate and decorate a corner of your apartment together

I find this activity so therapeutic! Tried this an endless number of times with my partner!

Next time you run out of a brilliant date idea, you can start renovating and decorating a corner of your apartment with your partner.

For instance, you can re-decorate your balcony together. Or you can paint a wall again. Experiment with curtains, bed sheets, wallpapers, lights and so on.

Doing this together will bring you two close. You will actually start seeing a future together. Such fun things actually keep you grounded and grateful for the love you have.

28. Enjoy a wine-tasting tour

If you love booze, then this can be a crazy idea to indulge in.

Participate in wine-tasting tours near you. If there are not any, go to a liquor shape and grab a few drinks that you have not tried yet.

Head straight to your place and commence a drinking spree. Enjoying wine with your loved one can be an ecstatic experience. Try once, and you will never regret it.

29. Enjoy the adrenaline rush in an escape room

Looking for mysteriously spontaneous things to do with your boyfriend that get your brains working? Spend an entire day with your boyfriend in an escape room. The ruddles and puzzles, as well as the maze-type structures, will give you a completely adventurous feeling.

The adrenaline surge as you make your way through the challenges and hurdles with your partner is simply next level. In my opinion, an escape room is the best place to spend time with your BF.

30. Spend your entire day in the bed

Don’t have the energy to step out of your place? No worries!

Spend your entire day in bed with your partner. Do this at least once every time you go out to another city with your partner.

Order your food and have breakfast in bed. Have lots of sex. Enjoy cuddling sesh. Listen to music of your choice. Watch videos. In short, just chill!

31. Get all warm and cozy by the campfire

Campfires can be so much fun, especially when you are with your partner.

There is something inherently romantic and snuggly about campfires. You can plan a stay at a resort where they arrange bonfire nights.

Just snuggle inside a warm blanket with your partner and sit by the campfire. Enjoy the warmth of the bonfire and listen to romantic music.

32. Explore a new city on a tandem bike

Set out on a spontaneous road trip with your partner. But this time, ditch your car and hop onto the tandem bike.

A tandem bike can double up on the fun. Explore new places with your partner while enjoying your tandem bike ride.

Trust me, it will turn out to be one of the most happening and spontaneous date ideas to enjoy with your BF.

33. Go for a hot air balloon ride together

A hot air balloon date can be quintessentially romantic. You will be up and close with your partner so high up in the air. Enjoy the bird’s eye view from the top of the world.

The breathtaking view all around will captivate your heart forever. This once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience is a must-try if you are planning to try spontaneous things with your boyfriend.

34. Enjoy the breathtaking view in Lantern festivals

I feel Lantern Festival has got that romantic and cheesy vibe that every couple craves to experience at least once in life. The lights, the ambiance, the calmness all around- trust me, nothing can go wrong at this place!

Next time you want to make your spontaneous date night special, plan your date around Lantern Festival. Hold hands as you see the tiny specs of lights dot the night sky.

You can even officially propose your partner in this setup, such is the dreamy vibe of the event!

35. Solve a giant puzzle together

Do you guys love playing puzzle games? Here’s one of my favorite date ideas that enable us to relive our childhood and spend time together.

So basically, you need a giant puzzle game. You can order them easily at your place.

Plan a game night where you spend time arranging and placing the puzzle pieces together. As you get engrossed in the game, you won’t even realize how fast time flies.

The end result seems super satisfying as you get to arrange all the pieces together. It feels like a shared victory!

36. Try the deadly combo of wine and board games!

Do you feel that board games are meant for children? Think twice, darling!

Type “board games for adults” on Google, and you will be surprised to see the variety. Get yourself a few so that you can spend some amazing time with your partner indoors.

Plan a board game night where the two of you spend the whole night sipping fine wine and playing board games.

Or maybe on some lazy days when it is raining cats and dogs, you can grab your favorite board game, pour in your favorite wine, and have some real fun with your boyfriend.

37. Volunteer for a cause together

Giving back to the society is a very noble gesture. I feel every couple should take time out of their busy schedule and try this out.

Allot a Sunday every month to volunteer for a cause. It can be anything- feeding stray dogs, donating pre-loved and new clothes to orphanages and old-age homes, participating in eco-friendly activities and so on.

Once in a while, ditching the conventional date idea to volunteer for a cause can bring you peace of mind. And doing this together with your partner will definitely add to your bonding.

38. Get your hands dirty while maintaining your garden

If the two of you love greenery around, try maintaining your garden together.

Your plants need love as much as you do.

So, share responsibilities and get your hands dirty as you sow, prune, trim and reap in your garden.

With every blooming flower in the garden, your love, too, will bloom and flourish.

I love to water my plants with my partner, who takes care of the pruning and trimming part. And when we finally see the plants grow, we feel like proud parents!

39. Go for a drive-in movie experience

Drive-in movie nights are a great way to enjoy with your boyfriend. You get that much-coveted- for a cozy vibe. And the blend of long drives and movie nights simply amplifies the experience.

Don’t forget to hoard lots of snacks, drinks and ice creams.

This, personally, is one of my favorite date ideas. We prefer going to drive-in movies in winter. Snuggled inside the warmest of blankets and hoodies, snacking on delicacies and watching movies together simply feel like heaven!

40. Try a scavenger hunt together

Remember those scavenger hunt games we used to play during our summer camp days? Try the same with your partner on a lazy Sunday.

You can even invite your friends to join. Scavenger hunt games make you feel like you are in a video game, searching for the goodies for survival.

The main character vibe of this game will add to the fun. It is a great outdoor game that you both will love to play together. Either team up or split as rivals and hunt down your way to victory 😉

41. Go creative with finger painting

Finger painting is a creative activity that you both can try as a couple. For me, it is a therapeutic activity that keeps both of us grounded and close.

You need two oversized white tees. Or you can try finger painting on a canvas as well. You can even dedicate a corner/wall of your place to this fun activity.

Get lots of colors on a palette- yellows, greens, reds, blues, oranges. Get your hands dirty and paint your tees, walls or canvas with your fingerprints.

The vibrancy of the activity will make you guys feel elated, and it will turn out to be a day well spent together!

42. Play kinky games to spice things up

Wanna raise the temperature high between the sheets? Try playing kinky games with your partner.

There are loads of resources available online. Simply order them at your doorstep and plan a game night.

Come out of your comfort zone and get all naughty.

Indulging in these kinky games defo spice things up in bed!

Final Thoughts on Spontaneous Things to Do With Your Boyfriend!

The secret to a long-lasting, forever kind of relationship is to keep boredom at bay.

Consider your partner as your bestie, and try to keep things fun and cool. Do not let the stress of work and life hinder your relationship.

Try these spontaneous things with your partner, and you will never run out of fun and meaningful date ideas.

From arcade games and trivia night to coffee shop dates and karaoke bar- there are so many fun things that you can try together with your partner.

Keep it childish. Keep it fun, darling!

Your girl will be back with another banger content super soon. Until then…


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Spontaneous Things to Do With Your Boyfriend

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