Why Do I Want a Girlfriend So Badly

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Feeling the urge for a girlfriend but not sure why? Let’s find out!

So you are completely fed up with your forever single tag and want a girlfriend so badly. You can’t bear the PDA of your committed friends and are tired of spending Valentines’ Day alone in your room.

You have this constant nagging thought at the back of your mind that you are missing out on something HUGE! It literally boils your blood to scroll through the romantic reels on Instagram!

Day in and day out, you imagine yourself in a loving relationship where your girlfriend showers you with hugs and kisses.

Since you are here, I assume that you are confused about your obsession with having a girlfriend.

Are your hormones doing the trick? Or, are you being irresponsible with your life and career?

Today I am here to answer all these and much more! Hang on with me if you want some real answers.

Is it Okay to Crave a Fulfilling Dating Life?

Yes, bub! It is perfectly normal to want a girlfriend and enjoy a romantic dating life. Every human being out there is a social animal, and we humans always seek companionship.

While a few rare ones will stay happy with their single status, most guys feel complete with a compatible partner.

So, if you are disturbed that all your friends are in a relationship and you are the odd one out, then the craving to have a girlfriend is natural.

After a certain age, your hormones, mind and brain will influence your thoughts. You will love to meet women with similar interests. You will try to build a social circle that consists of attractive women.

However, there has to be a limit. You cannot literally ignore your family, friends, career and life in general for the sake of being in a relationship.

Also, you need to introspect about why you want a girlfriend so bad.

  • Is it because of your physical needs only?
  • Is it because you are jealous of your committed friends?
  • Is it because you want to show off your girlfriend to the rest of the world?
  • Is it because you are highly insecure about your looks and personality?

If yes, then there’s something really wrong with your approach.

These are all wrong reasons that will compel you to treat your partner just like a use-and-throw napkin. You will soon lose interest in your GF and develop a new obsession.

So yes! You need to learn the difference between a healthy need and a crazy obsession.

Let’s now move ahead and find out why you want a girlfriend so badly.

10 Reasons You Want A Girlfriend Real Bad!

1. You are way too lonely.

Why Do I Want a relationship So Badly

Loneliness can be too harsh and cold. And if you have grown up as a lonely individual, my heart goes to you.

A traumatic childhood, divorce of parents, their early demise, family issues, frequent shifting of cities- there can be so many reasons why you have been lonely all your life.

In such a situation, it is pretty normal that you will want a girlfriend. Human beings generally can’t thrive alone. It is okay to want a partner with whom you feel at home!

2. Peer pressure is eating you up internally.

why You Want A Girlfriend Real Badly

Unfortunately, the society around us is like a live ticking bomb that keeps constantly reminding what we need to (or need not) do.

That uncle in your neighborhood, or that muscular guy next door, or maybe your office colleague, will keep pushing you to get a girlfriend and settle down.

Whenever you are at an event or get-together, people do not fail to remind you that XYZ has got married, ABC has a hot girlfriend, and EFG is even the father of cute and adorable twins.

And this constant pressure is affecting you mentally and emotionally.

Somewhere, deep down, you have started to feel that you are losing out on the race of life. And that’s why you want a girlfriend in your life anyhow!

But dear, this is not how things are supposed to be. There’s no use in rushing the natural process. Know that there is no perfect age to get into a romantic relationship.

Your dating life will be full of love and bliss only when you find the right person. And that is not gonna happen if you listen to your neighbors and colleagues.

Stay put and have faith in the process, buddy!

3. You seek someone by your side to share your life with.

why You Want A Girlfriend Real Badly

So, you are tired of being single, and finally, you want a girlfriend with whom you can share your everyday stories.

You want someone to be a part of your late-night cribbings and early-morning hugs. You feel that there should be someone in your life with whom you can share your happiness and sorrows.

You want to find happiness just by looking at your partner’s deep eyes. Life is way too complicated, and now you need a girlfriend to experience the ups and downs of life with.

4. All your friends make fun of your single status.

why You Want A Girlfriend Real Badly

So, you have become the butt of jokes for your friends.

They constantly mock you for your single status and make hurtful comments followed by, “just kidding, bro!”

You feel that enough is enough, and now you really need a girlfriend to prove all of them wrong.

But getting into a relationship just because your so-called friends are pressurizing you and making fun of you is NOT a good thing to do! If you are not yet ready to start dating, then your friends’ comments mean absolutely nothing.

Instead of rushing the process, focus on your personal growth. Gain experience. Seek knowledge. Grow and prosper in life. And make your friends realize that being surrounded by beautiful women all the time is not a life goal.

5. You seek validation all the time.

  • Is validation seeking your second nature?
  • Do you think your girlfriend will come and complete your broken life?
  • Is it why you need a girlfriend?

Sorry to break it to you, but dear, your girlfriend is there only to provide companionship. Don’t expect her to fix you.

Otherwise, in the process of healing you, she will drain herself to such an extent that your relationship will get affected.

Rather, have faith in yourself. Stop asking for validation. Love yourself and heal your broken self first before you start dating.

6. You are looking for the right person to be your life partner.

Why Do I Want a Girlfriend So Badly

Ah! This is an incredibly good reason to want a girlfriend!

Maybe you have attained certain heights. Maybe you are a successful CEO. Maybe you have just bought a new house and car. And now you want to move on to the next level.

In such circumstances, it is absolutely okay to want a girlfriend.

7. Your insecurity is driving you crazy.

Why Do I Want a Girlfriend So Badly

Maybe you have grown up under the constant scrutiny of your parents and relatives. Maybe you have always faced comparison.

Such traumatic experiences can creep into your life and make you feel lost. That void inside you makes you insecure, day by day. And just to overcome your insecurity, you feel the need to have a girlfriend.

Basically, you will need a girlfriend to prove yourself worthy in your own eyes. You want to feel good, and that’s exactly why you want a trophy girlfriend!

8. You have been single for a long, long time.

Why Do I Want a Girlfriend So Badly

Being single for a long time can get on your nerves after a certain stage.

Your basic human needs will drive you nuts. And that’s when you start craving a girlfriend.

You are tired of being in the friend zone of all your female friends, and now you want a beautiful woman to enter your life and help you get rid of your emptiness.

9. Moving on seems extremely difficult to you.

Why Do I Want a Girlfriend So Badly

If you have not yet moved over your past relationships, then chances are that you are unable to accept that they don’t want you anymore.

In to take revenge, prove them wrong and make them jealous, you are seeking a rebound relationship.

Bub, trust me! This is a BAD IDEA! You should never ever enter into a relationship influenced by your past experiences.

First, heal yourself. Learn to move on. Spend time with yourself. Love yourself. Focus on personal growth. And then get a girlfriend.

10. You are dying to have a steamy sex life.

Why Do I Want a relationship So Badly

Most men just love to have sex. And it is completely normal as long as you are looking forward to consensual sex.

This can be the reason behind your desire to get a girlfriend.

Maybe the hormones raging inside you are making your life a living hell. You can’t stop fantasizing about hot girls all around you. Maybe all your dreams are about fu*king hot chics 24/7.

However, if sexual intimacy is the only reason to want a girlfriend, then it is the worst thing happening to you.

For once, use your common sense and think about this. How long will a relationship last where you care about nothing but how good she is in bed?

A relationship where there’s no love and only lust can ruin your life and career. Shift your focus from this. Know that you are better than this. Meditate. Learn to control your senses. Spend quality time with your loved ones.

And once you start dating, strike the right balance between sexual and emotional intimacy.

11 Most Common Reasons Why You Are Still Single?

Why Do I Want a relationship So Badly

Now that you know why you want a girlfriend so badly, here’s exactly why your social media status says “Single.”

  1. You are clueless as to how to approach girls.
  2. You have no idea how to talk to girls.
  3. Your texting skills are poor.
  4. You are shit scared to ask her out.
  5. You are not confident enough.
  6. You are not good at expressing your feelings.
  7. You spend all your time with your guys.
  8. You exude a negative vibe.
  9. You mention your ex repeatedly while talking to girls.
  10. You seem to be possessive and jealous.
  11. Your sexual instincts overcome your emotions.

What Should You Do (NOW)?

So, you finally know why you want a girlfriend so bad. There are so many reasons that are playing with your mind and influencing your thoughts.

You also know the clear difference between the right and wrong reasons.

If your reasons are right, go ahead, socialize, work on improving your personality, take tips from relationship experts and get a girlfriend.

In case you are stuck in the loop because of the wrong reasons, then, buddy, you need to step back.

  • Take a break. From your work, studies, responsibilities- whatever it is.
  • Work on yourself.
  • Eat healthy. Workout. Listen to relevant podcasts.
  • Go out and explore new places. Make new friends. But don’t expect a romantic bonding.
  • Give yourself some time to heal and rejuvenate.
  • Once you feel like it, come back. Give your best shot to achieve your life/career goals.
  • Make yourself proud.
  • Find happiness with yourself. Learn to enjoy your own company.

The moment you fall in love with yourself, you will start attracting love from others as well.

I promise! You will find your soul mate, your life partner, at the right time.

Sending loads of love and power your way, bud! Until next time! Ciao!

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