6 signs he completely fallen for you

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Are you wondering whether he’s just playing the field or if he’s really into you? Let me give you 6 signs he’s completely fallen for you!

Are you wondering if that special someone has fallen for you? Has your heart been aflutter with butterflies and hopefulness?

We’ve all been through the agonizing roller coaster of emotions and strong feelings that come along with trying to figure out whether or not somebody is into us.

Thankfully, there are some telltale signs he’s completely smitten. From his body language in romantic relationships to his willingness to show vulnerability, these 6 indicators will help give you an idea of just how strong his love is for you.

Read on and find out what signals he could be sending your way!

6 signs he’s completely fallen for you

1. He Tries to Make you Smile & his priority

6 signs he completely fallen for you

One sure sign that he is smitten with you is that he wants to make you happy all time, every time. He calls you up just to check in, surprises you with little gifts & thoughtful gestures that remind him of you and goes out of his way to be there for you. I mean, really out of his way!

Umm, for instance, if he cancels plans with friends to spend quality time alone with you or rearranges his schedule to fit in a date night or any chance of meeting you, it’s a green flag, babe!

Okay, so answer this –

  • Does he make a real effort to spend time with you and make you feel valued?
  • Does he make it seem like it’s easy for him to drop everything (not always, though) for you?
  • Are you always having a great time laughing at his jokes?
  • Do you find yourself smiling more since you started dating him?

If you’re answering a BIG YES to all of the above, not only it’s a good sign that he’s completely fallen for you, but also, he’s a nice man to be with!

2. He Wants to Spend Time Alone with You

6 signs he completely fallen for you

When he’s completely fallen for you, he’ll try to make time to be alone with you. He’ll choose a quiet corner restaurant or ask you to take a walk in the park with just the two of you. An at-home or late-night date idea also points to the same.

This is another one of the clear signs he is slowly falling in love and truly wants you to be with him. He wants to know you, learn you, and just savor every bit of you in every possible way. Now that cannot happen in a group of people, right?

Not saying you always, always have to hang out alone. Because if he’s not at all willing to meet your friends or get people involved in your relationship/situation, it can be a possible red flag, and you need to steer clear from that!

3. He Teases You Playfully

6 signs he completely fallen for you

Does he tease you often and make you laugh? That’s a subtle sign of his affection for you. When a man is in love with you, it shows in the way he teases you, maybe even roast you sometimes if the relationship began on a friendly note.

He notices the little things and brings them up just to see you smile. If he takes the time to do that, then he’s definitely into you.

And I personally love this green flag, as IDK about you, but I would rather have the relationship fun and playful than monotonous and relationshipy (you know what I mean, like same old, same old flirty and sexy rather than friendly with lots and lots of laughs? Am I making any sense, lol?)

4. He Listens to You Intently

6 signs he completely fallen for you

If he’s slowly falling in love, he’ll make sure he listens to you when you’re talking. He’ll pay attention to your words and give you his undivided attention.

One way to check this out is to look in his eyes while talking and catch if he’s actually genuinely interested and attentive or just acting. 🤨

Also, if he remembers little details about you or talks to you about things you’ve mentioned before, or gets you something that you barely just mentioned once, then he’s the guy!!

5. He Talks About the Future with You

6 signs he completely fallen for you

Oh girl, if a man, male, boy, guy is talking to you about the future he wants to share with you, you have to be dead sure that he’s completely fallen for you.

He’ll talk about things he wants to experience with you, places he wants to go, and dreams he has for both of you. He’ll even start asking you about your future plans 6-8 months in advance.

And honestly, if you, too, want the same things, I think this can be great for both of you. Men usually get paranoid with even the smell of the future, but genuine ones – who are not just using you for your body or playing sick games, will plan things in advance.

If he’s legit asking you to escort him to his cousin’s wedding, a trip to Paris, or hinting that he wants to move in with you, there’s no obvious sign that he’s looking at a long term relationship at this point!

6. He supports you and encourages you to pursue your goals

6 signs he completely fallen for you

There will be many men that’ll come into your life for all the wrong reasons (or right life lessons), but rarely will you meet someone who cares about you or your goals just like you. Sometimes even more. And when you see that man, I say, hole onto him like no other!

The right man will truly, blindly care about your ambition and goals and would do anything to see you succeed and be happy.

He’ll support you in your goals and dreams, and he’ll rouse you to pursue them. Whether it’s spending quality time when you’re anxious, helping you study for an exam or cheering you on at a work presentation, he’ll be there for you every step of the way.

Parav (my boyfriend of 5 years) was 100x happier for me when I got my first car at 21 years of age. Truly!

Not only that, I also remember when I told Parav that I wanna move abroad (approximately 10 hours away), he got so scared and resistant and tried so hard to convince me not to but then came the same day and said, “I’m here rooting for you even if it means a little long-distance and so much craving, I know we’re in this for life and a few years apart won’t do us any harm but a lot good for your career! I love you.”

I meannnnn, how could I not fall in love with this man this hard??!!

A man who has completely fallen for you will show no red flags. And trust me, such guys exist!

What Behaviour makes a man fall in love?

6 signs he completely fallen for you

1. Conversational

Of course, there’s no magic formula to make you the perfect match for any man. But, studies do reveal that dudes generally dig women who are confident, have a great sense of humor and can hold their own.

Toss in a little sass and show him you’re not afraid to keep him on his toes, and he’ll be yours in no time. You can’t forget to take an interest in what makes him tick, too. Sharing his passions will make him swoon and feel like you really get him.

Just remember, the key is to be your authentic self while also making him feel special. Easy peasy, right?

2. Humorous

Let’s face it; men are pretty simple creatures. All they really want is someone who can make them burst out of laughter. A woman with a great sense of humor is like catnip to a man. It shows you don’t take yourself too seriously and can have a good time no matter what.

Plus, let’s not forget that laughter releases those feel-good endorphins, creating an even deeper level and stronger bond between you and your man. If you’re trying to make him swoon, just tell him a joke or two and watch him melt like butter.

3. Empathetic

Falling in love can be a rollercoaster of emotions. First things first, guys love a lady who can understand and feel their emotions. So, be a good listener and show genuine interest in his life. When he’s feeling down, offer some support and comfort, and he’ll be putty in your hands.

But let’s not forget open and honest communication. It’s key to building trust and intimacy. So, speak your mind and let him know how you feel. Remember to be a sweetie and show him you care, and he’ll feel valued and appreciated.

6 signs he completely fallen for you in a nutshell

If you’re still wondering whether your man is head over heels in love with you, look for the subtle signs above. Are his actions consistent with this article? From opening the car door to taking responsibility for mistakes and of course, remembering the little things, any combination of these behaviors add up to a huge declaration of love.

It’s not always easy to accept when someone truly loves us – but if he’s showing all these physical signs now, it’s time to realize that he is cast under your spell. And bask in love!

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6 signs he completely fallen for you

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  1. I used to hate when my hubby teased me as we got to know each other but then I realized that was his way of showing me he was into me! The mental swap was such a turn around, this is a great and super accurate list!