signs he wants you badly sexually

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Crushing on a guy and looking for signs he wants you bad sexually or not? Oh you girl, here are the unmistakable ones!

Anyone who says nothing else matters when you are in love does not know how good it feels to be wanted and craved by your partner. Physical intimacy plays a HUGE role in a relationship. And when your man can’t stop thinking about you, it legit makes you feel at the top of the world! 

But how do you know what’s going on in his mind? Does he keep dropping clues for you? Or do his actions spill the beans about what’s going on inside his heart? (read pants 😉) Whether you are enjoying a stable courtship phase or have just entered into a new relationship, it is important to know if he is crazy for you or not.

‘Coz, as I said earlier, without physical touch, the warmth in your relationship will soon fizz out, no matter how much head-over-heels in love you two are!

Babe, if all of a sudden you are feeling a bit doubtful of his feelings and are bitten by those “insecurity bugs,” here’s what you can do! Your girl is here once again with something that will fade away the clouds of confusion and make everything crystal clear to you.

This article is all about the signs that you have been ignoring to date! Girl, you got to understand that not every guy can be so obvious with his intentions and desires. It is up to you how you decode those subtle hints and satiate his cravings like a good girl 😜 

Don’t worry if you are unable to read his mind. Today I will be revealing to you all those signs which clearly show that he is totally into you!

So grab your phone/laptop, lock the door of your bedroom from inside and jump onto the meaty details!

Here’s How to Know that He Craves Your Touch Badly!

1. He wants you around 24×7

Does he love to spend all his time with you? Does he insist you stay back a little longer? Does he get a bit possessive about your time? Then take it as a surefire sign that he wants you really bad! 

If he is ready to forego his “guy time” with his buddies, if he sacrifices his baseball match just to be with you, then babe, you are the luckiest girl on this planet. And your man is dying to have you in his arms. 

2. His body language exposes his intentions

Pay attention to what he does when he is around you. His body language will reveal a lot about his wishes and desires. Let his body speak on his behalf. 

Does he look at your lips now and again? And..licks his lip at the same time?

It means he badly wants to smooch you and eat your luscious lips.

Does he keep stretching his muscles?

This means he wants you to notice his masculine appeal.

Also, if he keeps admiring your million-dollar figure silently with his eyes, then you, my darling, are the only thing that he wants in his bed. 

3. He does not miss a chance to touch you subtly when you two are together

He will find a thousand reasons to feel your warm and soft touch. He will find the sit right beside you. He will brush against your arms with some excuses. He will stand quite close to you.

In short, your guy will find silly and unimportant excuses to touch your face, hair, and arms. At the same time, if he is gentlemanly enough, he will keep his hands away from your chest, back and thighs. 

4. He can’t stop flirting with you

Is he a flirt by nature? Or does he flirt only with you?

If he saves his flirtatious words only for you, then my girl, your man is sexually attracted to you. When it comes to his feelings for you, maybe he is not able to wear his heart on his sleeves. Instead, he finds flirting to be an expressive way of communicating his deepest desires to you.

He flirts with you just to know if you reciprocate his energy or not. 

5. He keeps sending naughty texts now and then

If his texts keep you blushing all the time, then babe, you are in for a joyride inside the bedroom!

If he is so into you, he will never miss out on a chance to send you a racy, naughty text that makes you go blushing. He will keep sending you these NSFW texts throughout the day, only to make you wet down there. Basically, this is his style of igniting the fire of passion in your heart (and body).

6. He keeps showering you with sweet and salty compliments

“I hate compliments,” –  said no girl ever!

And every man on this planet knows that we ladies are ever-hungry for meaningful compliments.

Be it your fashion sense, your attire, makeup, or hair- if your guy keeps complimenting you about these all the time, then babe, his mind wants you and only you.

7. He gets super hard, even when you hug him casually

Does he get hard like steel the moment you hug him? If his manhood gets from 0 to 100 in no time, then queen, you have his control in your hand. Your embrace is enough to boost his hormones and get him going. If he gets hard quickly enough, then know that he is eager to jump into some real action.

8. His eyes are always fixated on you

Does he keep staring at you all the time? Is he not able to keep his eyes off your face?

If your man can’t stop gazing at you, then my dear, he is physically attracted to you and can’t stop ogling your accentuated features.

9. He does not keep you hanging for text replies

Girls often complain about getting late replies from their partners. Lucky are those whose partners answer their texts at rocket speed.

If your guy, too, gives an instant reply to your DMs, then sweetheart, something is definitely going on in his head. And this “something” can be extremely naughty.

He wants to keep you happy, and that’s why he does not delay in replying to your text messages. By winning your heart, he wishes to bring down the physical distance between you two. 

10. His styling game is on fire when he is around you

Another HUGE indicator can be his fashion game. If he puts extra effort into looking suave, irresistibly hot, and extremely charming every time he meets you, then this guy is trying his best to grab your attention. 

In all probabilities, he spends hours in front of the mirror to ensure that he looks straight out of a fashion magazine just to keep you impressed. 

11. He tends to get jealous of your “male” friends

signs he's never coming back

Does your man go all green when you hang around with your “guy” friends? Is he envious of all your “male” friends who get to chat with and meet you?

The reality is that deep down, he is highly insecure and does not want to lose you. He is deeply afraid that you may get attracted to some other guy, and that’s why he gets envious of all the men in your life. 

12. He talks to you in a deep voice, especially when you two are alone

Well, trust me, he does not fake this up for you!

His voice does get all mushy and heavy when he tries to communicate his deepest feelings to you. It is because of his real emotions that affect the way he talks to you. 

And if this keeps happening quite often, then girl, know that he wants to get cozy and snuggly with you that too, super soon. 

13. He loves your smell and compliments you for the same

Guys love to smell their partners! Now, this may sound gross to you. But men are crazy about how their partners smell. Your natural smell, as well as any specific perfume that you use, can turn your partner on easily. 

If your guy loves your fragrance, leans close to smell your hair, and compliments you for the same, then babe, he wants to get into action then and there. 

14. He insists on couple dates rather than hanging out in groups

Does it feel uncanny when he insists on going for couple dates only? Does he cancel his group hangouts to enjoy dinner dates with you? This means that your man wishes to spend some alone time with you. He craves some private moments just with you so that he can express his desires and share his darkest fantasies with you. 

15. His witty convo often lingers around sex and intimacy

Being good at deep conversations is an art. And if your bae has mastered this art, call yourself lucky!

But nowadays, you have noticed a certain change in his behavior. His talks linger around sex and physical intimacy. He is witty enough to subtly add a naughty edge to all his conversations. He is a pro at building sexual tension just by the way he plays with words and talks to you. 

If this sounds like your man, darling, he is dying to get between the sheets with you. 

16. He loves to get lost in your eyes

If your guy has something dirty in his mind, then he will keep looking at your eyes all the time. His direct eye contact may make you feel uneasy at times. But know that this is his way of trying to express his urge to get close to you. 

17. He gifts you a set of sultry and alluring lingerie

So, your man has gifted you a sultry pair of lingerie just before your next date night. And now you are absolutely clueless about what to do next!

Babe! He absolutely can’t wait to see you in this lingerie. He has already imagined you a thousand times in these ravishing frillies and is now eager to witness your enchanting beauty in real.

18. He insists on video calling at night

If your man requests you to get on video calls at night, then most probably, he is fed up with texting you. Now he is all geared up to take this to the next level. He is totally into virtual sex and wants you to show off your hotness through that laptop screen. 

19. He massages your shoulders and back when you come back home tired

Does your man offer you shoulder massages and back rub when you come back home after a tiring day at work? Is this happening quite often now? Then babe, don’t take me wrong, but he is expecting you to give him a good time.

Of course, he cares for you. And wants you relaxed. But if you two have not got physically intimate yet, then take this as a BIG hint.

20. He can’t keep his eyes off of your cleavage

Now, this may sound creepy as hell! But if you have known your partner for quite some time now, then girl, you need to understand that he is obsessing about you like crazy!

His eyes no more get satisfied by having a quick glance over your best assets! Rather, he wants to look at them all day long. And girl, trust me, he wants much more than just to have a long gaze at your assets.

21. He gets frequent naughty dreams and does not hesitate to share them same with you

Nowadays, your bae gets a lot of wet dreams! And he also discusses these dreams directly or indirectly with you. Wet dreams are common in guys. But when these dreams are always about you, babe, you better understand what’s there in his mind!

22. He shares songs that have suggestive lyrics

So, your partner has just shared a huge playlist of songs, and you are super excited to listen to them all. But soon, you realize that every song in that list has suggestive lyrics. Darling, your BF is indirectly trying to convey his deepest. Darkest desires with you through these songs. And also, in a very subtle way, he is trying to arouse your feelings as well.

23. He gets fidgety around you

No matter how well-dressed and confident he looks, the moment you sit next to him or touch his shoulder or hand, he starts fumbling. If your man gets nervous and fidgety every time he is with you in close proximity, then understand that he is trying A LOT to hide his sexual tension. 

24. He listens to everything you say with complete attention

Is your partner an attentive listener? Does he actually listen to everything that you vent after a bad day at work? 

Well, this means that he is a good lover. But at the same time, this may also hint towards the fact that he is making notes of your mood, preferences, and dislikes. He will be using this note in the future to keep you happy and get close to you. 

25. He tries to make you smile

If your lover is genuinely interested in gaining your trust and consent before getting closer, then he will never miss the chance to make you smile. He will crack lame jokes and participate in silly activities just to fill your day with laughter and happiness. 

Does he love you or lust for you?

So pretty lady, now that you know that your man is really interested in getting physically intimate with you, here’s what should be your biggest concern!

Does he love you truly, or is he a playboy and looking for a fun one-night stand?

Babe, if you are serious about this relationship, it is necessary that you evaluate your man’s feelings before taking the leap of faith. I for sure can’t see you like a damsel in distress who is broken-hearted and surrounded by tissues and ice cream tubs.

But how to know if he is really in love with you or just playing around?

If your guy never forces you to make out and is ready to wait for your consent, then he is a KEEPER! 

On the other hand, if he creeps you out and coerces you or emotionally blackmails you to indulge in sexual activities without paying attention to your discomfort, then babe, take this as a HUGE red flag.

Wrapping Up signs he wants you badly sexually

Sex is the physical expression of the deep love that lies within the heart of two people who can’t live without each other. This passion plays a paramount role in making any relationship successful. Without physical intimacy, your relationship won’t be complete. 

However, everything should happen at the right time. And that right time should be decided by a couple together. No one partner should force the other. It should be a mutual decision when both of them are ready.

So babe, if your guy is dropping these hints quite often, also if he is patient enough to wait for your “Go-ahead,” it’s time you listen to your heart and brain. Think well if you really WANT it. And then let your partner know about your thoughts.

Trust me! True love can and will wait for you, whatever your answer is!

Until next time….

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