How To Show Someone You Love Them In Long Distance relationship

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Need quick tips on how to express love in a long-distance relationship? Here you go!

Long distancing is perhaps the worst nightmare of every couple out there! And no fancy gadgets and expensive technology can compensate for the physical proximity and emotional availability between two sweethearts who are madly and deeply in love with each other. 

Couples often drift apart because “life happens!” Factors such as higher education, better job opportunities, family relocation etc., often force lovers to stay miles apart from each other. And this separation, more often than not, makes things complicated and difficult for these poor souls. 

I myself had been in a long-distance relationship for 2 years 7 months, and 14 days. I can swear to God that it is the worst phase of my life to date! 

It may seem such an insignificant time period to you, but if you put yourself in my shoes, I am sure you would know where it pinches the most, right?

Anyways, together, we decided to make this long-distance relationship work, and that’s how we survived those topsy-turvy times.

So if, my love, the future of your relationship seems dicey to you because of the long-distance factor, trust me, I have got your back! 

Read on to get your hands on some sure-fire tips and tricks that can keep the sparks alive in your long-distance relationship. Happily married or enjoying that dreamy courtship period – these full-proof hacks can for sure help you show love to your partner even from within your laptop or smartphone screen. 

Without much ado, scroll down and jump straight into the details, pretty lady!

19 Ways You Can show someone you love them in Long-Distance Relationship!

1. Start and End Your Day With Your Partner!

how to show him you love him long distance

If you really want your partner to feel loved even when he/she is miles apart, do not forget to drop Good Morning and Good Night texts every day. A good morning text is just a way of showing that you think of them first thing in the morning. And as the day ends, you wish to sleep only after wishing them a good night.

Make it an everyday ritual so that your partner knows he/she is always on your mind as you start and end your day. It is these little things that go a long way in making your long-distance relationship an ultimate success. 

2. Set Apart “Just us” Time for Your Partner, At Least Twice a Week

Yes! It should be just the two of you!

Leave behind all your work stress, family problems, and academic pressures, and focus solely on your better half. Do not hold yourself back because it is a skype call! 

Rather, make special efforts to keep your schedule free at least twice a week and dedicate those moments to your partner. Cherish the quality time and soak in every single second of this brief union. 

3. Don’t Hesitate to Send Flirty and Dirty Messages Now and Then

how to show love in a long distance relationship

Lack of physical intimacy- this is one of the biggest concerns for long-distancing couples. 

The physical expression of love is of paramount significance in any relationship. Holding hands, sneaking a kiss or two on the forehead, and enjoying the warmth of each other’s bare skin can fill your relationship with bliss. 

However, when your lover stays in another corner of the globe, both of you feel left out and horny! 

To spice things up and make up for the distance, keep sending dirty and flirty messages to your partner. This gives them an assurance that you are still into them despite the cold distance. 

Also, the next time you two get to meet in real, you can expect some fireworks in the bed!!

4. Utter Those Three Magical Words- “I Love You” Quite Often

“I love you,” no matter how simple these words may sound, they have magical powers.

Don’t believe me? Just call your partner and utter these three words. You will witness the magic for yourself. 

Understand that your partner is alone there. 

You never know what he/she is going through at this moment. When you keep repeating these words to your better half, you are actually offering assurance. Saying “I love you” means that you are by your partner’s side, no matter what. 

5. Keep Your Partner in Loop by Sending Snaps of Your Day

how to show love in a long distance relationship

Make the most out of your smartphone, and start capturing your everyday life through its camera. As you keep sharing bits and pieces of your daily life with your partner through these pictures, they feel included. And this sense of inclusion actually makes them feel loved.

Smile on and click that selfie while going to work, having meals, shopping for groceries, or even before hitting the bed. Keeping your partner involved in your everyday activities is an effective way to make him/her realize that distance can’t set you apart. 

6. Surprise the Love of Your Life with Cute and Thoughtful Gifts

Leverage your creative mind and try your hands on some amazing DIY gift ideas. Even if you are not so creative, you can get cutesy gifts delivered online at your partner’s place. 

Imagine the smile on your partner’s face as he/she walks into the room after a long, tiring day and receives a bouquet or maybe a birthday cake and bottle of wine. Your surprises always light up his/her face, and that’s why putting in genuine efforts in shortlisting the best gift is totally worth it. 

Depending on the occasion, you can plan for the gifts. Also, try sending them gifts even when there’s nothing special to celebrate. Coz’ my love! Surprise gifts on unexpected, mundane days are always highly appreciated. 

7. Get on a Phone Call or Video Chat Whenever Possible

how to express love in a long distance relationship

Communicate a lot! And try interacting over the phone and video calls more often. Your partner just loves to see you and listen to your voice. 

Conveying your true feelings through messages can get difficult at times. So, whenever it’s possible, grab your phone, and spend a few minutes over a voice or video call. 

You can speak volumes in those minutes as compared to typing out your texts. Also, your partner will more than appreciate the fact that you are actually willing to call them up, even if for a couple of minutes, instead of texting them. 

8. Share Memes and Insta Reels to Let Your Partner Know That You Miss them

Use social media to let your better half know that you keep thinking of him/her. Next time while scrolling through social media, when you come across a relatable meme or reel, send them immediately. You can also try posting your pictures, memes and reels on social media platforms and tag your lover. 

Social displays of affection can be a great way to tell your partner loud and clear how much you love them

9. Plan weekly Movie/Date Nights (Leverage Modern Tech, You Silly Girl!)

Put your Macbook into use and plan a romantic virtual movie date with the love of your life. Decide which movie or web series the two of you wish to binge on. Order pizza, ice cream, and wine for your partner. Set up the ambiance with fairy lights and candles. Encourage your partner to do the same. Turn off the light and then start your movie marathon together. 

Get lost in each other’s eyes while listening to those cheesy, romantic dialogues/songs in the movie. Pause the show and take time to discuss anything that you guys like (or dislike) about the movie, just like you would do if you were together. As the movie ends, don’t hesitate to indulge in some sensual moments as well. 

10. Do Something That You Both are Fond of, Together!

Are the two of you fond of cooking? Then pre-decide a time and then cook together virtually. 

Does he like reading books? Then read out his favorite book together before both of you fall asleep. 

The idea is to enjoy things that you would have done if you were together. But just because there is a screen between you guys, it should not deter you from showing love to each other.

Thanks to modern technology, you can work out, dance, read, cook, paint or do whatever you wish together. 

Remember that the screen between you guys is meant to bring you close, and not push you apart!

11. Be Attentive to Their Words When on Call/Video Chat

how to express love in a long distance relationship

Life can get hectic at times. There can be several things running through your mind. But if you genuinely wish your long-distance partner to feel important and loved, pay attention to what they say on voice or video calls. The best thing you can gift them is your undivided attention.

Listen attentively and try to understand their feelings. 

Is he/she feeling lost? 

Is anything troubling your partner? 

Is he/she unhappy? 

Listen to what your partner says and be with them in their good as well as bad times. No matter how busy you are, try focusing while you are on calls to let them know that they are important. 

12. Seek Your Partner’s Opinion, not Just for Life Decisions But also for Random Everyday Matters

So, you seek your partner’s suggestions during important life decisions, for instance, during a job change, buying an asset, or maybe for some family issues. However, now that he/she lives miles away, your partner may feel insecure at times.

Don’t let those insecurities affect your relationship. To avoid such thoughts, start involving your partner in everyday life decisions. 

Get on a video call and seek their opinion as to which dress will make you look more beautiful. 

Unable to make up your mind about what to cook? Get on a quick call and seek his/her opinion about the same.

Had a petty catfight with your colleague? Share the nasty details, vent it out and then ask your partner’s opinion regarding the matter.

Including your partner in such minor, day-to-day incidents will bring in a sense of comfort for your partner and make him realize his importance in your life.

13. Avoid Doing a Few Things that You Know will Irk Your Partner Out

Does your partner hate it when you go clubbing with that XYZ guy? Does he/she get annoyed when they come to know about your over-indulgent drinking sessions? 

The solution is simple!

DO NOT indulge in such activities that bother your partner. 

Now you might jump in anger and ask- “Is this not a sort of domination or over-controlling?” 

I would say, “No, it isn’t, babe!”

I mean, just put yourself in their shoes. What if your partner, who is sitting continents apart from you, does something that you absolutely hate?

What if he/she hangs out with someone whom you utterly dislike? Can you digest it if your partner lies to you?

No, right?

So, make sure you do not give in to any activity that might hurt your partner and affect your long-distance relationship in a negative way.

14. Be Available for Your Partner Virtually When He/She Needs You the Most

Did he have a bad day at work/college? Be with him. Is he/she exalted about that football match or promotion at work? Participate in their happiness! 

Dear! The key is to be available for your partner in their happiness as well as bleak times. The fact that your partner turns to you to share their victories or losses is a HUGE green flag. So, behave like a good girl and reach out to them virtually whenever they need you the most.

15. Join a Cohort and Upskill Together

Ever thought of working together and creating the life that you have dreamt of for so long? 

In that case, upskilling together can be a great move. Plan your future course of action and get enrolled in any virtual cohort program that interests both of you. Attending the same cohort together not just makes both of you accountability partners in studies but also strengthens your bond further. Taking e-lessons together, indeed, is an indicator of how strong your relationship is and that you actually have long-term plans for your partner. 

16. Surprise the Love of Your Life with Home-Cooked Delicacies!

How To Show Someone You Love Them In Long Distance

Do not miss out on the opportunity to bring that smile to your partner’s face when they open up their meal box. If they are fond of your culinary skills, then keep pampering them with their favorite cuisines. 

Surprise them with their favorite food when they expect it the least. To add a dash of romance, simply leave a love note with the meal box. Frequent yummy food surprises accompanied by your love note can do wonders in your long-distance relationship. 

17. Prepare a Playlist of Songs That Always Remind You of Your Soulmate, and Share This Playlist with Your Partner

Every person in love has a few special songs that hit the right chords of their hearts and instantly remind them of their partner. I am sure such songs are flooding your mind while you are reading this. 

Do one thing! Grab a pen and paper right now, or simply open the notes app on your smartphone. Then enlist all the songs that compel you to think of your partner, no matter where you are! 

Next, create a playlist of all these songs. Give a unique name to this playlist- something that symbolizes your love. And then share the playlist with your bae. 

They will love this gift to the core and won’t stop listening to those songs ever! If you need some help, here are a few love songs for him.

18. A Surprise Visit Can be the Dearest Gift You Can Ever Give to Your Partner

ways to show someone you love them in ldr

I am sure you must have seen those happy faces of couples on your Insta reels who get to meet each other because of surprise plans. Why don’t you try something similar? What’s stopping you from making your bae this happy? 

Wind up all your pending projects, plan a mini-trip to their location, get the bookings done, and voila! You are one step closer to meeting your partner and witnessing their excitement about seeing you in real!

Planning and making things work out in surprise visits can be a bit stressful. But once your lover is in your arms, at that moment, you will realize that all those risk-taking and plannings are totally worth it. 

19. Plan Together Your Next Visit Way in Advance 

Last but not least, start planning for your next real date way in advance! This may sound crazy but trust me when I say this- your partner is gonna love your excitement! 

Plan your entire vacation together. Decide about what to wear, where to eat out, and where to stay (ahem, ahem). 

Start saving up for the trip. Shop for that much-needed meet. 

And most importantly, let your soulmate know that you are already into the preparations and that you legit cannot wait to enjoy that dreamy vacation with him/her!

Concluding Thoughts on how to show someone you love them in LDR!

Long-distance relationships are indeed difficult. But babe, when you are ready to put in genuine efforts for your significant other, things are bound to work out magically! 

Your actions should be in sync with the love you profess for your partner. Let your partner know how lucky you feel to have him/her in your life. Don’t let insecurities, jealousy, or distrust creep into your relationship.

Acknowledge and respect the reason why you guys are in a long-distance relationship in the first place. And consider these trying times as an opportunity to brew your love.

Try the above-mentioned hacks and keep the romance alive despite the long distance between the two of you. And most importantly, have trust in your partner and cherish the bond that you share every day. 

Sending loads of love and warmth your way!

Happy Long-Distancing, Babe!

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how to show someone you love them in Long distance relationship

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