how to Reassure Someone You Love Them

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When you’ve fallen in love really hard, there’s a constant need for little gestures. So here’s exactly how to reassure someone you love them!

“Assumptions are the termites of relationships.” ‒ Henry Winkler

Knowing someone is like peeling an onion layer by layer. You discover something new about your partner on each date, sparks intensify, and your affection deepens. However, soon the butterflies in your stomach disappear, and that electric tension between you guys fades out. 

Your daily conversations are not filled with love confessions, and assurance. You assume your partner is aware of your state of mind and heart. While this seems comfortable, your relationship loses its strength. 

Conveying your feelings to someone should never feel enough. There’s so much power in telling someone you believe in them, and these “mere words” can change the dynamic of your relationship.

In this blog, I’ll be talking about what needs to be done when your partner loses faith in your feelings and thus how to reassure someone you love them.

How to reassure someone you love them

1. “I need you”

Ways to Reassure Someone You Love Them

We all want to feel special — something that could elevate our reason for existence. And there’s no better way to do this than by telling your partner you need them. 

Just imagine how you would feel if you were the first person your partner calls when they’re stuck in any situation. You’d sense their trust in you and a wave of security. The same goes for them.

Knowing they’re needed will make them realize their importance in your life and how much you value the relationship. 

2. “I love having you around”

Having any troubles in your life is not a requirement to say “I need you” to your partner. Even in the most light-hearted and happiest of moments, you can reassure them of their worth.

Let’s say both of you are having a cozy, quality time in front of the television, watching a movie or cooking a meal together. On such casual occasions, simply throw an “I love having you around” and see their reaction.

The fact that you enjoy their presence will solace them and cement their trust in your true love.

3. “I believe in you”

Ways to Reassure Someone You Love Them

On our rough days, we don’t need someone to work things out but just to be there and console us. 

Telling your loved one you believe in them can boost their confidence to face any challenge that life throws at them. It shows that you have faith in their potential, thoughts, and actions. That they are not a failure and, more importantly, are not alone.

4. “I love the way you care for me”

Acknowledging someone’s effort to make you happy is reciprocating their love. So, whenever your partner buys you a gift that you have been dying so hard for all this time, or takes care of you when you’re ill, LET THEM KNOW THAT YOU’RE HAPPY.

This will not only reassure you love them but also keep the magic of your relationship kindled and both of you will be motivated to do more for each other.

5. “Thank you for being in my life”

how to Reassure Someone You Love Them

This is probably one of the most romantic ways of expressing your gratitude for having a wonderful partner. There might have been a great many hurdles or unsuccessful dates in your life, but you’ve crossed them and finally found your significant other. 

This calls for showering your partner with a surprising yet sweetest confession ever. Of course, you don’t want to sound too cheesy but at the same time, wish to convey the depth of your feelings. And that’s why thanking them for being a part of your life beats everything.

6. “I don’t know what I’d do without you”

There are times when we’re so stressed, had a bad day or are so darn confused that we lose our judgment and need someone else to make a call for us. We’ve all been there — holding on to our loved ones for support and guiding us out of the dark. 

And when you’re out, they deserve to know their importance. The role they play in your life. After all, we’re all humans, thriving on love and emotions. 😉

7. “I trust you”

how to Reassure Someone You Love Them over text

No matter how long you’ve been seeing your significant other, be it two or ten years, being sable to trust is the best way to reassure someone you love them. Everyone needs to know from you that they’re loved and respected. That’s the essence of any healthy relationship — good and clear communication. 

So, whether your partner is taking you out to dinner at a new restaurant or is making a life-changing choice, tell them you trust their decision, trust me, it’ll be enough. 

8. “You make me proud”

Being loved does make one feel motivated, but that might not be enough in some cases. Your partner needs to know that they’re stepping in the right direction and their efforts are not going to waste. 

This is when you tell them that they make you proud, irrespective of whether they have accomplished their goals or not. 

9. “I’ll always be there for you, no matter what”

how to Reassure Someone You Love Them over text

Loneliness is the biggest fear of all humans, being left behind and having no one to laugh and cry with. But if that’s not how you want your partner to feel, tell them already. 😭

Words of affirmation and knowing there’s someone who will always support and cheer you through thick and thin is the biggest consolation one can offer.

10. “Thank you”

You don’t always need acts of service to show reassure someone you them, thanking your partner for the smallest of the help they offered would make them feel seen. Whether they’re opening a door for you or bringing a glass of water, a “thank you” acknowledges their effort and shows your respect for them.

11. “I’d rather be with you”

how to Reassure your boyfriend over text

At crossroads where you have to choose between your partner and other priorities, tell them if they mean the most to you. If you keep your feelings to yourself, the other person will never know your true intentions and emotions. 

So, if you get a day off after a hectic work schedule, tell your S.O. you’d rather be with them than hang out with colleagues or friends. This’ll also make them realize that they are your safe place; what’s warmer than that? ❤️

12. “You were right; I was wrong”

Admitting our mistakes can be a tough nut to crack, but you’ve got to gather the courage to sustain your relationships in the long run. Often, your ego is the villain of your love story, and if you want to conquer it, tell your partner they were right and you were wrong. 

Don’t take it as something humiliating. Trust me, your partner will feel more respected and valued when they’ll see how grounded and down-to-earth you are.

13. “I’m so happy to be with you”

how to Reassure Someone in a relationship

To come across the love of your life and be with them is no less than a miracle. It’s like destiny screaming you were meant to be. So, what’s the harm in expressing that from time to time to your partner?

Tell them how glad you are to be in a relationship with them (and not some weirdo 😂). Make a list of things you love the most about your partner in your head and include that in your conversation when on a romantic walk!

14. “I want to be with you forever”

Expressing love and spicing up the romance is no big deal when you’re dating and seeing each other. But this spark dims over time. There’s love and care for each other after marriage but no clear expression of it. That’s how doubts and second thoughts invade your relationships.

To avoid that, throw in one of the most poetic confessions of all time — “I want to be with you forever” and see how your partner reacts. They might be confused at first, but trust me here and carry on with the romantic vibe and you’ve reignited that passion! 🔥

15. “I love you”

how to Reassure your girlfriend

Well, what’s better than the hero statement of romantic confessions? No matter what the occasion, you can always tell your significant other how much you love and adore them, and that they deserve the world. 

Say out loud how happy you are when they smile and you’d fight the entire world to keep it safe. Complement it with a back hug, locked hands, or simply a locked passionate gaze into your lover’s eyes and you’ve got a delightful moment down your memory lane.

16. “We’re in this together”

No doubt that you support your partner when bombarded with any difficulty and are their source of motivation. But by simply saying “we’re in this together”, you assure them they are not the only ones dealing with that problem. 

You’re not just supporting them as they find a solution, but you’re trying equally hard for it. And that changes how you see each other in your relationship. 

17. “I feel safe with you”

how to Reassure your partner that you love them

As much as your partner wants to feel safe with you, they seek to make you feel safe as well. And telling them that they’ve created a sound and secure place for you is a must. 

They need to know you’re aware of how far they go to care for you and suit everything to your liking. 

18. “You are the man or woman of my dreams”

You know what, you don’t always need grand gestures to build a long-term relationship when you know the power of the right words. Saying something like this would make your partner feel a lot more special than you can think of.

Because no matter what, our constant need for emotional support would always feel better if we’ve found that one person whom we complete naturally and who will always be there for us even on our worst days.

19. “You are the love of my life”

how to tell someone you love them over text

Hey, now that’s a big one so don’t just throw it in a casual convo. But if you think this is a different kind of love and there’s a genuine emotional connection apart from intimate relationships, maybe then you can think of reassuring them with these words.

Additionally, if the relationship has already reached that level, it’s a pretty way to make them feel insanely special and safe.

20. Say More With Your Actions

I’ve laid down the importance of expressing your love verbally. But that doesn’t mean it’s all about words and no deeds. Your actions can convey words that cannot be expressed. They have the power to wrap the other person with the most intimate of your feelings, something that you find difficult to form into phrases. 

Besides showering compliments on your partner, you can reassure someone you love them in the following ways:

Hang Out

how to Reassure Someone You Love Them

Taking time out of your schedule for them on a regular basis speaks volumes. Your partner will feel valued just by the fact that they hold a very important place in your life and you are putting effort into being with them. 

They don’t have to remind or push you to meet. But you voluntarily setting dates, finding new restaurants, and planning activities show you are equally interested and invested in your relationship as your partner. I have got the cutest last-minute date ideas if you need inspiration! 😉

Of course, there might be cases when you don’t have time to spend hours with them on a special date. On such occasions, you can ask your partner to come to a place near your office or reschedule things. Whatever your call, make them feel wanted and respected.

Talk About Your Future

ways to Reassure Someone You Love Them

There’s no better reassurance in a relationship than discussing your shared future. It’s the most mature and sensible thing to do when your partner doubts where you guys currently stand and what’s ahead of you. 

Communicate your personal and work goals with each other, and lay down the obstacles that you might have to face and how. Maybe one of you might have to move to another city or have some other kind of huge change in your life. 

If you’re ready for that, do not hesitate to admit it. And if you’re not prepared, convince them that it isn’t the end of your relationship — you still love your partner and need some time to introduce and accept such changes.

Offer Small Gestures

how to Reassure Someone You Love Them

Rather than buying expensive gifts, focus more on small gestures that can bestow true happiness on your partner. Be it remembering their favorite band members, having end-of-the-day calls, or simply dressing up for the date like it’s the first time.

You can even go for little gifts that you picked on a trip or a regular day that reminded you of them. It’s just a simple way to show them that they’re always on your mind and that’s a beautiful reassurance in itself.

It’s these small things that make a relationship special and close to you. If you’re going long-distance, you can arrange video dates or plan a surprise trip to their place! I have so many ways of showing love in long-distance relationships, I’m sure at least one will please you.

Showing physical affection

A simple good morning text message, giving hugs, touching hands, kissing foreheads out of nowhere, and other non-verbal communication of appreciation and unconditional love could do more than you could imagine. They assure them that you’re so darn into them and very committed to taking things to the next level!

Conclusion on how to reassure someone you love them

Keeping your relationship healthy isn’t as tricky as it sounds. You don’t have to pretend anything or force yourself to say something you don’t mean. 

Be true to yourself and your partner. Communicate your feelings regularly with them. Appreciate their effort to make you happy and comforted. Express what’s going on in your heart and mind more often and it will eliminate all doubts, worries, and fears in your relationship. 

There’s no other way to reassure someone you love them than by saying it out loud and showing it through your actions. Remember, it’s not the gift that counts, but the fact that you were thinking about your partner while finding that gift. 

Long story short, be clear about your feelings and the way you express them. For there’s absolutely no harm in using more words and being vocal about your affection!

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how to reassure someone you love them

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