11 Sweet Things To Do In a Long Distance Relationship

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Long distance love, short on ideas?

You’ve heard the saying, right? If you’re unlucky, you might end up in a long-distance relationship (haha, just kidding!). Or maybe not.

But it’s easy to feel stuck in a place you don’t want to be just because your baby boo is somewhere else. And now you’re both constantly searching for fun, exciting, and, most importantly, sweet ways to keep the love alive and interesting.

But you know what? Sure, long-distance relationships can be a wild ride with ups and downs, but who doesn’t love an adventure? Because with just a little bit of creative thinking, you can still make the most of your time apart and keep the spark alive.

Which is why I have compiled a list of 11 Sweet Things to Do in a Long Distance Relationship that will not only spark joy but also bring you and your significant other even closer together—despite those pesky miles between you. Let’s figure it out together!

11 Sweet Things To Do In a Long-Distance Relationship

1. Get your Netflix and chill on point

Watch the same movie or series together using a synced streaming platform like Netflix Party or Teleparty! Not only will you enjoy the show together, but you can chat real-time about your fave scenes.

I remember when we had our first long-distance movie date, we made popcorn, I ordered him pizzas, and he surprised me with mini pancakes, and it was just a hella good time.

2. Keep each other updated with snail mail

Send each other old-school snail-mail love letters! Who doesn’t love a hand-written note or card to brighten their day? Bonus points if you throw in little surprises like Polaroid photos or cute stickers and make it a regular thing.

I always, always used to send my BF love letters on 3-month, 6 month, and all kinds of other milestone anniversaries, and he actually used to take out time to reply to the mail and not even mention them on chat because it was a surprise element that we wanted to cherish, haha (I cannot believe it’s already been 6 years together, 5 of them in the LDR).

3. Countdown to meeting up!

Create a countdown calendar on your phones, marking off the days until you see each other again. Include fun little notes for each day as motivation; it’ll get you hyped and super stoked to be together IRL!

If I remember correctly, there is an app we used a long time ago noteit widget (it has a teal blue icon), to always leave cute love notes on each other’s phone about countdowns, what we are doing, adorable little messages and every other couply thing under the roof.

It was just a cute way to spice things up, keep each other posted, AND always be on their phone at the top, haha. Don’t call me clingy, huh.

4. Virtual date nights – it’s a thing!

Have virtual date nights via video calls! Cook the same meal together, have a fancy at-home candlelit dinner, and vibe together to your fave tunes. It’s legit the bomb dot com way of spending quality time without physically being together.

You know what, virtual dates are so underrated in an LDR, they seem delusional but trust me, they are not! They’re cute and very important to keep things alive and spicy even when you’re not physically together.

5. Send surprise food deliveries

Nothing says I love you more than sending your boo a surprise pizza or their fave snack! Sure, you can’t share it, but a food surprise shows you’re thinking of them and craving their comfort food.

This is one thing we still do all the time. Whenever we’re fighting or the other person is upset, sending them their favorite food is the very first thing we do to cheer them up.

One time, he even sent me and my friends pizzas and burgers and got the best boyfriend award, haha.

6. Customize your own playlist together

Get your groovy tunes on by making a shared playlist filled with your special songs and travel tunes. Every track will remind you both of your epic memories and dreams for the future!

You can even make playlists of all the songs that remind you of them, and trust me, they’ll not stop smiling for hours after listening to the tracks. It’s such a sweet thing to do in a long-distance relationship!

7. Fitness challenges…make it a competition!

Keep fit while you’re apart by challenging each other to workout routines and keeping each other accountable! It’s both lit and swole for both your mind and body!

8. Plan your future travels together

Dream up your next getaway by researching destinations and activities you both want to experience. Share your bucket list, create Pinterest boards, and daydream about your trips together, making it travel goals AF!

We even made a travel vision board for couples and added all the places we wanted to visit together and kept on saving money to make that happen. It was so cool and exciting as the boards were always in front of us and that just kept us wanting to make it happen super soon!

9. Goodnight and good morning texts, every day

Never underestimate the power of a simple good morning or goodnight text! It’s a tiny but significant gesture that’ll keep you both connected and feeling all the feels.

You just feel a little special when you wake up, and you see that little morning message and know that he/she actually remembered you first thing in the morning, doesn’t it? And the same goes for the night messages!

10. Play online games together

Get lost in the world of online gaming! Choose a multiplayer game that suits both your tastes, and have a blast working as a team or reveling in friendly competition. I was never a fan of online games, but all I can say is he converted me, lol.

We are always on call on video call on a laptop or iPad while playing just to see how excited the other person gets. There were so many laughs! It’s game on, lovebirds!

11. Personalized video messages for special occasions

Lastly, surprise each other with personalized video messages for birthdays, anniversaries or even just because! Make it heartfelt and memorable like a virtual scrapbook of your love story, for real.

I have gifted him so manyyyy things, but the video message that I made telling him how special he is to me for his birthday still tops them all. Even our friends got teary eyes after watching it, so he was in for an emotional night, lol.

How to Fully Thrive in a Long Distance Relationship?

1. Kick It Off with Exciting Virtual Dates

Virtual dates are a great way to keep the spark alive in any long-distance relationship. Here are some fun ideas for virtual dates:

  • Movie Marathon: Choose a theme, like rom-coms or sci-fi flicks, and take turns hosting watch parties using apps like Netflix Party.
  • Cooking Together: Whip up a delicious dish together over video chat with a new recipe.
  • Virtual Game Night: Challenge each other to Scrabble, Monopoly, or even some online video games.

2. Surprise Each Other out of the blue

Surprises can easily be the highlight of your long-distance relationship anytime. Here are some ideas to brighten each other’s day:

  • Snail Mail Love: Send thoughtful snail mail, like handmade cards, love letters, or small packages filled with surprises.
  • Virtual Gifts: Order something fun online and have it delivered as a surprise to your partner’s doorstep.

And you know what? Maintaining surprise elements in a long-distance relationship can help keep things fresh and exciting!

3. Create Quality Communication Time

Communication is key to keeping your long-distance relationship strong. Scheduling regular video calls, finding moments to text or voice chat throughout the day, and dedicating focused attention to each other during these times is the best thing you both can do!

Make sure to:

  • Set Up Regular “Date Nights”: Establish a set time each week for a video chat or phone call to catch up and spend some quality time together.
  • Send Daily Texts: Keep each other involved in your day-to-day lives.
  • Be Open About Your Feelings: Share your emotions and handle conflicts with honesty and empathy.

Fun Fact: Couples who communicate regularly are 40% more likely to succeed in a long-distance relationship!

4. Make Future Plans Together

Having something to look forward to can make the distance feel more manageable. Plan your future activities together:

  • Countdown to Your Next Visit: Create a countdown calendar leading up to the day you’ll reunite and conquer the long distance.
  • Plan Your Vacations: Organize trips to explore new places together or just have a romantic getaway.
  • Work Towards a Shared Goal: Collaborate on a project or work towards a common goal, like saving for a future home.

5. Don’t Forget ‘Real-Life’ Friends & Hobbies

Being in a long-distance relationship also means that you have more time for yourself and your interests. I say, make the most of this time by:

  • Engaging in Your Hobbies: Rediscover old hobbies or learn something new.
  • Socialize with Friends: Give time to your friends and plan fun outings – both giant group hangouts and one-on-one bonding time.
  • Focus on Personal Growth: Work on your self-improvement and growth through reading, exercising, or taking up a new course.

6. Share Your Future Goals & Dreams

And by chatting, I don’t mean you only have to talk about each other’s day but bigger things as well. For instance, you can –

  • Discuss your short-term and long-term plans
  • Chat about how your future lives will intertwine
  • Create a shared bucket list to complete throughout your relationship

7. Prioritize Trust & Transparency

And if there’s one thing that no relationship can survive without, especially LDRs, it is doing these few things and taking care of the relationship like that.

  • Share your feelings and emotions openly
  • Address insecurities and potential issues as they come up
  • Stay connected through regular check-ins to ensure you’re on the same wavelength

Wrapping up – Sweet Things To Do In a Long-Distance Relationship

Now I know this all may sound a bit too cheesy, but here it is. I know long-distance relationships are not always easy, but here’s the thing: love knows no bounds.

Distance may try to keep you guys apart, but you sure are stronger than that. So let’s stay cute, positive and have faith. Trust me, in the end, it’ll all be worth it.

Love always finds a way to bring us back together. 😉 Till next time, boo! Xoxo

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11 Sweet Things To Do In a Long-Distance Relationship

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