why does it take guys eight weeks to miss you

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Why does it take guys eight weeks to miss you? Don’t wonder or overthink anymore and read this article.

Eight weeks doesn’t seem like a long time, but it can be if you don’t understand why they’re needed. 

You’ve promised yourself that you wouldn’t be a girl who waits for a guy. 

Yet, here you are. 

Heartbroken and wondering if he even misses what you two had. You know what? Even if he does, he won’t be so quick to tell you about it. 

It takes guys about eight weeks to feel your absence, according to the average. 

Why eight weeks, you ask? 

Like most things in life, they just need time. 

However, fear not, babes. 

This article will explain why the standard amount of time is eight weeks. What is the 8-week rule? With the understanding of something, there’s a lot less wondering and questioning yourself involved. Which is a good thing, right, ladies? 

What is the 8-week rule for guys to miss you?

how to get him to miss me before 8 eeks

When it comes to guys and the dating game, there’s a lot of advice floating around about how long you should wait before reaching out or seeing them again. And the 8-week rule is just one of them.

The idea is that if a guy likes you, he’ll come back after an 8-week break without being prompted by you. And if he doesn’t come back in that time, then sorry, girl, he’s just not that into you.

While this may seem pretty straightforward, it’s important to remember that every person is different. Some guys may take longer to come around, and some may need less time. Plus, there could be outside factors affecting their behavior (like work or family issues).

So while the 8-week rule can be helpful in gauging a guy’s interest, it shouldn’t be the only thing shaping your actions.

But why 8 weeks? What happens at that time?

You know what? Let’s find out Why does it take guys eight weeks to miss you?

6  Reasons it takes guys 8 weeks to miss you

Saying this out loud feels like some sort of small crime.

Even so, it needs to be said.

Missing someone sucks a lot. Understanding why it takes so much time to have your feeling of longing returned might help even more.

1. He’s too busy convincing himself

No one likes to go back on their word or previous decision, right? 

This is no different for a man who has just left a relationship.

Even if it doesn’t feel like it, he will try to change his feelings.

Change them how?

So they align with the logical decision to break up. You see, there’s a big difference between decisions that your brain likes and ones that satisfy your heart. It’s only to be expected that both of those decision types won’t always match.

That way, sometimes, a little effort is required to figure out the outcome you truly want. When a guy takes 8 weeks to start missing you, it’s not because he wants to keep you guessing. It’s because, during this time, he will be battling his own convictions and beliefs.

These are most likely holding him back from missing you. His brain deems missing you, even a little, as moving backward. I mean, you two are apart, possibly due to a breakup,  

If you two broke up, it’s probably not the right path to miss you. That’s how his thought process happens. That’s why it might take some time for him to miss you; he’s going against that by doing so.

2. Ego plays a part

We all have some level of ego, right?

Our own way of doing things…

The way no one can do it just like we would.

Well, that’s partly true and partly your ego.

Our ego tells us that whatever we decide is right. That way, if your lover decides to stay away from you, his ego will strongly agree.

Not doing what your ego wants you to will undoubtedly hurt. Not physically, of course. But it will bring up feelings that might be painful to deal with.

When two people decide to cut off contact, there are a lot of egos involved. That’s the voice in your head that will scream you could never do anything wrong.

Missing you would mean that breaking apart was one thing you did wrong, right?

Naturally, that idea will be rejected.

This is another reason why guys take an average of eight weeks to miss you. Even if they have the best intentions possible, it’s inevitable that their ego gets in the way.

3. The post-breakup emotions are too strong

8 week breakup rule for guys

Have you noticed how the emotions that come right after a breakup are usually…

Not bad?

There might be relief that the conflict is gone. Especially if you’re a person who normally avoids conflict with others.

Freedom might make you happy.

Now, of course, breaking apart from someone is a sad and hurtful experience for anyone.

The time between what happened and that actually settling in your mind is when those good things sneak in.

For guys, it’s easy to mistake those for permanent feelings. Meaning that until he is well aware of just how final the situation is, he won’t miss you.

Unless your significant other is a superhero, this will take time.

Hence the eight weeks are considered an average period.

4. The desire to protect himself wears off after 8 weeks

Well, it doesn’t wear off.

It just becomes less.

This doesn’t mean that he will lose all regard for himself. However, it does mean he will be much more open to any thoughts of you.

You know that cold wall you put up as you sense someone might hurt you?

That is what will weaken after this amount of time. He will not also be more receptive and less defensive. He will also make up his mind to try one last time before moving on forever. The urge to do this usually comes after eight weeks.

By that time, he will also have soothed his ego. Which is a great sign for you to be hopeful about him starting to miss your time together.

5. He thinks the grass will be greener with someone else

it takes guys 8 weeks to miss you

One of the reasons for taking eight weeks to miss you is needing that time to play the field.

Maybe you two were at a point where things get a bit more serious, and so do arguments. As you both have so much of yourselves invested in your linked connection, this is completely normal.

After all, frequent arguments might happen even when things are good and moving forward. Arguments like if you should rent a one or two-bedroom apartment…

That’s a perfect example of an argument that happens even if things are good between you two. Even so, your guy might feel like maybe this is a sign that you two won’t work out. 

As a consequence of this, he will look for someone else if you’re apart, a.k.a. rebound relationship. That’s because he will wonder if arguments like these won’t happen with another person.

Despite that, he will soon realize either what you had was probably the best or that even a new relationship will have arguments. He will realize that arguments are needed when trying to make something work between two people.

All that changes from person to person is the level of commitment to finding common ground. 

The downside of this?

It will probably take him eight weeks to reach this understanding. It’s enough time to get into a relationship, realize and move out of it.

6. There’s miscommunication not resolved

Although miscommunication in itself isn’t a deal breaker, it might not be in your best interest.

It’s likely that relationship issues if you two aren’t seeing eye to eye.

Still, this is pretty overlooked, as most deem the lack of communication as something that can be put off.

I mean, maybe your partner just isn’t up to talking right then.

Maybe they’ve had a hard day, and silence is all they are craving at the moment.

And that’s fine.

Not everything needs an answer or conclusion right away. It becomes an issue when it makes you wonder about things. Things that didn’t get to be discussed and resolved with your partner.

If a guy feels like this exists, they might not contact you. Not until they resolve it in their own mind. Again, pride plays a bit of a role here.

If there are unresolved situations between you two, it’s likely a guy won’t contact you. Of course, this would depend on the person.

Nevertheless, on average, this would take eight weeks.

What if I can’t wait for eight weeks for him to miss me?

Why does it take guys eight weeks to miss you

Even with all these valid reasons, I’m tempted to think, “Why does it take guys eight weeks to miss you?!”

You may understand the mental processes he’s going through. That doesn’t make it suck any less to wait to hear from him.

We’ve got you covered with small things you can do if you can’t wait for 8 whole weeks.

1. Send him a text

Now, it’s true that this theory is really close to the ‘no contact rule’.

Still, one text will probably not harm either of you. It can be a simple and straightforward text where you mention a memory you created.

He needs space.

The thing is, this one text will not take that away from him.

You can ensure he misses a core memory between you and still gives him space. It’s all about balance, isn’t it? So don’t overdo it.

2. Start Journalling

Who says he is the only one who can evaluate his feelings?

Instead of waiting and agonizing over the what-ifs, use this time for self-improvement.

Use it to your advantage. How do you feel during these eight weeks? Is it nice feelings? Or ones that need to be brought up to ensure you’ll be nothing but content when he misses you?

Trust me, the way you feel when your guy misses you will define the future more than you think.

3. get him back from the rebound

You know, when we talked about maybe he gets into a rebound relationship to realize all relationships need work.

Guess what?

If you really think that you guys are meant to be and that you know for sure that this rebound relationship of his is not serious (I said for sure, that’s important!), you could actually get him back.

You ask how?

Here are 8 simple ways to get your ex back from a rebound relationship. And they are proven to work!

4. Focus on being happy

That’s such a nice phrase, right? 

The truth is that being happy is not always easy. Even more so when you’re waiting on someone to let you know how they feel.

I know that feeling pretty well. So why am I even telling you to be happy?

Because that’s the answer to spending those eight weeks without being a miserable mess.

And how can you reach that feeling?

You do that by focusing on others around you. Focus on those who you’re surrounded by and won’t hesitate to console you.

Final thoughts on why does it take guys eight weeks to miss you

While it may not seem like it, eight weeks are a lot. So many things can happen in just eight weeks. That’s enough time to get you wondering, “Why does it take guys eight weeks to miss you?”

As you’ve read, a lot of mental processes happen during this time. Essentially, they will depend on how someone chooses to deal with it, either in a healthy way or not. With this knowledge backing and empowering you, face these two weeks like they’ve got nothing on you!

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why does it take guys eight weeks to miss you

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