Signs Your Ex Is Waiting For You

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If you want to get back together or not, here are signs your ex is waiting for you to come back no matter what!

Breakups are almost never easy. Whether it’s your first or your tenth, letting go of a person you were once a happy bunny with is not what the human heart can tolerate. At least in the beginning.

And when the person on the other side is right, there’s always this feeling in the heart that tells you it’s not over yet, isn’t it? 

Sometimes you may not be ready to accept the breakup, but most of the time, you just know that no matter how much you fight over petty things, you’ll find your way back to sort things out and forget the past. I call it the beauty of smart choices, a.k.a the man you chose! 

But when words like “let’s break up” and “it’s over” come out of the hat, it’s always so confusing what the right things to do will be. The situation becomes so sensitive that one wrong move can ruin it all.

After a breakup, it’s only natural to wonder if your ex is still thinking about you. Maybe you catch them staring at you across the room, or you see them “liking” all of your Instagram posts. But how can you tell for sure if they’re just trying to be friendly…or if they’re secretly hoping you’ll get back together?

Let me tell you, if your ex is waiting for you, he will show CLEAR signs to you. Because, babe, boys don’t know how to complicate things or drop indirect hints. If he wants you bad, he is bound to give you signs that he’s waiting for you right here, and you just need to catch them act rightly!

So what are those signs? How do you know if your ex is still waiting for you not, huh? I know you must be so excited to get back to him back, so let’s quickly go through them!

Signs your ex is waiting for you

1. They call or text you often, even though you’re not talking to them anymore

If he’s really waiting, you’ll find him texting or calling you all day, all night, for no huge reason. They might be checking in to see how you’re doing, stay in touch and get your life updates or they might be hoping to rekindle the relationship. They might say they’re just trying to be friends, but if they’re still reaching out on a regular basis, it’s clear that they still have feelings for you.

This shows that they are just not ready to let you go and want you to know that they care about your well-being. It’s sweet, right? (Not until the guy is a stalker and big ass jerk)

If you, too, want the same, don’t let the conversations die. Talk to them here and there (not all day), and when he mentions that he wanna get back together, let them know politely, without any sarcasm, the reasons you had that fight. You want to clear the air before getting back together so that this topic doesn’t lead to any more fights in the future.

If you’re just not interested in getting back together, it’s important to be clear with your ex and let them know that they need to give you time to move on because this is just not happening.

2. They like all your posts on social media

Isn’t social media the first step to keeping a check on your ex? What he’s doing, where he’s going, whom he’s following new, or even what he’s liking…the list of our sneaky ways to keep an eye on him is way too embarrassingly long.

So after the breakup, if your ex likes all your posts on social media, it’s another telltale sign that they’re still interested in you. They might be trying to keep up with your life, or they might be hoping that you’ll notice them and reach out. Either way, it’s worth considering whether you want to reach out to them yourself.

3. Their social media posts are full of sad or angsty lyrics that seem to be about you

It’s such a usual behavior these days to see people post stories and posts about memories, sad relatable quotes, and songs just to make the other person notice them or sometimes to communicate with a person indirectly.

If he’s doing that, too, it may mean that he’s trying to talk to you and say things that he may not have the courage to say directly to you. This is also a sign that he hasn’t moved on, which clearly means he’s been waiting for you.

4. They always seem to be around when you’re out and about

One of the clearest signs your ex is still waiting for you is that they seem to always show up in places where you are. It can be a coincidence, or it could be on purpose – but if you see them out and about often, it might mean they’re keeping tabs on you.

Of course, this behavior could also mean that they might want to talk to you or see you or they just want to get back together with you…so take their actions with a grain of salt!

5. They don’t block or unfriend you on social media

When two people break up, one of the first things they do is delete all other photos on Instagram and Facebook and unfriend each other from all their social media accounts, isn’t it? And for obvious reasons, how can you move on from someone when you are seeing them all the time everywhere?

But if your ex doesn’t do that, it means they want to keep an eye on you. This could also be a sign of their interest in getting back together with you. Of course, this behavior can also mean that they simply haven’t found the time or desire to remove all traces of your relationship from the internet (because they just don’t care as much about your existence, ya it hurts)– but either way, it’s worth keeping a check on to see what are they up to!

6. They reach out with unexpected messages

If your ex pops up in unexpected ways – seemingly out of nowhere – then this might be a sign that they’re waiting for you. Maybe they send you a text or email when you’re not expecting it, hoping to catch you off-guard. Or perhaps they reach out on social media when you’re busy with work or other commitments, again trying to surprise and engage you.

Whatever the case, unexpected contact from your ex is a sure sign that they want to get back together – so if this happens, don’t blow them off! It might be worth taking some time to think about whether this is something you actually want.

7. They try to make you jealous

Oh, you’ll see this behavior so often, both from men and women, after a breakup. They’ll always try to make you jealous because they wanna know if you still feel and care for them or not. They might do this by flirting with other people or talking about their new romantic interests. Or even start dating someone new (even if they’re not really interested in that person). It’s their way of getting under your skin and trying to stir up some old feelings.

Try to listen to those feelings if you still have those after the breakup. They might be a sign that you are too not over them and might want to start a quick conversation to see where things go.

8. You guys still have each other’s things at your places

Signs Your Ex Is Waiting For You

The first thing people do when they move out of a relationship is returning back all their ex’s stuff and dumb their gifts and memories into a box so they cannot see them just to revive their hurting feelings.

But if you guys still haven’t gotten rid of each other’s things at your places, it could be a sign that they don’t want to move on. They may know deep inside them that this isn’t the end, and there’s no point in going through all the stuff just to let it be back later once you’ve found your way back.

9. They talk about you to mutual friends

Manier times, two people break up because one of them has had enough and they wanna communicate to the other person that some things are not working for them. And yes, at this point, talking politely is always a better option, but sometimes you just have to let it through your mind in the way of a fight.

If you think this happened to you, trust me, they don’t wanna break up. They just wanted to let you know that you seriously have to change a thing or two for this relationship to work.

And when people don’t wanna break up, talking to and through your friends is the most common resort people choose. They are thinking about you and feel that maybe outside help can stick you two back together.

So, if your ex is still talking about you to your mutual friends, it means that they’re definitely not over you yet. They might be hoping that you’ll hear about their conversations and needs from those friends and reach out to them to sort things out. It’s a good sign, girl!

10. They are still trying to be on friendly terms with your friends

The saying goes, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” But what about an ex-partner? If they’re still trying to be buddy-buddy with your family and friends, it may mean they’re keeping tabs on you or even hoping for a reconciliation.

It’s important to consider their motives and whether they actually respect the boundaries of your breakup. Are they really just trying to maintain a positive relationship with the people you both know, or are they using them as a way to check up on you or possibly come back into your life?

Because you know, when you have been so involved in each other’s lives, it’s tough to let go of some things and relationships. And some people just have difficulty cutting ties completely.

So it’s important to consider the other factors at play as well.

And as the old adage goes, trust but verify. Don’t be afraid to have those tough conversations for the sake of setting healthy boundaries in the aftermath of a breakup.

11. They’ll keep updating you about their life even when you don’t ask

This one’s a little tricky. They might keep updating you about their life even when you didn’t ask in the hope that you’ll ask for more details about it and get to know them more intimately once again. Or they wanna point it clear that they’re not seeing anyone and waiting for you.

Or maybe, they just wanna make sure that you’re still aware of what’s going on in their life but don’t really want to start a conversation that may infuriate you. It’s a very subtle and sweet way of keeping in touch without making it seem like you guys are getting back together again.

12. They didn’t forget the important dates – birthdays, anniversaries, etc

Girls always have this complaint that men never realize how important it is to us that we celebrate the little dates and moments that once were special to us, don’t we girls?

But you know what? Most of the “right men” will do that for ya!

And no matter if you guys broke up or are just fighting, he will make sure he mentions the important dates to you to make you realize that he’s on the top of this love game and these dates are just as crucial to him as they are to you.

I think it’s just a cute way for them to show you that you’re still very important to them, and they are not even near to moving on from you.

13. They are always available for you

Whenever you need them for anything under the roof, do you always find them by your side? Or even better, are they always picking up the phone every time you call, and that too within seconds? Are they replying to you faster than a bullet train?

Well, trust me, this is one of the major Signs Your Ex Is Waiting For You. They’re just not letting go of you and want to keep in touch no matter what!

So if they are available to you all the time at your beck and call, it could be a sign that they still care about you deeply.

14. They remember even the smallest of things – your favorite food, color, book, etc

Isn’t it kind of eerie how exes know little details about you that no one else does, like your favorite flavor of gelato or the color of nail polish you always wear?

This one’s a clincher. Because if they remember the smallest of things that you once loved and were passionate about it without asking, I am sure this is one style=”text-decoration: underline;”>way to tell them that you’re still deeply in love with them style=”text-decoration: underline;”>way to tell them that you’re still deeply in love with them style=”text-decoration: underline;”>way to tell them that you’re still deeply in love with them as well!

These signs may seem small, but when someone remembers these minuscule details, it means they’ve been secretly thinking about you.

So, go ahead and listen to that little voice in your head telling you to reach out to them. Sometimes, reuniting with an ex can be exactly what we need in life. And hey, if it doesn’t work out, at least you’ll have a pint of delicious ice cream to cry over. (Just don’t forget the sprinkles.)

15. they make it a point to tell you that they miss you

Are those late-night “I miss you” texts from your ex really signs that they’re waiting for you to come back into their life?

The answer is…maybe. It’s possible that they are just feeling lonely or nostalgic, but if it’s a recurring theme and they keep reaching out to you, it could indicate that they still have feelings for you.

Of course, this isn’t the only sign – actions speak louder than words. Are they actively trying to hang out with you and make amends for past hurt? Are they making an effort to improve themselves and become the partner that you deserve?

Keep an eye out for these signs, but remember that ultimately it’s up to YOU to decide if getting back together is truly in your best interest. As the saying goes, don’t take someone back just because they miss you – make sure they show they deserve you too.

16. They are reminiscing about the good times

Ever had an ex who keeps bringing up all the good times you shared together? It’s a clear sign that they’re not over you yet and are waiting for you to come back.

People often focus on the good memories because they want to recreate that happy time with their ex again. They might also bring up things you did together in an attempt to show how compatible the two of you were and how well you fit each other’s lives.

They might try to downplay it by saying they were just thinking about the past, but deep down, they’re hoping to rekindle the flame and now you know that!

17. They drunk-dial you blindly!

You know they say you speak the truth when drunk. Guess it’s true for you in this situation.

And let’s be real – drunk dialing exes is never a good idea. It’s a clear sign that someone hasn’t moved on and is looking for closure or a second chance.

So, if your ex frequently finds their way to your phone late at night after a few too many drinks, it might be worth considering that they’re waiting for you. Drunk texts and calls say it all – they miss you, want to be with you, and are yearning for your attention.

But before you go getting all excited and calling them back, remember one thing: drunk decisions tend not to lead to rational behaviors or thoughts.

Make sure they repeatedly reach out while inebriated before jumping to conclusions about their true intentions. And never make any big moves while under the influence yourself – it’ll only lead to regret in the morning.

Keep calm, think before you act, and trust your gut when it comes to signs that your ex is waiting for you.

18. he takes the blame for your breakup

You don’t get many boys doing this for you. Men have a tall ego, and even if they are at fault for the breakup, they won’t really accept it in front of you and forget the other people.

Sure, it’s always important to take ownership of our actions and mistakes, but if your ex is constantly taking responsibility for why things didn’t work out and letting you off the bridge for all the judging eyes, it could be a sign that they care very much about you and that they’re still holding onto hope for a future together.

Plus, taking the blame shows a level of maturity and self-awareness that can only improve any potential reconciliation. So if your ex continuously takes the blame for the breakup, it may be worth considering giving them another chance – after all, who knows where love may lead you?

19. They clearly show you they’re single…and waiting for you

What moreeeeee do you wanna see?

Even after months of breakup, if he can’t get himself into a relationship, or maybe he does not want to, it can be more real that he is waiting for you.

Sorry, but any chance of them being “all right, all right, all right” with their solo status is just a fantasy. Trust me, if they were truly over you, they wouldn’t be sitting at home alone on Friday nights, would they?

So figure out if you want them back or are solid on moving on for good. If it’s the first, run and tell them, because I bet they’ve already waited enough!

And if not, please tell them that too. Because they need to move on too. And they’ll do that only when they’ll know they have no chance with you at all in this lifetime.

Final thoughts on all the signs your ex is waiting for you

There’s no surefire way to know what’s going on in your ex’s mind—but if any (or all!) of these signs sound familiar, there’s a good chance they’re still waiting for you. So what should you do next?

At the end of the day, if one or both parties no longer see a future with each other, it’s best to move on and find someone new. But if you think there’s still a chance for reconciliation, then it might be worth giving your ex the benefit of the doubt.

Only YOU can decide whether or not to give them another chance…but whatever you do, don’t lead them on if you’re not interested! That would just be mean (and frankly, kind of cruel).

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signs your ex is waiting for you

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