signs he's never coming back

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I know you don’t wanna wait a lifetime, and it’s not worthy even. So if he’s showing these signs of never coming back, let him run the race!

We’ve all been there. You meet a guy, you have amazing chemistry, you go on a few dates… and then he disappears. Poof! Into thin air. No call, no text, no nothing. You’re left wondering, “What the heck happened?!”

If you’re currently in this situation, I want you to take a deep breath and relax. I’m here to help you figure out if he’s gone for good or if he’s just taking a little break (we all need one of those from time to time, don’t we?). 

How do you know if he’s never going back?

Finding out whether or not a guy is over you can be tough (like cracking a quantum physics question). Some may ask to look for “a lack of effort, silences between conversations, and disinterest,” but I prefer to go off of a combination of gut instinct and actions speaking louder than words. 

If he’s always making excuses not to hang out with you or ghosts on you frequently, it’s a pretty good sign that he’s moved on. Other telltale signs include being consistently flaky or canceling plans last minute, ignoring your texts or taking forever to respond, and no longer making an effort in the relationship. It can be hard to accept, but girl, if a guy legitimately cared about you, he would make it known through his actions and communication. 

Some guys may be shy enough to let the world know about their feeling (that doesn’t mean tells nobody ever), but they’ll at least let you know in their own ways that they are here for you.

Remember: Don’t let anyone treat you like an option when you deserve to be someone’s priority. Trust your gut and move on if he clearly isn’t over you. Because, girl, you don’t need to waste time on someone who cannot even do the bare minimum.

24 serious signs that he’s never coming back:

1. He stopped calling or texting you altogether.

If he’s suddenly gone completely off the radar, it’s a clear sign that he’s just not that interested anymore. A guy interested in you cannot live without a call or at least a text. But if a simple text is too much for him to write, either he’s not interested or is over you.

Which basically means if he hasn’t gone for good, he prolly will!

2. He’s been unreachable for an extended period of time.

signs he's never coming back

Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt that he might be busy with work or other stuff sometimes, but if that time becomes days without even a single hint of contact, babe, he basically doesn’t want you to reach him. He may be deliberately creating distance between you guys because he doesn’t wanna come back.

3. He canceled all future dates without any explanation.

He stopped making plans with you in advance. He was putting your future plans to bed and rather seems content to “let’s see what happens,” it could be a sign that he lost interest and is just coasting along.

And it’s possible that you were just not seeing it. It was right in front of you, but you were just so happy with how things were going you didn’t care.

Go back 2-3 months down the lane and catch the signs. Wasn’t he making it evident that he didn’t want to spend time with you?

No one in love or who wanted to stay would do that!

4. His social media posts show that he’s enjoying life without you.

If he’s been posting pictures of himself out having fun with his friends or hanging out in places you’ve never been to together, it could indicate that he’s moved on.

Some exes do this to make you jealous. Some even reach out sooner or later to tell you that it’s not over and they want an entry into your life. Others actually move on.

But if he really seems genuinely happy after you, he ain’t planning to come back. If it was a long-term relationship, it doesn’t digest well that anyone could move on so quickly until they already had a girl for whom they left you.

And if it was short-term, it still should have meant something, right? But the fact he’s enjoying his life without you is too big to push you to relish yours too!

5. He’s been distant and cold in person when you’ve seen him.

It’s usual for guys to go cold after a breakup, but it’s not easy to see the person you were in love with once act cold in person as well. This shows that he doesn’t have empathy or respect for your feelings and intentionally chooses it to hurt you.

Coming in contact with the person you once loved is not easy; many times hurtful and sometimes weird.

Acting cold that time too means he just doesn’t want you to contact him or even see his face. How could you expect him to come back after all this?

6. They don’t respond to your flirtatious signals

And if you guys are in contact and talking here and there, he still isn’t replying to your flirts, pack your bags and leave…from his chatbox.

We all know the feeling – trying our best to get his attention and have him come running back to us. But unfortunately, sometimes men ain’t worth it.

If he’s not responding to your signs, girlfriend, it ain’t meant to be. Move on because it’s clear as a picture that he isn’t worth the wait or energy.

So find someone else to hit with your flirting!

7. They avoid social interactions with your friends and family members

You are one thing, but your friends and family are entirely another. I know how you’d feel when you say that it’s very rude of him if he avoids your friends and family; I mean, what is their fault? It was your breakup, not theirs.

But if your man ex is doing so, it’s a sign that he doesn’t want to face the world and be judged by people, especially your world.

Either he never treated them their own and is now weird about interacting with them, or he’s just wayyy too shyyy/nervous about being in touch with them after you. And none of the behavior is correct!

At least if he was nervous, he could just nod and say hi. Not chicken out after seeing them, right?

8. There’s no sign of jealousy when you talk about exes or attractive acquaintances.

signs he's never coming back

When two people are in love (not saying together), a little jealousy naturally makes space for itself. You are bound to get a little intimidated after seeing your partner with someone else or even imagining that.

But if it’s really clear that he doesn’t care about you being someone other than him, it’s healthy to believe that he’s over you.

Now you ask me how to get to know if he’s jealous or not???

Talk to him casually about all the new guys you’re meeting. If that’s not an option, post a picture with someone on social media and see if he replies. Or talk to your mutuals to see if they can indirectly tell him something.

9. The relationship ended abruptly and/or badly

There’s no denying that some relationships end gracefully and amicably, while others end in tragedy. Girl, if your relationship ended on a messed up note and your ex is showing absolutely none of the signs that he’s ever gonna come crawling back, it could be a sign that he never saw this as a long-term thing. If he still hasn’t come back or tried to contact you, he doesn’t plan to either.

If he left you high and dry, still trying to figure out what went wrong, it might be time to let go and move on from jerks like him.

It’s time to cut your losses and move on. Trust me, you don’t want to be stuck in the cycle of hoping for an apology or hoping for some kind of reconciliation when that just ain’t happening. Don’t waste your energy on someone who clearly isn’t willing to put in the effort to fix the damage they caused.

10. You or they said something in the heat of the moment that cannot be taken back.

Words are such a criminal, especially when they are said in anger or frustration. Everybody has been there at some point when they had no control over what they said and regretted it big time, moments later.

And you bet it’s worse for the person listening to them. If there are some things said by you that maybe weren’t all true, I’d recommend you clear the air. Go talk and let them know that you didn’t really mean that, and it was just an angry outburst you don’t plan on doing ever!

If it was from their end and they regret it badly, they’ll come too. Just wait for them to cool off their anger and rewind back on things.

But babe, this doesn’t apply to situations that were purposely made disrespectful. No man (or even woman, for that matter) must ever point the finger at you and say things that are highly disrespectful and majorly wrong, especially about your character or abuse you in any way.

If that’s what happened, he just ain’t the one. It’s time you let that freak go!!

11. He avoids being alone with you or discussing your relationship problems together.

Now that’s a big one. If he’s constantly trying to avoid being alone with you and has completely shut down when you try to talk about your relationship and what and where things went downhill, it could be a sign that he will never come back.

It means he doesn’t want to work on what you guys had or rebuild things. He’s probably loose interest in between and just doesn’t wanna work on you guys more.

In which case, you would have to let him go too. I know it’s formidable, but you cannot force someone to be with you. And if you manage to, then for how long?

12. It seemed like an inevitability that the relationship would end eventually

Sometimes, signs are there, but we don’t want to see them. If you think that he’s probably your type and can make a good life partner, but it seems that the relationship is destined to end one way or another for some reason, trust me when I say you are much better off walking away. It’ll spare you the heartache and attachment, and let’s be honest, not all relationships have happy endings, right?

Your intuition knows better, and it guides you every time. And if you guys have been together for a long time and still feel that one day it will happen, chances are, today is that day.

And once you overcome this hold and heartache, you’ll realize that you don’t want to go back there. Even if he’s processing all of this, it’s probably a sign that he’s never coming back.

13. He blocked you on social media after the breakup 

You know people will do two things after a breakup, either they’ll block you and disappear from your life or will let you in on their life and make you jealous of how much fun they are having. Unless the relationship ended on mutual terms.

But if you are here, I’m assuming it didn’t.

But if any of the two things happen, he is just trying to get rid of you (oops, that was a bit harsh, but someone had to say it).

14. He gave all of your stuff back as soon as possible after breaking up with you without any sentimental value.

Oh boy, it was way too soon for someone who was head-over-heels in love the previous day, wasn’t it?

That sounds more like he just wanted to get rid of you as soon as possible. Giving out your stuff is a complete sign that he never plans on coming back and wants everything connected with you to disappear from his life ASAP!

15. He’s not interested in reconciling or getting back together 

If he would, he’d give out some signs, do some actions, and say some things that’ll show you he’s interested in getting back together. But if you still haven’t seen any of that, even after 2-4 weeks, he’s hiding in his cave for good.

Not necessarily – If you’ve been dating for a while and still feel that signs are pointing towards him not being interested in you anymore, it’s probably time to accept the reality and let go. While it may be difficult at first, eventually, you’ll realize that there is no point in waiting around for someone who clearly doesn’t want to be with you anymore.

Remember, the only way to move forward is by letting go of what’s behind you and focusing on the future ahead. Good luck!

16. You’re both different people now compared to who you were when you first got together.

signs he's never coming back

When we first meet someone and connect with them, it feels like there is nothing we can’t do together. We feel so pleasing around each other that there are no negative signs visible at all.

But when things change, and people change, and time goes by, and you both are put into challenging situations, it’s then the signs inevitably start coming up occasionally.

Maybe he is not the person you fell in love with, or you have grown to become some other personality. And you know what, it really isn’t a bad thing. People grow and grow apart all the damn time.

And why do you have to be someone you don’t like anymore? Just because you guys were together for so long? That may not be the right reason to stick around for the longer term, and the breakup sounds unavoidable at this moment to me.

17. He has a new girlfriend already (or is talking about being with someone else).

It’s weird sometimes to see how quickly someone can move on to the other person like you never meant anything. It sucks!!

But no matter how difficult it is, if he has already moved on with some other chick, it is not a guarantee, but chances are high that he will not come back.

He could realize that the other girl is not even close to you and your love, but babe, close your eyes and think, do you really want someone who ditched you for some other girl and then wants you back because he thinks you’re better?

Do you really need someone for whom you are a second bait to whom he can come whenever he wants?

18. All of his belongings are gone from your place.

If you guys were living together and had a huge fight last night, and now he’s nowhere to be found, he’s not answering your calls or texts, and there’s no trace of him in the house as well (with his belongings all gone), it’s probably the best to assume that he’s gone, from your life and your house.

If it was an unnecessary argument and you want you two to work, I would advise you to call his friends and family and see where he’s gone.

If it seems too big and you wanna hold your ground, it would be nice to have the house to yourself for once, no?

19. His family and friends have stopped communicating with you as well (or they give you the cold shoulder).

It’s so rude and disheartening, but it does happen. If his family and friends were all very close to you and suddenly they stop talking to you or start giving you the cold shoulder, it’s not because they’re jerks. It’s probably because something is going on subconsciously telling them about signs he will never come back that are too good for their brains to handle.

And they don’t wanna let you in on that because they know you’ll get hurt.

Or maybe they are jerks and supporting their boy who’s acting like a 13-year-old.

20. You catch him blatantly lying to you about something small (this is usually a sign that he’s trying to cover up bigger things).

If he’s constantly giving you the run around when you ask simple questions about why he left, it’s probably because he’s trying to cover his tracks. And if this is coupled with other signs like him suddenly disappearing from your life and not being in contact, then it seems pretty clear that signs he will never come back are pointing towards a definite yes.

But no matter what signs he’s giving you, don’t take this decision lightly. It is crushing and heartbreaking, but it may end up being for the best in the long run. So go with your gut, and don’t let him back into your life until you’re 100% sure that he’s telling the truth and truly wants to make things work.

21. You find out he’s moved on to another city or country.

If you start to notice signs like him moving to a new city or even a whole different country (okay, that’s not a sign, that’s a whole fu*king statement), it could mean that he’s trying to get away from the situation between you two and start over somewhere else.

So don’t stubbornly cling to the past; rather, use this as an opportunity to focus on yourself and find happiness in other ways. Whether that means taking up new hobbies or spending more on developing new skills, do whatever it takes to build a better life without him.

22. He gets defensive and angry every time you bring up the topic of getting back together

If he really wanted to make things work, then he wouldn’t get upset when you try to talk about getting back – isn’t it suppose to be an end goal, after all?

Think about it…

23. He constantly puts you down, makes you feel bad about yourself, and criticizes everything you do.

If he can’t even seem to find something positive to say about you and constantly criticizes everything that you do, it’s time to let go of the toxicity along with him for good!

24. You caught him cheating on you with another woman or seeing someone new behind your back

If you see signs of cheating on his part – like going out more often or spending more time at work for no particular reason, then there’s something fishy going on there.

Seeing signs of infidelity or suspecting him of cheating directly means that it’s time to move on and cut your ties with this guy forever. Remember – you deserve better than a lying, playing cheater!

Overall, if you’re experiencing any of these signs that he’s never coming back, it might be time to accept reality and focus your energy on moving forward. Whether it was a casual fling or a serious relationship, trust me when I say that there is someone out there who will treat you right and make you feel loved and valued.

So don’t waste your time and energy on someone who is clearly not interested – it’s time to focus on finding the right person for you!

How do you tell if he’s over you?

It can be tricky to figure out if a guy is truly over you, but there are a few telltale signs to look out for. First off, if he has completely moved on, he’s probably no longer interested in staying in contact. Instead of sending heartfelt texts and calling regularly, he may only reach out every once in a blue moon – if at all.

Secondly, is he dating someone new? If so, that’s a pretty clear indication that he’s moving on from the past. And finally, pay attention to his body language when you do happen to cross paths. Is he avoiding eye contact? Do his interactions with you feel forced or uncomfortable?

Chances are, these actions reveal that he has emotionally distanced himself from you and has moved on. Of course, these are just a few indicators – everyone moves on differently – but focusing on his actions and behavior can help provide some insight into where things stand between the two of you.

How long does it take for a guy to miss you?

It all depends on the individual and the dynamics of your relationship. Some guys might not even realize they miss you until months or years later, while others might start pining for you immediately after a breakup.

How long should you wait for a guy to come back?

When it comes to love, there’s no easy answer as to how long you should wait for a guy to come back. Ultimately, it depends on the individual and the relationship – what were the reasons for the breakup in the first place? Did they express interest in getting back together? How much work do you want or are willing to put into repairing things?

In my experience, if someone wants to come back, they will make their way back sooner rather than later. And if not, waiting around is only going to prolong your heartache. Of course, that’s not to say there aren’t cases where giving it time and space can result in a reunion – but you have to look at the situation realistically and consider whether or not it’s worth waiting.

Bottom line: don’t sit on broken glass hoping he’ll come crawling back. Trust me when I say there are plenty of fish in the sea who will appreciate and value you as you deserve. You deserve someone who doesn’t make you wait and love like no other!

What to do after realizing signs that he’s never coming back?

1. Acknowledge Your Feelings

The first step to getting over your ex is to acknowledge your feelings. It’s okay to be sad, angry or hurt. You don’t have to pretend like everything is okay when it’s not. Give yourself time to grieve the loss of the relationship. Then, when you’re ready, you can start to move on.

2. Cut-Off Contact

One of the best ways to get over your ex is to cut off all contact with them. This includes blocking their social media, phone calls, texts, emails, and anything else. If you see them around town, just ignore them and keep walking. It may be hard at first, but it’s important to give yourself space to heal.

3. Lean on Your Friends and Family

When you’re going through a tough time, lean on your friends and family for support. They’ll be more than happy to listen to you vent about your ex and help you get through this tough time. Just remember that they’re there for you when you need them!

4. Find a Hobby or Activity That Makes You Happy

A great way to distract yourself from thinking about your ex is to find a hobby or activity that makes you happy. This can be anything from painting to hiking to playing video games. Doing something that you enjoy will help take your mind off of your ex and make you feel good at the same time!

Wrapping up signs he’s never coming back

I don’t know if he is a nice guy or not, but if you see all or most of the above signs, darling, you really need to grieve, put yourself together, and then move from the situation and work on yourself so that you can find better people for you.

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signs he’s never coming back

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