how to fall out love with your ex

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Want to fall out of love with your ex? It ain’t a piece of cake but these tips can definitely make the roller coaster smoother!

Falling head over heels for someone is all good until you guys split up. Idealizing that person beyond that point is an effort in vain and will only bring more hurt. 

Moving on after a breakup is indeed a tough nut to crack, no matter how many times you’ve been in the same situation. You thought this person was your main squeeze, your everything. And without them, your life seems to be falling apart.

However, there was a time when you lived happily before they entered your life. And you can learn to be happy once again with a little bit of self-love, pushing yourself, and not running away from your feelings. (Here’s how to be happily single.)

So, if you’re stuck in this messy place where a breakup hurts like a hell and moving on seems like a bitter thing to do, here’s how to fall out of love with your ex without feeling regretful. 

Of course, you won’t be already over them by the end of the article, but you will learn some crucial ways to restart your life and burst with joy!

How To Fall Out Of Love With Your Ex

1. What You’re Feeling Is Normal

how to fall out love with your ex

You can’t move on because you feel bad. You feel bad because you can’t move on. 

Happens to everyone. You’re no exception to this vicious cycle. 

So, the first thing you need to do is break it. Understand what you’re feeling is normal and that every single, heartbroken person undergoes the same set of emotions. 

Enough with all the self-loathing. It’s only human to be in bad shape after losing love. So, even if you’re feeling down, know that it’s not gonna last forever, and you will come out of this phase pretty soon!

2. End All Communication With Your Ex

If you don’t wanna add fuel to the fire, it’s best to cut off completely from your ex and have no communication with them at all. 

Block them on all social media sites for your own sake. You don’t want to end up drunk calling them and being more miserable than ever. Seeing what they are up to every now and then will make it difficult for you to forget them. 

So, it’s best to take a step back and end all communication with your ex (and even mutual friends if they keep bringing up the ex in every conversation, knowing your condition).

3. Take A Social Media Detox

how to fall out love with your ex

Social Media can prove to be a toxic element in your moving-on journey even after you’ve blocked your ex. Seeing close friends can remind you of the good old times spent together, or you may even end up knowing the whereabouts of your former partner through their posts and stories.

Not to forget how influential social media can be — seeing other couples on IG can torture you in endless ways. It’s not that you won’t ever be able to see other people happy, but right now, you’re sensitive and vulnerable. Therefore, better to avoid such triggers at all costs.

4. Don’t Hold Onto Keepsakes 

One of the biggest mistakes you can commit right now is clinging to your ex’s gifts. Whether it was a teddy bear, a ring, a mug, or even the restaurant receipt from your first date, whatever it was, discard it. Or at least put it all in a box and keep it in storage so you don’t reminisce about your broken heart again and again.

If it’s something precious in terms of monetary value, either return it or keep it locked somewhere so that it’s out of your sight and use. 

Delete their photographs/videos or transfer them into a flash drive so that you don’t end up watching them repeatedly on your phone.

Remember, breaking off contact with your ex won’t work unless you’re mentally and emotionally detached from them. So, tuck away all the things that remind you of them for some time until you’re done with your recovery process.

5. Distract Yourself When Feeling Down

Carrying out your routine after a breakup is challenging. You keep going back to the old days and reminiscing about the time spent with your ex. But you’ve got to realize that rewinding this tape is not going to change anything. You’re only going to hurt yourself further.

So, whenever you find yourself feeling worn out or depressed, get into action and find some distraction. Maybe go out for a quick 10-minute stroll, watch a comedy show, wash dishes, organize your space, or cook something. 

Push yourself to do these tasks, and with time, you’ll realize how far you’ve come!

6. Exercise & Meditate

Practicing mindfulness can go a long way in clearing your mind and refocusing your energy. 

Start with deep breathing for a couple of minutes and stick to affirmations that will define the change you want to manifest. It can be something as simple as “I am happy” or “I am doing well.” 

You can join the nearest gym to meet new people and have a healthy lifestyle. Or you can go out for a 20-minute jog/walk daily. Cycling is another great activity to prevent yourself from entering that lethargic phase. 

7. Understand Your Thoughts Through Journaling

As I mentioned before, it’s important to understand what you’re feeling and not run away from it. And penning down your emotions on paper will give you this much-needed clarity. 

Once you’re aware of your state of mind, it will be a lot easier to pull yourself together and reboot. You’ll figure out what triggers you, at what time of the day you feel unwell the most, etc. 

By getting to the bottom of your problems and reflecting on them, you can find out solutions to help you move on smoothly. 

8. Go To Therapy

If journaling doesn’t seem to work out for you, there’s always an option for seeking therapy. 

Yes, for some people, going to a therapist or relationship expert to deal with breakups might seem childish. But there’s no such thing as “less” or “more” pain. Only you know how worse you’re feeling and how tiring it is to come out of that phase all by yourself. 

So, a helping hand might not be a bad idea after all. In fact, weekly therapies can assist you in finding the lost interest in living and getting a grip. You can start it easily with online therapy sess as well.

9. Pamper Yourself!

fall out of love

How to fall out of love with your ex? Fall in love with yourself!

Focus on self-care — adopt a healthy lifestyle and detoxify your body as well as mind. A morning or night skincare routine can also help you divert energy to yourself rather than to unnecessary thoughts. 

Set meal plans to cut down on junk and sugary diet. Buy yourself gifts, visit new restaurants, try different cuisines, and plan solo trips to other cities (or even countries). 

Taking care of yourself helps you boost your self-esteem and build a happy life around what you have. All of this will make you realize you don’t need someone else to be happy. You are enough.

10. Go Out With Your Gang!

A get-together with your BFFs, colleagues or even cousins can bring calm in the midst of all the chaos, whether it’s hitting the nearest club or going on a one-week holiday to a hill station. A change of place and company can prove to be an effective stress-buster when nothing else seems to work.

If your entire gang is not available, catch up with those who are. It can be through a sweet picnic, watching a brand-new thriller movie, or just a casual evening walk with your pets!

11. Start Anew Brick By Brick

The mere act of getting up from your bed can seem like a daunting task when overwhelmed with hurt and regret after a breakup. So, first, start with getting up early and making your bed before brushing. 

It’s gonna take time, but it’s also gonna happen. What you need to do is take baby steps to inculcate bigger changes with time. 

Declutter your space before hitting bed so that you wake up in a tidy and organized place. Keep your kitchen and washroom clean, and start waxing that unattended hair to get a slice of freshness! Here are more ways you could press the reset button and start a new chapter in your life.

12. Find A New Hobby And Commit To It

While you are introducing these small changes to your life and taking care of your health, committing to a new hobby can be the much-needed cherry on top. 

This way, you will have something to look forward to every single day. You can join a morning or evening class for a myriad of new activities — painting, cooking class, piano, violin, Zumba, etc. 

Or if you’re a book nerd and have entered a reading slump after the breakup, you better join a book club and keep up with the bookish tea!

13. Stop Obsessing Over Them

It’s important to realize you’re obsessing over or fantasizing about your ex to stop it immediately. Avoid going down memory lane or bringing your ex to the present by thinking about what they must be doing right now. 

The more you daydream about them, the harder it will be for you to move on. The moment you find yourself involved in such an obsession, snap out of it and find a distraction. If nothing helps, seek the assistance of a therapist before you build a delusional world around you.

14. Let Go Of Your Anger & Resentment

One of the reasons why you keep coming back to square one despite trying everything is you’re still holding grudges and negative emotions. It doesn’t matter who was at fault —you or your ex. What matters now is your happiness, which is only possible when you free yourself of any lingering emotions toward your ex. 

Blaming someone for your loss (be it yourself) would only deepen your grudge and pull you down further. So, forgive and forget, learn from the experience, and make a fresh start.

15. Feel Pain, But Don’t Dwell In It

how to fall out love with your ex

Distracting yourself doesn’t mean ignoring your wounds and running away from the hurt. That will only postpone pain, not end it. 

If you want to move on completely, let your emotions out. If you feel like crying, vent it out. Go through all stages of grief. But once you’re done, dump the tissues, wash your face, and have a healthy meal. Watch your favorite show, go out for a walk, or do whatever makes you happy. 

You’re allowed to be sad, but don’t get comfortable in the darkness. Lie down and cry. But don’t forget to stand up and smile afterward. 

16. Rebounds? Not A Good Idea.

You’ve just come out of a serious relationship, and entering another soon after isn’t really the most sensible decision to make on earth. You’re vulnerable, and your emotions are all over the place. A rebound will only add to the growing pain and even you might even choose the wrong person yet again due to low self-esteem.

You don’t want to replace your breakup with another relationship; rather, face it and move on. Thus, it’s best to avoid seeing new people right after you’ve broken up. 

Focus on the healing process yourself first. Only then can you be prepared to truly love another person!

17. Relish Singlehood To The Fullest!

Last but not least, enjoy being single for a while. It’s like a breather after being suffocated for a long time. 

The freedom that comes with staying single is incomparable. You have much time on your hands and one commitment less on your plate. You can easily travel to different places, have no insecurities, and focus on developing your career further. 

So, cherish this phase of your life while it lasts and find yourself again!

Try out these adorable little solo date ideas and you’ll be obsessed with your singlehood!

Bottom Line on How To Fall Out Of Love With Your Ex?

Any problem seems excruciatingly hard when you’re right in the midst of it. So, take a step back and see yourself from the eyes of those who have survived. YOU CAN DO THIS. 

Know that carrying a torch for your ex won’t enlighten your world. Let go of any persisting feelings for them, forgive them and yourself, and move on. 

Nothing lasts forever, and every new day is another chance to try again. So, push yourself without thinking. Get out of your bed even if you don’t want to. Have a warm, relaxing bath every day, even if you feel like staying in your favorite pajamas for a week. 

Or visiting a family member for a couple of weeks and having a cozy reunion!

After all, you deserve the world. So, you better get it, sweetheart!

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How To Fall Out Of Love With Your Ex

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