signs you will never get back together

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It may be time to turn the page because if these things are happening, then a reunion might not be in the cards!

Breakups can heart like hell! It almost feels like losing a part of your own self that, until now, you thought to be inseparable.

Without your favorite person by your side, your own life seems meaningless. And all you want is to reconcile with your man again!

I understand how hard it gets when all of a sudden, a serious relationship turns into nothing but a bitter memory.

You keep wondering if all these are merely bad dreams! You start hoping against all odds that one fine day, your guy is gonna show up at your doorstep, just like good old times!

Babe, I don’t wanna break your heart, but hey, you need to stop obsessing over your ex. He is your ex now, and that guy is not going to come back ever!

I know this will shatter your heart into pieces, but bub, someone needed to say this!

Since you are here, I will assume that a part of you already knows that your ex is never coming back. Today, I am here to guide you out of this endless waiting period and help you start a new chapter of life.

So, stay with me, girl, and let’s face this dark time together, coz’ I promise, there’s a ray of light waiting for you at the end of this tunnel!

18 Telltale Signs Your Ex Is Never Coming Back!

1. He has blocked you on all social media platforms.

Signs You Will Never Get Back Together

Right after the breakup, if your ex blocks you from all his social media accounts, then take it as a HUGE red flag. This clearly indicates that this guy is no more interested in kindling your relationship once again. He has not just blocked you from his social media, but in a way, he is blocking you out of his life!

He is in no mood to share what’s going on in his “new life” and does not want to give access to even the tiniest of details.

2. He is already in a new relationship.

Is he already in a committed relationship? Has he moved on real fast?

Then, babe, there’s absolutely no hope of him coming back to you once again!

He did not bat an eyelid and moved from one girl to another as if it was not a big deal. This shows that he was quite casual about this relationship.

On the other hand, you are on the verge of ruining your career, health and whatnot coz’ of this break up! Dear, stop waiting for this guy who never took your love seriously.

3. He is flaunting a new look nowadays.

Signs You Will Never Get Back Together
  • Has he undergone a style makeover all of a sudden?
  • Is he opting for a career change?
  • Is he flaunting a new hairstyle or maybe hair color?
  • Has he recently bought a new asset or something?

If yes, then bub, it is a good sign that he is not coming back to you ever!

Basically, when an individual starts planning and recreating life in a whole new way after breakup, it indicates the fact that he has already moved on.

He is busy creating his new life and is actually happy in the process. He is no more stuck in the same old rut. He is not melancholic and is NOT missing you.

Harsh truth it is…but the sooner you accept, the better you will feel bub!

4. He seems to be enjoying his new life.

Generally, breakups are hurtful. They leave both partners broken. However, if the love was not mutual from the beginning, then things can be different.

I know you have not slept well ever since he left you. I can see that you are not keeping up with your work and studies. I understand that you do not feel like eating anything.

  • But is he behaving the same way? Or is he enjoying life?
  • Is he busy throwing parties?
  • Is he planning a solo trip?
  • Is he double-downing on his business/academics?
  • Is he quite active on any social media platform?

Then maybe he is actually happy with the break up. This can be another serious sign that your ex is never coming back to you.

5. He has deleted all your photographs together from his social media profile.

Signs You Will Never Get Back Together

This is worse than being blocked by him! I mean, he has deleted all your clicks and videos together and has not yet blocked you deliberately.

Your ex wants you to take note of how casually he has deleted all your memories. Well, social media is something where people flaunts and share about their everyday life.

And if you are no more a part of their social media, then babe, in all probabilities, he is not coming back again. He does not want you in his life and hence has deleted all the digital memories of togetherness.

6. He does not want to be friends.

You pleaded with him to stay. He refused. You wanted him to be friends. He refused again!

If he does not even want to be just friends, then your ex is never coming back to you at any cost. When a guy refuses to be friends, then he won’t be interested in staying in a romantic relationship as well.

For him, the relationship ended the moment you two called it a quit. He has already moved on his own path, and this in itself is an obvious sign that you must forget him for good.

7. He shows zero curiosity about your well-being.

Signs You Will Never Get Back Together

I know you are eager about his well-being and are constantly in touch with your mutual friends. But is he putting in the same effort?

If he is staying aloof and is maintaining a strict distance from you, then it is a strong sign that he is no longer into you. A guy who was with you just a few days ago has now gone all cold.

He is no longer interested to know if you are doing well or not. He is behaving in an absolutely careless manner.

Babe, trust me, there’s no use in harboring false hopes. It has become blatantly obvious that you will never get back together.

8. He is the one who initiated the breakup.

  • Is he the one who took the extreme step?
  • Has he been behaving strangely right before the break up?
  • Did he initiate the break up, citing incompatibility?

Then bub, this is a serious sign that your ex is never coming back to you.

I know you still consider it his mistake. But come on! He is a grown-up and knows exactly what he wants from life.

If he has taken a drastic decision, that too, such a major one, then he must have definitely pondered upon it before calling it quits. I urge you to stop waiting for him, as this will only prolong your pain and suffering.

9. He says ill stuff about you.

Signs You Will Never Get Back Together
  • Is he spreading rumors about you?
  • Have your mutual friends heard him bad mouth you?
  • Are those words too vile and hurtful?

If yes, then babe, give up on all your false hopes right here, right now. This is an obvious sign that you two were never meant to be together.

After a break up, the last thing a couple can do is maintain the decorum and sanctity of their past relationship. However, if your partner has all of a sudden woke up and decided to choose violence, then dear, accept this clear sign from the Universe and move on!

10. He purposefully avoids being around you.

If you find him canceling plans whenever you are around, then, of course, he is not interested in showing up.

Maybe all your mutual contacts are planning a night out or maybe a trip together, but this guy backs out the moment he gets to know that you are coming.

Then he definitely has something going on in his mind.

Either he is way too uncomfortable in being around you, or he absolutely hates the idea of being seen together with you again.

In either case, your guy is definitely not gonna come back to you.

11. He has returned all the things you once gifted him.

Signs You Will Never Get Back Together

After an ugly break up, the worse your ex can do is to arrive at your doorstep once and hand over all the stuff that you gifted him in all these years.

I know how much time you have devoted to selecting each of these gifts. Weeks and even months of planning have gone into these curating these gifts. From DIYs to show pieces, you have literally shared a part of yourself every time you gifted him something invaluable.

However, if he has decided to return all those beautiful gifts, then most probably, he is removing all your traces from his life.

Your ex does not want a single thing around him that reminds him of you. He wants a new life where there’s no place or room for you or your memories at all!

12. He is shifting to another city/country.

Here’s another clear sign that your ex will never come back to you! Well, it is quite normal for people to move to abroad or another city after a difficult break up.

They do this intentionally. They want to move forward in life and do something for themselves- be it career, passion, education, profession or something else.

The idea is to leave behind the old life and past relationships and build a new life in their own way.

If your ex, too, is shifting to some other place, then babe, this requires no further explanation. Long-distance relationships don’t work. Let alone long-distance break ups, dude!

13. You have a strong gut feeling that he is not coming back.

Signs You Will Never Get Back Together

Deep within, you know that your ex does not want this relationship anymore. You already know that he has left you for good. You have a strong gut feeling that there’s nothing more left in this relationship.

So, why on earth are you tormenting yourself by clinging to false hopes? Why are you carrying that emotional baggage unnecessarily?

No amount of requests, pleading, planning and plotting will bring him back to you now. If your gut knows this, girl, you must listen to it!

14. Your mutual friends want you to move on.

Are your common friends pushing you to get over your ex? Do they want you to move on in life and be happy?

If yes, then most probably, they have heard or seen something substantial enough from your ex.

  • Maybe they are aware of his actions and feelings, and hence they do not want you to waste away your time waiting for him.
  • Maybe he speaks badly about you, and here you are, hoping for him to come back.
  • Maybe he is already in a rebound relationship and experiencing a passionate love life.

Trust your good friends and take their words as a sure sign to move ahead in life.

15. He is not at all jealous of you mingling with other guys.

Signs You Will Never Get Back Together

Well, so many girls try this trick to make their ex jealous and get them back in life. If you, too, are trying this tactic and seeing no result, then bub, he is genuinely not interested in you or your life anymore.

If your selfies and reels with these new guys do not bother him, or he does not at all seem disturbed by the fact that you are seeing someone new or hooking up with a new guy, then defo your ex will never come back!

16. He himself has asked you to move on in life.

Has he? And why are you so dumb that you still have the false hope of him returning to you?

I mean, if this person is clear about his preferences, does not keep you hanging, and asks you straight forward to forget this relationship, why are not you ready to embrace the truth?

Babe, I understand it’s immensely hurtful. But at least feel grateful that your ex is not playing with your feelings.

He believes in moving forward, does not want you to keep waiting, or maybe does not want you to interfere in his new relationship.

Let him go….bub! He did not deserve you in the first place!

17. He shows zero signs of regret.

Signs You Will Never Get Back Together
  • Has he texted you about how bad he is feeling right now?
  • Has he said sorry, even for once?
  • Is he, in any way, directly or indirectly, showing any sign of remorse?
  • No?

Showing no signs of regret is also one of the top signs that your ex will never come again in your life.

If he is least bothered about this break up and is completely unapologetic about the incident, then he is definitely not returning to you, honey!

18. It has been quite a long time since the two of you parted ways.

How long is too long? Well, in some cases, the love of your life can return to you after a couple of weeks or even months.

But things are not the same for everyone, right? You will have to gauge yours mindfully.

  • Did you break up a few weeks ago or just last night?
  • If it has been a long time, then has he tried to keep in touch or not?
  • Has he reached out, even if for once?
  • What’s your gut feeling, by the way?
  • Have you been wasting months after months while your ex is MIA?

Love, you need to be honest with yourself when you answer these questions. You can’t keep waiting for your ex endlessly.

If it has been too long and he has already started carving out a new life for himself, then he does not want to make this relationship work. Rather, this person has gone very far away from you, and it is up to you to pick that one sign and move ahead in life too!

What to Do Next?

By now, you must have understood that there’s no way your ex is coming back to you. So, brace yourself up, girl, and get ready for the new life ahead.

Here’s what you need to do to come out of this melancholic phase!

1. Stop stalking him online as well as offline.

We all, at some point in life, have done this! But trust me; it’s more like punishing yourself. So, once and for all, just stop!!!

Make your mind and decide in all your sanity that you, my dear, are no longer interested in whatever is happening in his life.

  • You must not follow him to his workplace or college.
  • You should not hire any private detective to find out his whereabouts.
  • You can’t keep scrolling through his “purposefully” public Insta profile to check if he is still single or not.

Grow up, girl! You deserve better.

2. Do away with everything that reminds you of him.

  • Dump all the gifts he once showered you with.
  • Delete all the photographs and videos- yep, all of ’em.
  • Get rid of that customized playlist that used to be your vibe!
  • Clear your DMs and inboxes and delete all the messages, emails, etc.

The idea is to remove even the last trace of this guy from your life forever!

3. Create a coping mechanism to deal with the situation.

Yes, you need that, honey! It is one of the most difficult phases of life that you are going through. So, create a coping mechanism that’s genuinely helpful to deal with it.

Here are a few ideas you can try!

  • Listen to any specific music that sort of uplifts and energizes you.
  • Dance the break up blues away.
  • Double down on your work/academics to keep yourself distracted and also make it big in life.
  • Visit a certified relationship coach and start taking therapy.

4. Start enjoying life once again. At least try!

It’s a bad phase, not a bad life, love! So, stop crying over your ex.

Look around; there’s so much more to life than romantic relationships. Give a pat on your back for all the things you have accomplished so far. Be proud of yourself for overcoming all the hurdles that life threw at you.

Get up, put on that cute little dress, go out and meet friends. Romanticize your life. Relish good food. Meet new people. Life, indeed, is a beauty worth enjoying and experiencing.

5. It’s not wrong to look for a new partner.

  • Did your heart just skip a beat?
  • Is the cute guy next door responsible for this?
  • Is your heart fancying a new guy?

There’s nothing wrong, and you need not be guilty about this. You have all the right in this world to prioritize your happiness.

6. Take time out for your hobbies.

Toxic relationships often push our hobbies back. And we don’t even realize how many compromises and sacrifices we are making.

But now that you are free, revisit your long-lost hobbies. Enjoy them, nurture them and work on them. And this time, never let your hobbies take a backseat. Not even for Tom Cruise!

7. Focus on your studies/work.

Don’t let a break up affect your career graph. It is time you double down on your studies/profession and give it your best shot.

That glow when you achieve something after being invincible- that shit is rare, babe!

8. Get your life completely revamped.

  • Start something that you have always wanted to do.
  • Get that makeover that you have been contemplating for so long.
  • Apply for that dream job.
  • Set out on a road trip.

In short, bring on the changes that you have been craving for so long.

Coz’ babe, this is the best time ever!

Parting Thoughts on Signs You Will Never Get Back Together

Bub, your ex has been giving you clear signs that he is not gonna come back ever! So, once and for all, just stop waiting for him.

Be practical and see the clear indication that life is throwing at you every day. There’s absolutely no benefit in trying to patch things up.

If he is not at all interested in being with you, then by waiting for him endlessly, you are doing more harm than good to yourself.

Just know that a relationship ends for a reason. It was not meant to work out ever. So, bub, it is time you get yourself together and start building your life once again.

Never, ever give anyone the right to break you into pieces. No matter how hard it feels, just keep moving. At this point, it may seem impossible. But trust me, girl, one day; you will look back and feel glad that it did not work out!

I hope this helps you, dear! Sending loads of love, light and power your way! See you soon, kiddo! xo

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Signs You Will Never Get Back Together

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