How to glow up mentally

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Ready for a mindset makeover? Let’s unlock Your Best Self and Inner Brilliance!

It’s weird to think that we’re living in a world where physical appearance takes all the limelight while the importance of mental health is completely neglected. Be it your parents, friends or others around you; people often tend to ignore one’s mental health. 

I’ve struggled with living a healthy lifestyle for years now. After years of trying and failing at it, I’ve realized that the real glow-up happens when you don’t just look flawless outside but also feel amazing on the inside. I’ve also had friends who gave their physical appearance so much importance that they forgot to nurture their souls. 

If you’re someone who is struggling with their mental glow-up, I’m here to help out. In this article, I will share some top tips for how to glow up mentally. These habits have helped me and I hope they help you too. Let’s get started. 

What is a Glow Up?

We’ve all started using this super cool term called “glow up,” but do we really understand what it means? When we usually say someone has had a glow-up, we refer to a change they must’ve made for the better. It can be in any form. Maybe someone has enhanced their skin, body, or mind — it’s all a glow-up! 

That said, what I’m going to discuss here today is glowing up mentally and emotionally. It’s all about changing your mindset, inculcating mindful habits, boosting your confidence and becoming the best and most beautiful version of yourself for yourself. 

We’re going to do this because while everybody takes care of their physical health, we don’t realize how important it is to keep a check on our mental health. If you feel unproductive, have anxiety, or feel like you do need a mental makeover, the upcoming sections are for you. So, let’s get you glowing! 

20 Top Tips for How to Glow Up Mentally

1. Make self-care your #1 priority 

The meaning of self-care is subjective. It can mean different things to different people. Think about what fills your heart with joy and schedule it. If self-care means an hour’s worth of walking for you, schedule time for walking. If self-care means spa and pampering for you, schedule it!

No matter what it may be, make sure that you add it to your schedule. Doing so will ensure that you actually take time out for yourself and allow your mind to feel content.

2. Get set, run! 

The fact that working out has good effects on your mental health is all over the place. You know it! I know it! Everybody knows it! It’s just that a lot of us don’t take it very seriously. When we exercise or do any physical activity, our body releases feel-good chemicals and shoots down hormones that make us feel anxious. 

Think of it this way – exercise makes your mind healthy, and your body automatically gets fit. It’s like a bonus. So, be it a quick walk, a yoga session for those stretches, zumba, or HIIT, just move your body as a part of your daily routine. If you enjoy dancing, you could also take up a dance class to get your feet moving and your mind swirling with joy. 

3. Treat your body the way it should be treated 

Have you ever heard elders say, “your body’s a temple”? As much as we love to disagree with them, deep inside, we all know what they’re saying is probably right. We are what we eat. It is vital to fuel your body with nutritious food. 

I’m not saying don’t eat junk, we all crave it! But, try eating less junk food and always be mindful about choosing healthy options. It’s about making a lifestyle change, and while it may sound hectic, you’ll enjoy eating healthy when you realize how it greatly impacts your mental health in a good way. So, eat healthy and stay energetic for the win!

4. Save tequila, Drink water!

how to glow up mentally


In the words of my parents, just like the solution to all my problems in life is putting my mobile on fire, the solution to all our body’s problems is drinking water. Jokes aside, dehydration can make us feel tired and hamper our productivity. Water is the elixir our mind and body need to stay active. 

So, try drinking at least eight glasses of water apart from other fluids you may consume throughout the day. You can also add cucumber, lime, or mint to your water if you want to make it yummy and fun!

5. Don’t compromise on a good night’s sleep 

how to glow up mentally

I have always struggled to choose between wanting a good amount of sleep and wanting to scroll through social media and spend hours binge-watching my favorite shows. I ended up choosing the latter more times than one could imagine. 

However, now I’m more mindful of it and ensure that I get seven to eight hours of sleep so that I can function like a normal human throughout the day. Try creating a healthy sleep schedule for yourself in order to glow up properly. 

6. Self-reflection for the win

how to glow up mentally

Reflection is an essential part of personal growth. It helps you grow in life in ways you’d never imagine. Reflecting on yourself will help you understand yourself, what you feel, and how your mind works. For me, self-reflection has helped me win against anxiety and deal with problems with a positive mindset. 

It has also helped me build stronger relationships and balance my emotions. You can practice self-reflection through journaling, meditation, or simply spending more time with yourself.

7. Hop on a social media detox 

We live in a world where we’re constantly bombarded with news and social media updates. This can lead to feelings of anxiety, comparison, or dissatisfaction more often than you’d imagine. 

I practice the art of taking regular breaks from the media to help alleviate these feelings and allow myself to focus more on myself and my well-being. Truth be told, getting away from social media for a while could be the best thing you could do for your mental health. 

8. Create a mindful morning routine

If you’re a night owl like most of us, this is highly essential for you. Create a morning routine for yourself. Try tucking yourself in early at night, and wake up on time. We often don’t realize the importance of soaking in the morning sun for flourishing mental health. 

Wake up early, and thrive around nature. Sit under the sun, start your day early, make your bed, write your thoughts on a piece of paper, practice yoga, or mindfulness, exercise, or do whatever you feel like doing. I don’t even need to say it, you will see the difference in your energy. 

Waking up early in the morning will set you ahead of most of the people around you and it will help you maintain your mental health while also ensuring you stay active and productive throughout the day. 

9. Learn to say “NO” whenever required 

It is easier said than done, but if you learn the art of saying no, you will win in life. Say no to things or people who don’t fit well with your mental well-being. Start setting boundaries and don’t feel apologetic for turning yourself into your #1 priority. 

Stop putting your time and energy into people who drain you and start investing in things that make your soul feel at peace. Saying no allows me to set boundaries and make time for things that truly matter to me, and I’m sure it will help you do the same. 

10. Practice journaling 

mental glow up

Before I went on my mental glow-up journey, I never used to journal. Oftentimes, my thoughts used to be cluttered and I did not have much clarity on various aspects of my life. However, making a habit of journaling daily turned the tables around for me.

Practicing journaling daily can prove to be incredibly therapeutic as it will allow you to declutter your thoughts and align your mind to your goals. 

Your journal should be your best friend. Imagine having a diary that knows all your secrets, fears, vulnerable thoughts, and things you’re embarrassed to tell anyone. A safe space for you to be your true self. It is as great as it sounds. Doing so will also help you introspect and work on your shortcomings. 

11. Connect yourself with nature 

Our body is synced with nature, and it is essential to ensure we stay connected to nature to become the best versions of ourselves. Once you start spending more time in nature, you will feel how your mind feels at ease. 

Take time out of your busy day to breathe in the fresh air, appreciate the natural beauty around you, and soak in the peace that comes with it. I promise you that doing so will dramatically reduce stress and help you stay at the top of your game. Even if it’s for a short while, make sure that you connect with nature every day. 

12. Use affirmations

mental glow up

They say you are what you believe yourself to be. It is not just a saying, it is a fact. When you believe something bad is going to happen to you, it is like you’re calling out the universe and manifesting negativity.

Make sure that you always say good things to yourself. Be kind to yourself before you’re kind to the world. Be your cheerleader before you cheer anyone else. 

Don’t let self-sabotaging thoughts take over your mind and make a conscious effort to say positive statements to yourself. Constantly remind yourself that you’re strong and that you’re enough. Tell yourself you’re beautiful and that your mental health is thriving.

Trust me, have faith in the process, and you will feel the universe working magic for you. Here are some beautiful affirmations for self-esteem that I found for you!

13. Maintain a progress planner

It is always good to know where you’re headed. I like to know if I’m achieving my goals and if I’m utilizing my time in the best ways possible. Track your progress. Doing so will not only help you achieve your goals faster, but it will also work as a natural booster. 

When you constantly know where you’re headed and what you’ve accomplished, it will motivate you to work harder towards your goals. Tracking your progress will also ensure that you don’t feel overwhelmed and help you feel more in control of your life.

14. Be grateful for what you have

As humans, we all tend to compare ourselves with those who have more than us. I often found myself feeling sad for not being as financially abundant as my friends were or not having things others may have.

However, in the process of feeling sorry for myself, I forgot to be grateful for what I had. We’re all god’s children and we’ve been blessed in our own unique ways. 

Don’t forget to show gratitude and be grateful for everything that you have. Doing so will shift your energies from negative thoughts to positive and affirmative thoughts. Reflecting upon how blessed you are will help you stay grounded and ensure you glow up mentally.

Be grateful for the food you have on your table or a compliment you must’ve received from a dear friend. Cherish the little things in life, and you’ll feel how it enhances your mood and upgrades your mental well-being. 

15. Don’t set unrealistic goals for yourself 

I know. We’ve all been there. I would be lying if I said I have never found myself in a situation where I’m unable to cope with the goals I set for myself. It is good to try and push your limits, but it becomes unhealthy if you constantly find yourself unable to keep up with the unrealistic expectations you have for yourself.

Sit with yourself and try to understand your capabilities. Understand how much you can do in a day. Don’t set unrealistic goals you know you won’t be able to achieve. If you do that, you will find yourself in a constant battle of thinking you’re not doing enough.

Make sure that your goals are achievable. Also, don’t forget to cherish and celebrate the small wins. Each small step you take is what will get you closer to your goals. 

16. Start meditating 

People who meditate tend to be more connected to their inner and higher selves. When you meditate, you understand yourself better in ways you would’ve never imagined. Meditating will help you gain mental clarity and peace. It will help you make the most of your present and keep you calm in stressful or unwanted situations. 

Try inculcating the habit of meditating for a few minutes every day and increasing the time at your own pace. Once you get into the routine, you will realize how meditation helps you gain mental peace. 

17. Dress like a QUEEN or a KING 

When it comes to me, my energy matches my clothing. If I’m dressed formally, I feel like a boss lady. If I’m dressed in smart casuals, I’m in a confident yet chirpy mood. If I’m not well-dressed, I don’t feel like the best version of myself. We don’t realize how dressing up impacts our mental health. 

Start dressing in ways that make you feel good. This will help you boost your confidence and boost your mood for the day. Dressing well shouldn’t be about impressing the people around you. Rather, it should be all about feeling like the best version of yourself and comfortable in your own skin. 

Here’s how to dress sexy and feel that, or how to look elegant and classy like no other person!

18. Keep your surroundings clean 

Our mind isn’t wired to function well in dirty and messy surroundings. Our surroundings have a huge impact on how our mind works. If you have a cluttered space, your mind will be cluttered too. 

Cleaning your surroundings will help your mind feel focused and organized. Moreover, if you’re someone like me, I’m sure the process of cleaning your space will prove to be a therapeutic activity for you. 

19. Start listening to productive podcasts 

If you’re not much of a reader, listening to podcasts can help you shape your mind. I’ve always struggled with reading books as I find myself getting zoned out most of the time.

This is where podcasts helped me feed my mind with the kind of knowledge, development skills, and inspiration it should be charged with. 

Go on a hunt to find podcasts that resonate with your mindset and make listening to them a part of your everyday life. Once you do, you will feel how it changes the way you think or simply puts you in a good state of mind. 

20. Spend some quality time with yourself

We come into this world as an individual and we also die alone. While you may make hundreds of friends or find people who care about you throughout your life, at the end of the day and the end of it all, you’re all you have. I learned this the hard way, but it is very important to connect with yourself. 

Spend quality time with yourself and reflect on your feelings and thoughts. Take yourself out on solo dates and do things that you thoroughly enjoy. Love yourself deeply and see how it recharges you and enhances your mental well-being. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. What does it mean to glow up mentally?

Glowing up mentally is the process of enhancing your emotional well-being. It’s about making certain changes in your life that boost your self-esteem, increase your confidence, improve your stress management skills, and cultivate an enhanced outlook on life.

2. I’m really busy. How can I fit a mental glow-up into my schedule?

Start by setting aside a small amount of time each day for self-care. This could be as simple as 10 minutes of meditation in the morning, writing in a journal, or going for a short walk on your lunch break. Every little bit adds up!

3. I’ve tried to start a mental glow-up before, but I always lose motivation. How can I stay motivated this time?

Staying motivated can be challenging, especially when you’re trying to make major changes. Try to start with small, achievable goals and gradually work your way up. Also, remember that progress isn’t always linear — it’s okay to have ups and downs.

Don’t forget that while you must give your 100%, your 100% may not look the same every day. Cherish your successes, and don’t beat yourself up over minor setbacks.

4. I feel overwhelmed by all the different ways to glow up mentally. Where should I start?

We’re all humans, my darling. It’s completely okay to feel overwhelmed. A mental glow-up is a personal journey, and there’s no right or wrong way to do it. Start by choosing one or two tips that resonate with you. Once you feel comfortable with those, you can gradually add more habits and changes to your routine.

Summing it Up – How to glow up mentally

A mental glow-up isn’t a one day’s task. It isn’t something you can simply get done with. Instead, it is a long and consistent journey of personal growth. If you want to glow up mentally, you will have to nurture yourself emotionally and mentally. You will have to make lifestyle changes that align with your goals and aspirations. 

Don’t forget that it is not what you’ve achieved that matters, it is the right intention and will that will set you apart. While this piece has been inspired by my mental glow-up journey, remember that it is a personal process and it is not necessary for everything to work for you.

Consider these tips as a roadmap to get a headstart and do whatever feels right to your mind and soul. I’ll see you in the next blog!

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How to glow up mentally

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