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Feeling stuck in a rut? It’s time to shake things up and learn how to make everyday count!

Life can get really overwhelming at times. With the presence of social media and the internet, where everyone poses and claims to have a good life, it’s easy to lose yourself. All of a sudden, you start feeling stuck. Having low productivity levels and mood swings becomes the new normal for you.

If you find yourself losing interest in things you used to enjoy once, if everyday life starts feeling more like a struggle to just “Live,” then it’s time to make some changes in your lifestyle. Trust me, dear! These little changes can bring on drastic changes to your life and make it MUCH better!

Life is different for this generation, darling! We are just a bunch of people trying to prove ourselves to be happy. But the truth is the other way around. We all have our fair share of struggles, ups and downs. And people might find it hard to believe, but it can be rather difficult to break this monotonous cycle of life. But the only solution to come out of this phase is to do things that actually count! 

If this situation resonates with your current life situation, babe, I have got your back! Your girl is here to help you figure out ways to make everyday count!  

Hold tight and read on!

Why Should You Make EveryDay Count? 

It’s easy to get through the day with the mindset of surviving it. However, if you change your mindset and intent to live life fully, you will find yourself feeling so much happier, more satisfied and more productive. Making every day count is an important factor in keeping your mental health in check. When you do things that are stimulating and rewarding, you will see the true meaning of your existence.  

The mundane routine of your tireless life is exhausting, physically and mentally, but looking for new ways to make everyday count will bring some freshness into your life. All it takes is for you to set your mind to it and tell yourself that you have to implement some changes in your lifestyle.

Take tiny-winy, baby steps toward a healthier and more rewarding schedule, and eventually, there will be a notable change in your personality. You will evidently feel more pleasant, be kinder and overall happier.  

Prepare yourself to make changes mentally and keep an open mind as you go ahead, I am here to help you get a hold of your life again! 

8 Easy Yet Impactful Ways to Make EveryDay Count! 

1. schedule your sleeping, you beauty! 

It must start from square one. And by square one, I mean your sleep!

It can be difficult to fix your sleep schedule right away, but it is vital that you do it. Going to bed at a reasonable time and waking up early will help you build a positive mindset. The idea here is not to waste too much time during the day sleeping. When you’re up early, you feel fresh and motivated to take on the challenges of the day!

Make sure not to spend time on your phone as soon you’re up; that can potentially kill your motivation and productivity. You can have a calming, soothing morning routine to start your day on a great note! 

2. make and tick your To-do list 

While you’re still motivated, whip out your log and make a to-do list. Make sure to add an activity that you enjoy earlier in the day so you are able to conquer the rest of the day with a smile on your face! Be it exercising, journaling, filming video content, reading a book or something else, spend at least half an hour doing an activity that you enjoy and then eventually, you can move on to more monotonous jobs like cleaning and running errands.  

Importantly, a to-do list allows you to have an outline of all the important things you want to accomplish and that can help you feel more productive right off the bat!  

And girl, never ever make your to-do list boring. Add work and fun both to this list and spice up your life while making ends meet!

3. get your Eating habits in order 

A big part of you is what you eat. Naturally, you might not get accustomed to eating healthy right away, but small healthy additions to your diet are still very impactful. Knowing that you are appreciating your body and treating it with care by eating healthy is a rewarding feeling that will go a long way. 

One of the best ways to make everyday count is by treating yourself right. So eat healthily and stay fit. The best way to reclaim control of your life is by choosing to eat good food. Push yourself to have home-cooked meals.

Do you know that cooking is a great stress buster? Mixing those condiments and spices into colorful veggies and other ingredients to whip up a delicious meal can be totally soul-satisfying. And this will not just enhance your cooking skills but also help you lead a healthy life and keep so many diseases at bay.  

4. find ways to Enjoy every (small) moment 

I know, I know, it’s easier said than done!

But enjoying every passing moment of your day, trying to see the joy in little things, really will help lighten the invincible loads off your shoulder. You might not always have the time to appreciate the flowers by the sidewalk.

So if you sometimes do have the time, appreciate the little things and allow yourself to smile more often. In fact, put in those extra efforts to notice the beauty of life, just like you are ready to go the extra mile to bag that career opportunity.

Changing your perspective and seeing the world around you in different layers it has will depend on your thought processes and require consistent efforts. You will have to put in the real effort until it gets wired into your system.

Making your day count doesn’t have to mean accomplishing big heavy-duty tasks, it can also mean just taking a walk and breathing in the fresh air, appreciating nature, or even just enjoying the company of your friends or family. (Here are some fun things to do with friends to enjoy one heck of an evening!)

Make it a point to feel, experience and live at least one moment every day that makes you feel fulfilled because what matters at the end of the day is that when you look back, you feel happy about it.  

5. make space for Learning new things  

The only way you can make meaningful changes in your life is by expanding your horizon of information. From picking up a new hobby to reading a book, depending on your interests, urge yourself to involve in learning new things. To keep from overwhelming yourself, getting tired and quitting, try to start off small and very slowly ease into more intense learning experiences. 

The goal is to find new things that appeal to your interest. There might be hobbies and interests that you haven’t pursued because of societal judgment. Maybe you did not get enough time to upskill. But it’s time to break past those past patterns and learn things that brings in benefits as well as a sense of accomplishment to you.

Remember that as a human being, there’s no end to your learning. Don’t while away your life by being stagnant. Instead, upskill and enhance your portfolio; try new hobbies such as painting, mandala art, resin art, driving a mountain bike, hoolahooping and whatnot!

6. Giving back to others  

how to make every day count

Have you felt that sudden rush of fulfillment and joy when you help someone? That is the most important part of making everyday count. 

We can either make the choice of living a selfish and unfulfilling life, or we can decide to be individuals who are kind and generous. This doesn’t mean that you have to indulge in frequent charity. It can be something as simple as helping someone cross the street or stopping to help someone who’s dropped their belongings on the sidewalk. 

7. Tone down the use of technology 

how to make every day count

Well, it might feel that technology has almost overtaken our lives, but darling, trust me, cutting off technology and setting a cap is the best way to make everyday count. 

You can either curl up in a corner and scroll away your time, or you can get up, be ready and take on life. Limit your dependence on technology for work purposes and minimal entertainment. Do not get dependent on modern tech to such an extent that your life seems incomplete when the WiFi is down.

When you look away from technology, you will see there is so much in life to discover. There are many undiscovered adventures that you want to indulge in but are restricted because of a shortage of time. Your undying need to be occupied with technology is eating up your precious time, bub.

Ditching technology may look unappealing to you. But start small, and you will realize that living a tech-free life is possible. Set goals for yourself about how long you will let yourself stay on your phone. Cut down on your tech dependence for entertainment. Be old school and rely on stationeries when possible. Enjoy barbeque grilling instead of microwaving your meals.

Once you loosen your ties with technology, you will feel much more rejuvenated, fresh and free. Also, your physical and mental health will get improved to a great extent.

8. Choose your social circle consciously

how to make everyday count

The people you surround yourself with do have a significant impact on your life. Directly or indirectly, they influence your actions and thought process. Start with distancing yourself from toxic people. If you feel like there are some people who are bringing you down, making you less productive and harming your mental health, know that it’s time to move away from these people.

Also, surround yourself with like-minded people. And be around people who inspire you, make you feel alive, and have your back.

I totally understand that this is a hard decision to make. But deep down, you know it’s the right one. Stand up for yourself and put yourself first when it comes to choosing your close ones. Make your day count by spending it around people who cherish and appreciate the true you as much as you love and respect them. 

other small ways to make every day count

how to make everyday count

9. Smile at a stranger

There’s so much love and kindness to give out and smiling at a total stranger while you do whatever you are doing feels so darn fulfilling and cute. And you have no idea how bad of a day the other person may be having and your one small gesture could really put a smile on their face!

10. Start your day with positive affirmations

As big of a sucker I am for manifestation and us having the power to make our dreams come alive, I know speaking or writing positive affirmations at the beginning or at the end of the day can really open the gates of happiness that no one ever thought were there.

Five of my favorite affirmations are –

  • I am the luckiest, most blessed person on this planet.
  • Everything I touch turns into gold.
  • I am super grateful for everything I already have and everything I am about to receive today, tomorrow, and forever.
  • I am my true self in whatever deed I do, and that’s what makes me the happiest person alive.
  • I love myself like no one can ever do. I love my body, my face, my features, my healthy organs, everything. I embrace it and am thankful for all that.

How easy, right?

11. Wear something that makes you feel good

Just like a good hair day, there has to be slang for the feeling when you’re outfit is on point sexy and you feel like the prettiest biatch alive, isn’t it? It just feels so good that it could easily make that day count for me!

12. Get out of your comfort zone

Trying something you’ve never done before or spending time in an unfamiliar environment can help open your mind to new possibilities and make the day memorable. Ever gone on a solo date? Flirted with a guy? Made a new dish you have never tried before?

There are just so many things and such a short life!

Practice gratitude

Make an effort to recognize all that you’re grateful for in any given moment and think about how lucky you are for the amazing things in life – this will help bring more joy into the day! I’m sure even when you think you have nothing, you still would have millions of things that others might be crying for. It’s just about the perspective, love!

Final Thoughts on Making Everyday Count! 

Bub, you are a beautiful soul that deserves to live a fulfilling life. The only thing stopping you from being the best version of yourself is you. So make up your mind and implement changes that will improve your lifestyle forever. These little yet impactful and healthy habits will make you a happier, smarter and healthier human.

You will find yourself enjoying life again, and that is what matters. Rediscover your passions and carve your path towards a successful future that you have envisioned for yourself. 

Don’t forget that your lifestyle changes will benefit not only you but also the people around you. Only when you are satisfied and happy with your life can you make efforts to help your loved ones get out of their monotonous routines? So, first, fill your cup before refilling others’. 

Babe, you deserve to live a life that you remember, and you can do so by implementing these small changes. Don’t wait for the right time, as your moment begins NOW! 

So smile more often, do things you enjoy, learn new things and just be happy ‘coz life is short, and you won’t get back the time that slips through your hand.

So, what are you waiting for? Go out there and make everyday count! 

See ya’ll super soon! Toodles!

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