how to reset your life

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Ready to make a change in your life? How about resetting your life & taking control of it with these simple yet powerful strategies? Sounds great!

Life is not a bed of roses always. In fact, there will be times when it gets way too overbearing. You may feel that nothing is going the way you want. There will be a constant feeling of being stuck. When frustration takes over and nothing seems right, our soul craves a reset!

But I wish starting afresh were so easy! 

I mean, there’s no eraser that we used in our childhood to erase our mistakes and rewrite stuff!

There’s no button that we can press to reset our life in the blink of an eye. 

The situation does look hopeless and dreary. Several thoughts will come floating to your mind, mostly negative ones. They will keep you discouraged from taking that leap of faith.

But this does not at all mean that you have hit rock bottom. As Richie Norton once said, “Every sunset is an opportunity to reset.”

With a bit of caution and guidance, you, too, can reset your life and come out of the messy situation with grace. I have had my fair share of experiences where I felt that my life would go nowhere else. But with my mommie’s support, backed by robust willpower, I did reset my life, and by Almighty’s grace, it was my best decision ever. 

So, if you are feeling stranded in the middle of nowhere, don’t worry, girl! I have got your back. 

Will share some of the best actionable tips that you can leverage to reset your life and create the life that you have always dreamt of. 

So, grab a cup of coffee and start reading!

How to reset your life for good!

1. Start with decluttering your place.

how to reset your life

Nothing feels as therapeutic as cleaning and organizing your place. So, start with decluttering your place to remove all the clogged energies and negativities around. 

Consider it as a stepping stone towards resetting your entire life. Discard stuff that no longer serves your purpose. Donate old clothes to needy people. Clean your email inbox. Organize your kitchen cabinets. Clean your workspace and add a little aesthetic touch to it. 

I would also suggest you delete old photos and videos that you do not need in your life. There’s no use in holding onto certain things that bring only pain and discomfort to your tiny little heart. 

2. Incorporate positive habits into your everyday routine.

how to reset life

Positive habits come in handy when you are starting afresh. They add to your physical and mental well-being, thereby keeping you happy, energized and motivated. 

Don’t force yourself too much, though. Rather, take baby steps towards developing certain habits.

  • You can start by crafting your ideal morning and nighttime rituals. And to achieve that much-coveted peace of mind, you can meditate for at least 30 minutes a day. 
  • Also, make sure you work out for at least one hour every day to stay fit and active. 
  • Feed your mind with knowledge, and for this, you can start reading books. Choose subject areas of your interest, such as motivation, entrepreneurship, positive mindset, etc. 
  • Journaling, too, can turn out to be a great habit for you. Pour your heart out on a piece of paper. Write affirmations every day. 
  • Consume at least 8 glasses of water every day and keep yourself hydrated from within.
  • Also, eat freshly prepared, home-cooked meals instead of gorging on junk food all the time. In the long run, they only deteriorate your health. 

3. Prepare an elaborate goal and start working on it.

resetting your life

Resetting your life requires you to set new goals. Introspect and decide on areas where you feel you need to work and bring on improvement. 

Ensure that your goals are driven by your passion and interest. Also, they should be realistic, manageable and achievable. It is best to allocate deadlines to your goals so that you do not keep postponing them. 

And once you are done charting out your professional and personal goals, write down the plans that you need to work on to attain each of these goals.

Remember, you need to stick to your goals if you wish to change your life for the better.

4. Disconnect with things and people who bring out the worst in you.

how to restart your life

Babe, I am sure you have certain people in your life who only bring on negative vibes into your life. They never seem to be happy with whatever you do. They will always judge you for your life decisions and try to bring you down directly or indirectly.

You will often get to know from others that these people talk behind your back. 

Darling! Here’s the biggest truth bomb I am dropping for you-


If some people find you over-ambitious, emotional or too professional, then change your circle. Surround yourself with people who match your vibe. Interacting with them will fill you with positivity and add to your knowledge and dreams.

Similarly, there will be certain things that only bring back bad memories. Discard them. You are resetting your entire life, girl! There is no need to carry that baggage along.

5. Explore your creative side.

restarting life

Remember that painting you drew when you were just 16? It is now kept in the store room, covered with layers of dust. You were so passionate about painting. And boom! All of a sudden, life happened. And you lost touch with your creative side.

Now that you are starting afresh, welcome her back once again in your life. Do not bury your passion deep inside.
Start exploring a hobby that lets you express creatively and keeps you happy. 

6. Love yourself more than anything else.

restarting your life

When was the last time you fell in love with yourself? I am sure you don’t remember!

Loving yourself is mandatory if you are resetting your life. Care for yourself. Pamper your skin and hair. Treat yourself to gifts, goodies and things you enjoy. Go out on solo dates. 

In short, do everything that makes you feel good and surround yourself with positive vibes. 

7. Rely on a close person for all-encompassing.

reboot life

Seek help from your mom, or maybe your bestie or your spouse. Asking for help will never make you weak. Seek emotional support. Talk to them and open up about your biggest nightmare, achievements and failures. Cry in front of them. Laugh with them. Bring down that wall which you have built around you and go unguarded to these persons. They won’t hurt you. Their support will heal you from within and help you grow through this transforming phase of life. 

8. Go for a social detox.

how to reset your life

Social media has become an integral part of your lives. We have followers, friends, subscribers and connections across different social media platforms. 

Now that you are resetting your life, it is high time you evaluate your social media fam as well!

I would suggest you declutter your social media by unfollowing, unfriending and removing connections. Get rid of everyone who doesn’t add to your joy or excitement. Feel free to unfollow them if their content makes you cringe, insecure or irritated. Remove them from social media if they are no more in your life.

Believe me! Doing this social media detox once in a while will declutter your mind and remove a huge load from your mind. Just try, and you will understand what I am trying to say here!

9. Let go of your past.

how to reset your life

Dwelling in your past will never allow you to reset your life completely. So, forget all the hardships and painful memories of the past and leave the negative baggage behind. Focus on your present and plan your future. 

Clinging to your past is a sign that you are still not ready for the reset. So, treat your past like an ex of yours and move on in life. You do not have to cry over spilled milk all your life. Instead, look for a brighter present and a better future. 

10. Embrace your flaws and imperfections.

how to reset your life

Babe, you must understand that we all are born with certain flaws. Now that you are starting afresh, girl, I want you to embrace your imperfections. I know it is easier said than done. Society never leaves us alone and keeps on reminding us about our flaws. However, if we accept ourselves as we are, no one else will ever get to hurt us.

Take your time and make conscious efforts to accept who you are. Your life will become much more beautiful once you fall in love with your own imperfections. 

Parting Thoughts on how to reset your life

Starting over in life sounds quite scary. But it can be one of the best decisions of your life if done right. 10 or 15 years down the lane, when you will look back, you will feel super proud of your younger self who took this courageous and bold decision. 

Hey, pretty lady! Now that you have read this entire post, you must be aware that resetting life is not an impossible or far-fetched task. You know, it’s never too late! 

If you have been planning to reset your life quite for a while now, you can follow the tips and hacks I have shared. I have done all of these personally and experienced life-changing results. And that’s why I am so sure that if I have done this, then you too can achieve this feat easily.

Just have faith in yourself and God, and go for it!

Sending loads of love and strength your way……

See ya!

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how to reset your life

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