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Don’t spend another Friday night feeling lonely and bored – check out these activities that will keep you entertained all night long!

‍It’s Friday night, and you have no one to hang out with? Don’t worry; you can still make the most of your night because the only thing you need to have fun is YOU and your element.

Even though most people would probably love to have plans every night of the week, there’s just something special about having nothing planned and being totally free to do whatever you want. I, of all people, look forward to a Friday night that is all reserved for me.

Here are 41 things to do on a Friday night when you’re feeling adventurous and don’t want to spend another evening watching Netflix by yourself. 🙂 Enjoy!

What to do when alone on Friday night?

1. Experiment with a new recipe

when alone on a friday night

Cooking is a great way to spend your time when alone on a Friday night. Not only does it keep you occupied and focused, but it can also be a relaxing and therapeutic activity. And don’t worry if you have never cooked or don’t know where to start. Just search for the easiest *your favorite dish* recipe, and you’ll be sorted for a chill weekend.

2. Do some cleaning

If you don’t have anything on your mind but cleaning, then this is the perfect thing for you to do when feeling a little blue. Cleaning is a great way to eliminate negative energy, make space for abundance and good vibes, and keep your mind busy.

Start by cleaning your room and then the bigger areas. Not in the mood for that too? Try doing a mini cleanse! You can clean up your desk, organize your makeup, kitchen counter, or living room table. You can vacuum, dust, and mop the floor. You can also do some laundry or clean up your bathroom.

3. Take a long relaxing bath

when alone on a friday night

I think it’s time to bring out your bath bombs, oils, soaps, and all the candles because you’re finally alone on a Friday night!

Unwind your week by taking a super long, relaxing hot water bath that can help clear your mind and calm it down. Shave your body, do at-home chemical peels, and add different oils and fragrances to your bathtub, and you’ll be in for one of the best nights of your life!

4. take yourself out on a date

Being alone on a Friday night can feel daunting and depressing, especially when all your friends are out on dates. But wait, you can go on a date too – with yourself!

Oh please, don’t even think how lame it is if you haven’t done it yet. Solo dates can be incredibly liberating and empowering. You don’t have to worry about impressing anyone or making small talk when you’re by yourself. Now that’s a reason worth looking forward to!

Plus, you get to choose exactly what you want to do. Whether exploring a new restaurant, going to a museum, or just taking a stroll through the park, solo dates are the perfect opportunity to do.

5. Create a vision board

what to do on a friday night alone

What’s better than creating something that could make your dream life come alive? Whether it’s luxuries, a nice car, a special person, or anything in the world, you could manifest everything into reality by creating a vision board.

Either digitally on apps like Canva or physically on a board with a collage of images, words, and quotes closely related to how your dream life would look, you could go as creative as you want to. It helps you visualize all the good things so that you can always feel motivated to make it work.

I created my vision board for the next year, and it’s already coming true!

6. Plan outfits for the upcoming week

Let me get you in on a little secret – I purposely plan and keep all my outfits for the next week on a Sunday night so that I do not have to wake up and stare at my wardrobe blankly every morning for 20 minutes (it’s my little secret of looking stylish all the dang time). I could use that time to sleep in my cozy blanket a little extra, you know.

Not only it helps me save time and avoid fashion crises at the office, but it also makes my creative juices flow. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t wanna be the best-dressed person everywhere?

7. Practice gratitude

what to do on a friday night alone

As a firm believer in manifesting dreams into reality, I know for sure that being grateful for everything you have is only gonna bring you more of that and other things. There’s nothing easier and more fruitful than this.

Take a pen and paper and start listing all the things you are thankful for. Trust me, there are sooooo many things you have that other people are struggling for – a roof, your healthy, working organs, beautiful breaths, clothes, internet, and all the other luxuries. You must be grateful for what you have to attract what you want. It’s the universe’s first rule!

8. treat yourself to shopping

Something about going shopping alone on a Friday night is both exhilarating and calming. It sure is a little therapy session you’ll adore. With no one to hurry you along or give their opinion, you can take your time browsing the racks and trying on clothes until you find the perfect outfit.

Of course, not recommended for people like me who always go out of the budget and shop 4 times a week. Don’t find a reason, you guys!

9. Create your monthly expense budget

things to do alone at night

There’s no better feeling than being in control of your finances and knowing tidbits of money. Believe me or not but having a solid sense of your pennies can make you feel like the king of your home.

And honestly, there are high chances that you’ll start thinking about living with your parents again, lol, but that’s where creating a budget and making adjustments will come into play. Also, you have to do it one day, so why not make it today?

10. Give yourself an at-home facial

One enjoyable way to spend Friday night alone is to give yourself a soothing, rejuvenating facial so you can make your skin glow overnight without going broke.

You can start by washing your face with a gentle cleanser and warm water. Then, use an exfoliating peel or scrub to shoo away the dead skin cells. Next, apply a hydrating mask tailored to your skin type. Finally, finish with a moisturizer to help keep your skin hydrated. Home facials can be a fun and easy way to pamper yourself and give your skin some extra love.

11. Try out some new dating apps

bored on a friday night

There are plenty of people out there who are just like you, and there are a bunch of ways to meet them. One great way is to try out some new dating apps. With so many options, you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. And who knows? You might just meet that special someone you’ve been looking for. So don’t spend another Friday night feeling sorry for yourself. Get out there and start meeting new people!

12. Listen to music

If you’re looking for things to do on a Friday night alone, listening to music can be a great way to relax and unwind. You can choose to listen to your favorite music for the rest of the evening or try listening to music that makes you feel good.

You can also try exploring different music genres, especially if you are new to them. Making a playlist with all your favorite songs can also be a great way to enjoy and learn more about music.

13. Enjoy with your pet

alone on a friday night

Alone on Friday night, wondering what to do? Why not spend some quality time with your pet? Whether you have a dog, cat, or something else, spending time with your furry friend can be a great way to relax and enjoy yourself.

And you may not know this, but you literally need to talk to your friends and play with them. Just being there with them all day is not enough. And pets also need your 100% attention.

You are alone, they are alone, and what is a better time to cuddle them like no tomorrow? Take your pet for a walk, play games, or just talk to them about what’s going on in your life. You both will create some great memories for sure 😉

14. Paint your nails

I mean, what is a girl supposed to do when alone on a Friday night? Getting a fresh manicure or painting them at home could be your favorite time pass! Not only is it fun and creative, but it can also make you feel more put-together and confident.

And who knows? Maybe you’ll even discover a new color or design that you love. Short nails or french tip design, there are soooooo many fun designs to work with!

15. Take yourself on a mini vacation

Friday nights are often a time to let loose and have fun. However, sometimes alone time is just what the doctor ordered. If you need a break from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life, why not take a day trip to a nearby city or town? You can explore new shops and stroll through quaint streets.

16. Make a homemade pizza

things to do on friday night

Of course, you can try any new recipe, but have you ever tried a pizza before? If not, this is your cue! Making homemade pizza is an ideal way to get your weekend off to an amazing start. It’s a fun activity that allows your creativity to shine while satisfying your craving for cheesy goodness.

Best of all, you can customize the toppings however you like. Put on some of your favorite tunes, grab some flour and tomatoes, and get to work! There’s nothing more rewarding than creating something delicious with your own hands, so don’t wait any longer – try it out tonight and let me know how it goes!

17. Go stargazing

If you’re ever feeling a bit lonely on a Friday night, instead of rolling over and vegging out in front of the TV all night – get your butt outside! You won’t regret taking some time to yourself to enjoy the twinkling dots.

Stargazing can be an incredibly soothing and spiritual experience – it helps us gain perspective on our life and think magnificently bigger than what’s going on inside our own homes. And plus, it looks way cooler than just sitting around the house.

18. Write a letter to a friend

Calls and memes are fine, but if you have someone you’d like to tell how much they mean to you, a heartfelt letter is not old-school. In times of 1-second messages and emojis, you can gift something to your friends that they’ll actually want to preserve.

19. Have a picnic in your living room

Believe me when I say there is no better way to lift your spirits than having a picnic in your living room. Not only is it an excellent excuse to break out the wine, but it will also give you an opportunity to enjoy the most important person in your life – yourself!

You can create a chill atmosphere with soft music, dim lighting, and candles. Watch some of your favorite films or gaze out of your window, dreaming about all the wonderful possibilities in life you could one day experience.

And who said picnics were just for the outdoors? Spreading a blanket on the floor just adds a plus vibe to the occasion. So grab some food, fire up that movie and have yourself a party of one at home this Friday night!

20. Play tourist and walk around your city/town

fun things to do by yourself

Instead of just sitting around waiting for something to happen, make your own adventure by taking a walk around different neighborhoods and discovering hidden gems.

Even if you lived in your city for 40 years, you still wouldn’t know what all a little place on earth can have. Who knows, you may even stumble upon some cool street performers! Make like a kid in a candy store, take photos galore and experience the ultimate tourist thrill without leaving home. It’ll be the perfect escape from reality!

21. Catch up on some sleep

What’s the absolute best thing to do on a Friday night? Shut your eyes and doze off! Let all the tiredness and stress meltdown, and try to compensate for all the lost sleep over the week.

Hold those blankets tight, and just don’t move out. It feels nice to trim the worry down on some days. Not to forget, lesser dark circles and better-looking skin are just a bonus!

22. paint or draw

fun things to do on a friday night

If you’re ever at a loss as to how to make use of your Friday night, why not take up painting or drawing? Not only can it be a fun and creative outlet, but it’s also an opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone and challenge yourself.

Plus, some studies have even suggested that practicing visual arts is associated with increased happiness levels. So why not trade in the typical movie and popcorn combo for a brush and canvas? When you’re done, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the beauty of your works—and maybe even turn out as the next Picasso or Monet!

And if you have absolutely no idea about what all things to draw when bored, here are some genius ideas you might want to check out!

23. Call your parents

Friday nights are usually reserved for friends and parties. But if you are alone, a simple phone call to your parents can open up many exciting possibilities. Not only will it give you a chance to catch up and find out what’s going on with them, but it could even be the start of an unexpected hang sesh.

And honestly, when was the last time you asked your parents if they had any plans for the weekend? They might not always fill you in on every detail, but it never hurts to make sure they don’t need a little extra help or company.

So pick up that phone, 2-2-double-0, and give your folks a buzz – you know they love hearing from their special someone!

24. Make your own spa day

fun things to do on a friday night

Friday night should be the perfect time to pamper yourself and ease into a stress-free weekend. When you’re home alone for the evening, make it special by treating yourself to a spa day! Indulging in soaking your body in some quality bubble bath, lounging in a face mask for hours, lighting some aromatherapy candles – that’s a formula for relaxation.

And don’t forget to rub those toesies with a good foot scrub – you deserve that much! Not only will you feel emotionally calm and zen thanks to your cozy spa treatments, but you’ll also look ah-mazing afterward.

25. Have a solo dance party

One of my favorite things to do by myself is having a solo dance party – and let me tell ya, it’s the next best thing since sliced bread. All you need is your favorite music, and your favorite moves, and you’re ready to get that body moving. Even if you don’t consider yourself a great dancer – who cares?

Plus, some good ol’ booty shaking has been known to brighten up even the gloomiest of days. So crank up your favorite tunes and let loose! No one’s watching, so you can really let your hair down (literally and figuratively).

26. Visit a new museum or art gallery

Ya ya, most of you will be rolling your eyes at this idea but hear me out. One reason to visit a museum when alone on a Friday night is that your ass needs to get out of the couch and comfort zone. Second, not only will you have the chance to learn something new, but you’ll also get to enjoy some peace. And maybe you’ll meet a hottie there as well!

27. Go for a hike in the nearest park

things to do when home alone

The fresh air will do you good, and you can enjoy the quiet of being alone. Wear comfortable shoes, a cute hiking outfit, and bring a bottle of water with you. Exploring the trails in your local park is a great way to exercise and appreciate nature’s beauty.

Be sure to take your time and enjoy the scenery. If you see something interesting, take a picture or sit down and enjoy the view. Hiking is a great way to clear your mind and relax. So if you’re feeling stressed, go for a hike and let nature do its work.

28. Head to the beach at night

Friday night, alone at the beach. The waves are louder at night, and their sound is more calming. The sand is cold, but it’s comfortable. The moonlight brightens everything up. You will be alone but still so full at heart. When you’ll close your eyes and listen to the sound of the waves crashing against the shore, you will feel a sense of absolute peace.

You can just relax and be alone with your thoughts. You can breathe in the salt air and let out a deep breath. It feels good to be alone on a Friday night when you are at the beach.

29. Get lost in a good book

You can choose to read a new book that you’ve wanted to read or reread an old favorite. You can also use this evening to catch up on the books you’ve been meaning to read. To make the most of your reading time, you can try reading somewhere comfy. You can also try reading outside. While reading outside, you can also catch some fresh air simultaneously.

30. Go for a walk or run outside

what to do alone

The easiest way to unwind on a Friday evening? Walk, walk, walk! You can go for a walk anywhere you like, whether it be in your neighborhood or near the beach.

Walking is one of the best ways to keep your mind and body healthy. It can also be a great way to clear your head and relax. Walking can be a therapeutic activity that helps you relax and recharge after a long week.

If you are new to walking, try walking for 30 minutes. You can either go on a walk alone or with a friend or family member. You can also try taking different routes to make walking more interesting.

31. Learn something new

Learning something new is a great way to keep yourself busy. You can learn a new language, skill, or even sport. You can also try taking an online course or reading a new book related to a topic you are interested in. This can be a great way to challenge yourself and learn something new. If you are a beginner, you can also try getting help from a tutor.

32. Work on a project

Whether it’s starting that blog, you’ve always wanted to write or finally finishing that DIY project you started months ago, using some alone time to focus on something you’re passionate about can be very satisfying.

33. Make some popcorn and settle in for a movie marathon

alone friday night

You can try watching a movie if you are low on inspiration and want to do nothing on your Friday night. Watching movies can be a great way to kill time. Either it’s a new launch or something you’ve seen thousand times, a good movie time always pleases you!

You can also try watching a TV show you’ve been meaning to watch. You can try creating a themed atmosphere if you are watching a movie alone.

34. Write in a journal

If you find yourself stuck home on a Friday night with seemingly nothing to do, why not make some time for self-reflection and write in a journal? It doesn’t matter if you write it longhand, type it up, or dictate – all that matters is that you’re taking the time to document what’s on your mind.

The more you become aware of who you are and what you want, you will alight something inside of yourself no one can reach. Plus, when things pick up, and life starts to move again, it will be nice to have those reflective thoughts from when it was just you and the quiet of being alone. Think of it as a little present to your past—or future—self!

35. Take some time to organize and declutter your space

fun friday night

Friday nights are special, no matter what you’re doing. So don’t waste them wallowing in boredom or scrolling through your phone, use this valuable solo time to declutter and organize! Whether it’s deep-cleaning your closet, sorting out that stack of papers on your desk or revamping the pantry, organizing will not only help to reclaim a little order in your life but can actually be quite therapeutic too.

Plus, who doesn’t feel like a badass after giving their space some TLC? Take it from me—you’ll feel refreshed and invigorated come Saturday morning!

36. Rent bikes and cycle around town

There’s nothing quite like exploring a new town or city on two wheels. The wind in your hair, the sun on your face, and the freedom to go where ever you want – it’s hard to beat. And if you’re alone on a Friday night, what better way to see the sights than by renting a bike and going for a spin?

You might be surprised at how much there is to see, and you’ll definitely get a workout in too. So next time you’re looking for something to do on a Friday night, why not rent a bike and go exploring?

37. maybe try a new restaurant

Is there a new restaurant in town you wanna hit? It can be a lot of fun to eat by yourself. You can take your time to savor each bite, and you don’t have to worry about making small talk with your dining companions. Plus, you can get exactly what you want from the menu without compromising someone else’s dietary preferences. Dream!!

38. Try to know and learn about new languages

Things To Do When Alone On A Friday Night

When alone on a Friday night, you might find yourself flipping through TV channels or scrolling through social media. But what if you took this opportunity to learn something new? Pick up a book on a language you’ve always wanted to learn or download a language-learning app onto your phone.

Just a few minutes of study each day can rapidly improve your skills. And who knows? Someday you might find yourself in a foreign country, feeling confident and comfortable as you navigate your way around easily.

39. Make a list of the things you want to achieve in future

With the hustle and bustle of the modern world, making time to take stock of what’s really important to us can be difficult. That’s why Fridays can be a perfect opportunity to get off your own personal hamster wheel and create a list of things you want to achieve in the future.

Take that Friday night for yourself, grab a cuppa joe and a comfy cushion, draw up some ideas about where you want to be in life, and write down some creative strategies for how you’re going to get there. Give yourself permission to dream–it doesn’t have to be practical or even achievable, it just has to make your heart sing!

Then when all this is done, don’t forget to reward yourself with something that indulges you– there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself every now and then.

40. Make a vlogging video

Things To Do When Alone On A Friday Night

No one to talk to? Guess YOU come into the play yet again! Because it’s time for your first vlog! Set up your camera, hit record, and start sharing your thoughts and experiences with the world or a couple of friends on Snapchat.

Whether you’re talking about your day, sharing a new recipe, or giving your followers a behind-the-scenes look at your life, vlogging is a great way to connect with people from all over the globe. And who knows, maybe your Friday night vlog will just cheer up someone else who’s feeling lonely.

41. Invite a friend

If you still feel lonely on Friday night, I mean, the last resort has to be inviting someone over. And let’s be honest, it’s been a while since you’ve hung out. And those gossip and laughs do have pixie dust magic in them that can instantly brighten up the mood, making you forget all about your troubles.

Conclusion on what to do when alone on a Friday night

There are worse things in life than being single on a Friday night. In fact, there are plenty of things you can do to make the most of your evening without feeling blue. From trying out a new recipe to getting organized, these 41 things will help you make the most of your time alone. So next time you wonder what to do on a Friday night, remember that being solo doesn’t have to be boring.

There’s so much opportunity for self-care and growth when you’re by yourself! Make sure to give yourself permission to relax, and don’t feel guilty if you spend a few hours doing something that isn’t productive. You deserve some time to yourself, and solo activities are a great way to relax and unwind.

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