How To Glow Up After A Breakup

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Taking care of yourself should always be a priority, especially while you’re thinking of how to glow up after a breakup.

Breakups are sad and definitely not easy. I mean, who likes to get their heart broken? Who likes their trust to be broken? And who likes to build a higher wall to guard their soul better than before? 

Now break up can be consensual or terrible. You guys could either have a mutual, mature, smart breakup that doesn’t destroy you mentally and emotionally. Or you could have a terrible breakup where someone either cheated, ghosted, or made intolerable remarks about you. In the latter case, if you truly loved the person, you know it pains in the heart. The feeling is debilitating!

This kind of breakup makes you question your own self-worth. Which my love is normal when you get out of toxic relationships.

But what’s the best way to give him a nice punch in his face (without actually punching him)?

Glowing up like a queen!

Adding positive changes to your mental health as well as physical appearance.

Ha, what’s better than making him regret losing you really badly?

But how to do it rightly? How to glow up after a breakup? What to do to better yourself and make yourself almost unrecognizable?

There definitely are a few things that can help you sort your feelings and make moving on faster. Along with making him regret you, because that’s the goal!

I mean, you probably don’t want to waste time with trial and error, right? 

Then read below and give yourself the best type of care possible, so you can thrive through this process.

Because you totally deserve it and a lot more, babe! 

How to Glow up after a breakup 

That’s what we all want for ourselves, right? After all, constantly feeling heartbroken takes possible enjoyment and happiness away from us.

And that’s something you don’t really deserve. So, what are some things you can do to help yourself feel significantly better? 

1. Let yourself feel 

After parting ways with someone, there are a lot of leftover feelings and emotions. Acknowledging them, instead of trying to push them as far away from your mind as possible just for them to come back sooner or later, is the first step.

The more you try to run away from them, the stronger they will get and stay in your mind. So we might as well deal with them. 

The tornado of feelings, expectations that were not met, not even a little bit, questions left unanswered, without closure, and reasons as to why this happened or what changed when will not go away. You just have to make peace with it.

There’s a lot to understand and sift through after a breakup. And yes, it’ll take time. More or less, but you’ll be there.

But make sure you don’t skip this is a crucial step in glowing up.

Because once you have grieved, you’ll know that this won’t ever come up again. And you’ll have all the time for other positive changes!

For the ones who don’t grieve: If you are in this lot, don’t force yourself to cry over a guy. Instead, do whatever makes you happy and move on from him. Go on a shopping spree, grab lunch with your gals, go clubbing, and enjoy your freedom. Just make sure those feelings don’t come back to you ever again!

2. Get busy with a new hobby 

While you were in a relationship, your interests and hobbies might have morphed a bit with the ones of your ex. It’s quite common to like and do what makes your partner happy, But not anymore!

(I mean, learning the basics of boxing just for my ex-boyfriend was definitely a complete waste of time.) 

So at times of breakup, finding a new hobby is even more important as it will help you feel empowered in your individuality. It will act as a source of accomplishment and joy as you invest time into it. 

You’ll be able to watch yourself glowing as you dedicate more to this new activity. 

3. Start journalling

Yeah, maybe just getting one won’t do much. You’ll actually have to use it. 

Although it might sound like a lot of work, I highly-highly recommend it. Believe me, there will be a lot of instances where you feel like talking to him, especially when something big happens in your life. Or you experience some sort of epiphany about what went wrong with you two. 

Since messaging them is probably not ideal, writing this down in your journal will save you from the embarrassment of going back and also help clear out your mind. 

Write down these things as if you were sharing them with him. It will go a long way in learning to navigate life alone. Which is pretty much a requirement when you’re looking to glow up after a breakup, right? 

4. Date yourself 

How To Glow Up After A Breakup

You’re single, so you might as well make the most of it, right? 

Just kidding. I’m not encouraging you to lock yourself in your room and do everything a couple does. Oh, that would be terrible and psychotic.

Dating yourself means pampering moments with you. Creating situations that make you happy. Treating yourself to a nice meal, some chocolates, even flowers once in a while. Watching a movie cuddling up in your favorite blanket. Or dancing to your favorite songs.

You don’t need to come up with a whole spa night or a luxurious 5-hour bath, I would love that, though, when I get that time.

The bottom line is to spend time with yourself and learn how to enjoy your own company. Because in the end, it is all that matters. 

You know, I’m a firm believer that you have to love yourself first to love others. And dating yourself might just be the start of it. And the answer to how to have a glow up after a breakup 😉

5. Ditch the sad songs

How To Glow Up After A Breakup

Yes, there can be exceptions. 

However, they should be very minimal. 

Putting on your sad playlist when you feel bad is almost like an instinct, isn’t it? There have been times when nothing was wrong, but I just wanted to cry (for no reason, apparently), so I put on my sad playlist.

If you really need it, go for it. If you feel like you can probably go without it, then do that. You should know that actively listening to songs that trigger a negative feeling will stop a glow up. 

Think about it… What if you’re on shuffle, and your ex’s favorite song comes on? What if listening to that hour-long playlist sets a sad tone for the rest of your day? 

The best way to avoid these situations is to stay away from sad music, even if you really want to listen to it. 

Instead, add some pizzazz to your life with a rocking hip-hop playlist. Make a video of you dancing to your favorite song and maybe upload it on social media for him to see how happy you are without him. Now that’s an idea!

6. Reflect and re-evaluate 

Do you already know what went wrong and what led to a breakup? 

Whether you know or you don’t yet, you can leverage that to your advantage. While it may be painful to reflect on something you once cherished, I promise it will pay off. 

Looking back on your past relationship might be a huge help when figuring out what you want for a future one. If you ask me, that sounds a lot like making sure your standards are met! And that’s what we want, right, ladies? 

My ex was everything that I never wanted, and Parav (my boyfriend of a long-time) is everything that my ex was not. Because I made sure I didn’t get what I didn’t want.

7. Get a pet

Too much for a breakup?

Yes, a pet is a huge responsibility but hear me out. A pet will be your best friend. It can most definitely fill his void. And having a companion to take care of will force you to act instead of moping around. 

You can go out on walks with him, cuddle him to watch a movie, talk to him (they are indeed the best listeners), and start feeling yourself.

What’s more, it will teach you to fall in love and believe in your worth again, facilitating a glow up. 

Sure pets come with works like picking their poops and feeding them on time, but they also come with a lot more love to give. I am betting infinite times than what your ex came with.

8. Accept reality but also the happiness 

Let’s get a little deep with this one, shall we, gorgeous? 

We can’t ignore the fact that nothing but our company is guaranteed to last forever. The fact that nothing we do or have outside of ourselves is permanent.

However, we are more than capable of finding a balance between embracing that and being happy. Having said that, don’t be afraid to embrace something that makes you glow but won’t last forever. Don’t be hesitant to put yourself out there.

Maybe he was nice, maybe he was not. Just remember, it all happens for a reason. And I loved this line from the movie ‘two hearts’ that – Life always happens for you, not to you.

I know, I know, you wanna glow up physically as well! So let’s shh for a while and change your outer appearance! I found this article to be detailed and thorough, and it has helped a lot of people to glow up physically and emotionally. So below is the shorter version of that!

9. Change your outer appearance

How To Glow Up physically After A Breakup

No girl, this is not selfish. This is not entitled. This is mandatory. Because who dare stop you from being you?

As this isn’t purely physical nor wanting a new look just for the sake of it. Changing your looks after a breakup goes much deeper than that. It is a way to distance yourself from who you were before. 

Maybe you don’t like the type of person you became during your previous relationship. Maybe you loathe the thought of changing small things according to what your ex liked, like your nail color. Maybe you need that boost of confidence to love yourself again.

And ‘new hair, new me’ might prove to be true for you!

Now how to do that?

10. Start with a new skincare

Your face and skin are a window to your health. Everybody wants clear, flawless, glowing skin. So let’s work towards that!

Let’s build a new skincare routine made specifically for your skin. Do you have acne? Do you have fine lines? Do you struggle with hyperpigmentation? Find out what your skin needs and target that problem with the right products. If you need quick results, I highly recommend The Ordinary products.

They are cheap, and they really do work. This The Ordinary skincare routine can be a nice start to beautiful skin!

11. Treat yourself to a facial

At home or in the salon, there’s nothing more relaxing than a facial. And the added shine and glow to the skin is just an added bonus. You’ll literally glow up after a breakup!

I personally go for a salon treatment once in a blue moon because, babe, those are expensive AF. So, I resort to at-home facials with kits or homemade ingredients.

12. groom yourself

How To Glow Up After A Breakup

Get your eyebrows in shape. Get rid of that facial hair. Go get a waxing appointment scheduled. File and paint your nails (Maybe with these short nail ideas?). Exfoliate your lips.

These things might look small but have a huge impact on how you look. And you defo wanna look good. After all, your glow up after the breakup has to make him regret in his face, right?

13. get a new haircut or even a color

How To Glow Up After A Breakup

If he likes it long, cut it short!

Not really. Cut whatever length you like it. Your hair should be treated as a crown. Give your hair a nice mask treatment. Get rid of those split ends. Try whatever haircut you always wanted but were scared to get. Just go for it. If you wanted to color your hair, there could not be a better time.

Who’s stopping you? And don’t worry, just choose the right professional, and everything’s gonna look great!

14. get in shape

If you have always wanted to learn yoga or do a little workout, add these activities to your free time. Go on a fruit diet. Sleep guilt-free. Health is wealth, and it’s high time you stop ignoring it for superficial things.

Do a 10-minute dance workout. Pay for that 1-hour yoga class. Just do it!

Also, what’s more pinching than seeing your ex getting prettier and fitter after you, lol.

But honestly, don’t just do it for him. I mean, yes, his absence motivated you to go for it in the first place but now that he is no more in the picture, do it more for yourself. Your heart and soul need you more than anyone.

15. Find inspiration 

Even if this one feels like it is stating the obvious, don’t ignore it. Find a source of inspiration outside yourself so that it keeps you going even on your bad days. 

That can be anything, a new artist or band, a really inspiring and uplifting writer, motivating podcasts, or a friend like you who moved on. Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of having something that keeps you going. Something that will get you through your inevitable bad days.

16. Realize your worth 

You might search the internet a lot for how to glow up after a breakup. You can even research how you’re supposed to feel when a glow up is happening. 

The answers you’re looking for might even show up…

Whether you feel a glow up or not, keep in mind that it definitely doesn’t define your worth. The best glow up of all will be to create success for yourself and move on, all while keeping your integrity. This will be what we call a punch in his face!

You don’t need to impress others with a completely new version of yourself to have a glow up. You just need to impress yourself. And the moment you understand this, you’ll know you had a glow up after a breakup.

Conclusion on how to glow up after a breakup 

Glowing up after a breakup will mean changing your perspective on all aspects. Emotional, physical, and mental ones.

This might be your first or 20th article on your search for how to glow up after a breakup. No matter which number it is, don’t forget to take action on the things you learn. That’s what will trigger your desired glow up. 

So gather knowledge, babe, but don’t be afraid of making some moves. You got this, lovely! 

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how to glow up after a breakup

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