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How long are you gonna depend on others for fun, huh? It’s time to take yourself on a solo date!

Ever thought of giving yourself a treat for all that you have achieved? Imagine it is a bright Sunday morning, and you are sitting in a Krispy Kreme outlet having original glazed donuts and a cup of Caramel Mocha Speciality Latte. That sounds like a perfect start to my solo date day. You heard it right…A ‘SOLO’ date. Well yeah, you do not always need someone to go on a date. It’s time to shout out loud for solo dating!

To friends questioning the purpose of being on a solo date, there are plenty. And guess the best part? You don’t have to work on your schedule to coordinate with another person. AHHH, I simply love that. 

Besides, it is important to know more about yourself. Only once you have a true idea about your likes and dislikes, only then will you be able to stay strong in a relationship with yourself.

And in case you have yourself registered in the dating pool officially, a date for singles is a MUST-have. A deep awareness about yourself will help you to figure out what you want and need from your significant other. 

Personally, I feel solo dating helps me to learn more about myself, my values, beliefs, and thought patterns. Yeah, it’s defo weird initially, but you’ll not even know when you’ll get obsessed with this idea.

It helps me to figure out how I love receiving and giving love and respect and how I look at my future and beyond. Self-awareness is the best way we can help grow ourselves in a relationship we are or likely to be in the future.  

But then comes the million-dollar question- Where to go on a solo date? Now it’s time to fasten your seatbelt, breathe in and breathe out, stay calm, and relax as I get you a list of some fancy and simple solo date ideas. But before I start, remember to keep aside at least 30 minutes each day for yourself, no matter how busy your schedule is.  

Let’s jump in!

Simple Solo Date Ideas

Let us first start with the simple ones- coz they are quite effortless.

1. Get a Groupon for a hot-air balloon ride

solo date ideas

If you are in for some thrill and spectacular scenery, a hot-air balloon ride is just for you. Don’t worry about being solo because, with Groupon, you’ll not lack company or entertainment. And who knows, maybe you’ll find a new friend!

2. Go to the beach

There’s no solo date better than swimming, sunbathing, and relaxing. That’s the kind of day I’m craving to have, but if you’ve got time and a beach nearby, please enjoy it to the fullest (at least for my sake). A stand-up paddleboard session would be so cool.

3. Go on a photo scavenger hunt

Oh, this would be so exciting. Going around your city or neighborhood, capturing images of specific things or scenes, even people for that matter, and just living in the moment. Maybe you could find a new hobby!

4. Go on a virtual tour

Omg, omg, it has always been a dream. And as soon as I get an alone Friday night, I kid you not, this would be what I’m doing. Go on a virtual tour of a place you’ve always wanted to visit using websites or apps that offer 360-degree views of landmarks and other points of interest.

5. take a mixology class

Girllll, if cooking is not your thing and drinks are (I’m just assuming here), a mixology class would be such an interesting and fun solo date idea. Like, you could host a party next weekend and let other people go crazy over your yummy cocktails!

6. Solo picnic at sunset

dates for singles

Wondering what to do at a picnic that is too solo? Well, there is a lot that you can do at a solo picnic. Get the food you love, games that can be played solo, a laptop and pen drive loaded with songs you love, and a comfortable picnic blanket. As the sun goes down, enjoy your meal with the bright reddish-orange sky. 

7. Star gazing

Star-gazing is like a hobby many love to do. And this sounds like a perfect solo date idea to me. Get a mat and a warm blanket to lie on your bay facing the sky. Watch those stars shining bright in the sky, and if you happen to come across a shooting star, make a wish. 

8. Enroll in a baking class

If you have a sweet tooth, I guess you won’t mind joining a baking class. There are classes that happen once a month or sometimes are free and set up for promotional purposes. Try to find out any of these and spend time baking a beautiful and yummy cake. 

9. Book a solo photoshoot

If you love taking pictures of yourself, why just stick to selfies? Solo date ideas include hiring a photographer to get some classy solo photographs. These are memories you will relish as you age. 

10. Turn your home into a disc

Love dancing? This Saturday night, let it be a solo dance date. Turn your bedroom into a disc with some colorful lights and rock music. Dress up in a party outfit and get in the mood. 

Pro-tip: Do not play the music loud enough for your neighbors to call 911! LOL

11. Go for a hiking trip

Getting some fresh air can do wonders for your mood, and what better way to do it than by going on a solo hike? Choose a trail that’s appropriate for your skill level, and don’t forget to bring plenty of water and snacks. And if you get tired, you can always turn around and head back home.

12. Visit a farmer’s market

Farmer’s market has the best quality products you can ever find. When I am out of options, but longing for a solo date, a visit to my nearby farmer’s market sounds cool. 

13. Sign up for a regional cooking class

solo dates

No matter what your ethnicity is, what you love to eat the most, and which country you were born in when you are in a new city or country, it is always a good idea to learn to make regional cuisines. Sign up for a regional cooking class and enjoy. 

14. Go for a walk to a nearby park 

This is one of my favorites (not because it’s the easiest solo date idea that gives me time to think, really think). Put on your track pants and sneakers, and go for it. I prefer carrying my BlueTooth because music is my favorite partner. 

15. A classic movie night

Are you ready for it? If you are a movie person, this idea will sound luring. Get comfortable on your bed or couch with some chips and popcorn, and turn on your favorite movie on the TV or laptop. I don’t mind some extra sugar, so chocolate is always for me. 

16. Visit your favorite restaurant

Food is love. Whether you are a fitness freak or not, eating a cheat meal for one day a week is okay! Relax. Go to your favorite restaurant, get a table by the window and order your favorite cuisine and some beer to make the ambiance. 

Talking of fitness (well, not really, but…), if you are looking for easy exercises to strengthen back muscles, I’ve got that too!

17. Go to a nail salon

Treat your body the way you like being treated. Your hands and feet do a lot of work all day. It is time you enjoy a solo date treating them with a good manicure and pedicure session. Do not forget to check out those ongoing discount offers this festive season. 

18. Do a DIY facial and spa at home

solo dates

You don’t need to spend much when doing a DIY facial and spa at home. Get facial, and spa kits suiting your skin, put on your spa robe, light some candles, spray good fragrance and get ready for your facial session. Your skin is going to thank you for this treat. 

19. Go shopping at a thrift store

Getting things at a discount price has its own charm. This is why I love spending time at the thrift store shuffling through things I might wish to get home.

19. Visit the local library 

If you love reading, a visit to the local library seems enticing. Head to the library, grab a cup of coffee and a book you have been thinking of reading lately. These 3 or 4 hours of peace will help you to learn a lot about yourself.

20. Become a volunteer

If you are passionate about social service, it is a good idea to spend a date with yourself volunteering for an NGO. Sign up for an upcoming event in your surrounding and go for it. 

21. Head out for a long drive

Get your car and head out for a long drive- and to make it more interesting, ditch the map. Go with the flow with some good music. I am a mad fan of long drives, and to make them memorable, I always go without the map. (Well, I make sure to have an internet connection to check the map in case I get lost..hahaha)

22. Book a yoga session

dates for singles

One of the best ways to spend a solo date is by warming up your body and helping the muscles relax. Book a yoga session at your convenience and enjoy your time. Yoga is good for physical and mental peace. 

22. Spend time gardening

Gardening happens to be a hobby for many, but if you do not belong to this group, I suggest you try out gardening for a day. Those blooming flowers and lush green leaves will make your solo date a happy one.

23. Attend a rock climbing class

Rock climbing takes some guts but if you are already into it, attending a rock climbing class seems to be a good solo date idea to me. 

24. Go window shopping

Window shopping is a fun way to browse stores without spending any money. You can people-watch, find new outfit inspiration, or just enjoy looking at all the pretty things in the store windows.

25. Get ice cream

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Get your favorite flavor (or try something new!) and enjoy it in the park or on your front porch.

26. Get a Massage

What could be more relaxing than a solo massage? You can choose any style of massage you like, from Swedish to deep tissue, and you don’t have to worry about making small talk with the masseuse. Just lie back, relax, and enjoy!

27. Go to a museum

There are so many different types of museums out there, from art museums to history museums to science museums. Find one that sounds interesting to you and spend an afternoon exploring it.

Fancy Solo Date Tips

Simple things are good and always offer you great joy, but at times it is also important to treat yourself to something fancy. After all, who would not love to have a date at Marriott? Or fly to Mauritius.  

So let’s see the fancy solo date tips that are there in store for you.

28. Book a table at a fancy restaurant

Having food at a fancy restaurant is a common fancy solo date tip. We cannot always afford or have the time to drive to a fancy restaurant and order the most expensive menu on the list. But once in a while, it is worth it to make yourself happy. After all, it needs to be a Perfect Date.

29. Visit a winery and taste their classic wine

where to go on a solo date

Wine tasting is a classy thing I love to do. Drive to your nearest winery and try some of its classic wine collection. If budget permits, you can get some of these back home to enjoy later. 

Oh, here are some of the besttttt winery outfits if you ever go this route!

30. How about a gala?

If nothing works and you are in the mood for some socializing, go buy tickets to a fancy gala or charity event and dress up for the occasion.

31. Fly to a destination you want to visit 

Solo trips are a part of solo date ideas. If you have any destination in mind that you are planning to visit for a long time, go for it. Fancy, but it is definitely one of the best solo date tips to pursue. 

32. Make your way to an opera

Now that is truly a fancy affair. Put on some good clothes and makeup and drive to the opera. They are one of my kinds of having a fancy solo date.

33. Book a hotel room for the night

If you want to spend some quality time with yourself away from your home yet in a home-like ambiance, get a room in a fancy hotel. Check for hotels that offer breakfast and dinner to make your stay comfortable. 

34. Go to a movie 

If you want a feel that adrenaline rush while on a solo date, go for a horror movie at the theater. 

35. Join a macaroon-making class

Macarons are expensive, but nothing can beat their taste. Join a paid macaroon-making class online to make some good macaroons to treat yourself.

36. Buy yourself a ticket for a helicopter ride 

fun solo date ideas

Treat yourself to an aerial view of the city you live in. Get tickets for a helicopter ride and enjoy your time. 

37. Cook an extravagant dinner for the night

Whether you love cooking or not, it is time to make an extravagant dinner for your solo date night. Now, this is certainly going to raise your self-love and confidence in cooking. 

38. buy some bright red roses

dates for singles

Red roses are expensive, which is why I thought of including this dating tip in this section. Hahaha. Get yourself a bouquet of red roses. Well, that is still a fancy and loving suggestion you can make to make your solo date special. 

39. It’s time for bungee jumping 

Do you have a love for adventure? Solo Bungee jumping sounds to be a good option. Try it out and let me know your feeling

40. or Skydiving

This is one from my bucket list- well, I hope I manage to gather the courage required to execute it. LOL. Skydiving indeed stands out as a great solo date tip. All you need is to take care of your safety gear. If not, you can also go to an indoor skydiving facility and experience the sensation of freefall.

41. Attend a concert by your favorite band

Musical shows by bands are quite fancy and sound a good choice for someone planning to go on a fancy solo date. Check out if your favorite band has some concert coming up in your city, and go for it. 

Wondering what to wear to a rock concert? Click through and book the tickets!

42. Celebrate yourself

You can love others only when you love yourself, be happy and proud of your achievements, and thank the moments you failed- because they are the ones that shaped you into who you are today. It is time to celebrate yourself. And that is the top one on my solo date tips list. 

43. Get a pedicure

Treat yourself to a relaxing pedicure! You can choose your own polish color, sit back, and relax while someone else takes care of your feet.

44. Visit a Spa

If you really want to treat yourself, why not visit a spa for the day? You can enjoy all kinds of different treatments, from massages to facials, and you’ll definitely feel refreshed and rejuvenated afterward. Just make sure to book your appointment in advance!

45. Go Camping

date with self

Camping by yourself can be a great way to connect with nature and clear your mind. Just make sure to pick a safe location and let someone know where you’re going before setting off – it’s always better to be safe than sorry! And if you get lonely, you can always bring along a good book or your favorite music playlist.

And, if you need some cutest camping outfits, here you go!

Wrapping up solo date ideas

Self-love is the best love, and only when you are happy about yourself and know your shortcomings and strength can you say that you know yourself. A solo date is the best way to explore these and enjoy living, be it solo or in a relationship. So take out the time from your busy schedule and go on dates with yourself.

I try to do that once every month, and trust me; I cherish each and every moment I spend. And as I wrap this blog, remember I am here to help, like always, with my tales and tips. Much Love to y’all!

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