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If I knew I could have so much fun with these date ideas for teenagers, I would have never grown out of my teen love phase!

There’s something surreal about teenage dates. This is the time when you get to experience so many firsts of your life! Staying up the whole night to chat with your bae, putting in efforts to impress them, feeling butterflies in your stomach- teenage love is full of mush and innocence. 

Oh, how badly I miss those nervous yet exciting days of my teenage!

And one thing I was crazy about was the dates. My then-BF used to surprise me with fun-filled and well-planned date ideas. Even I had some crazy ideas which made our dates memorable. 

Babe, I know planning a date can be quite overbearing, especially if it’s your first one. With limited money, parental constraints, and inhibitions in your mind, it gets almost impossible to plan an ideal date with your partner. 

But why worry when your girl is here to keep you sorted? Today, I am here to help you with some of the mushiest, funniest, and most romantic date ideas for your teenage love. Whether it is your first date or you are celebrating your 3 months of togetherness, these ideas will take your teenage dating game to the next level. 

Fun tip: You can make a list of all the cute date ideas on this list and then do them one by one on your date day! I don’t think you would have time to get bored!!!

Scroll down and dive deeper into the meaty details!

55 Teenage Dating Ideas to Make Each Moment Cherishable and Fun-filled!

1. Explore an escape room with your bae

first date ideas for teens

Escape rooms are a great way to spend time together and test compatibility levels simultaneously. The experience will be the ultimate blend of fun and fear! You will get to know whether or not your partner is able to handle stress and work under pressure.

Escape rooms also reveal what your NF is afraid of. The adrenaline rush will escalate your experience and make your date extra special and memorable. 

Once you are done with exploration, go grab your favorite coffee and discuss how you performed so well together. 

2. Take a stroll through the lush green botanical garden in your city

If the two of you feel at peace when in proximity to Mother Nature, then visiting a botanical garden together can be so calming. Taking a stroll amidst the lush greenery of botanical gardens can be an ideal date idea for teenagers.

You can even indulge in some outdoor activities such as playing hide and seek, frisbee etc. Also, you will get some amazing clicks in a botanical garden.

3. Go for a gaming night with your bae

first date ideas for teens

Are the two of you fond of gaming? If yes, then plan a gaming night and play your favorite video games all night. Bring out your Playstations and Xboxes and compete with each other. You can also team up and beat your rivals together. 

4. Stargaze all night

Go stargazing with your partner if you are looking for something “deep.” Your rooftop, an open field or a mountain peak can be ideal for a stargazing experience. Cherishing the beauty of the sparkling stars while engaging in deep conversations can give you a lifetime of memories and make your date extra special.

5. Classic movie date

teen couple dates

You can never go wrong with a movie date. Depending on your taste, you can choose from different genres such as rom-com, suspense thrillers, action dramas and so on. Watching your favorite celebs on the silver screen while sharing popcorn and other delicacies can make your date memorable.

6. Recreate scenes from movies

If not movies, you could die laughing by recreating scenes from your favorite comedy movies. Pick one of your favorite films and recreate iconic moments. Oh, you’ll also know if it’ll be worth trying in Hollywood!

7. Watch a meteor shower

date ideas for teenage couples

I know it looks straight outta a romantic movie, but what is love, if not cheesy things? You both could find out when the next meteor shower is coming to your city and plan a romantic evening outdoors. Under the sky, and so many things to talk about, it’ll create a magnetic moment!

8. Try hiking/trekking with your BF

Adventure junkies find trekking/hiking trips quite interesting instead of doing mushy stuff on dates. If you are planning to go on a hiking trip, don’t forget to carry water bottles, snacks and energy drinks. Also, carrying a support stick and putting on hiking boots can smoothen your hiking experience further.

9. Go for ice cream dates

teenager dates ideas

Want something fuss-free, simple and pocket-friendly on your next date? Go for ice cream dates, then! 

Sharing the same ice cream with your bae can give butterflies in your stomach and, at the same time, create that perfect bond that you two will cherish forever.

10. Cook delicious meals for each other

Are you both big-time foodies? Do you love cooking delicious meals? Why not do this together, then?

On your next date, you can try cooking your favorite dish together. The mess that you will create together and the scrumptious outcome that you will get after that will give you endless beautiful memories. Don’t forget to record the moments in your smartphone camera to capture these timeless moments forever.

11. Enjoy a camping night with the love of your life

date night ideas for teenagers

Fall is the perfect season to enjoy a romantic, mushy bonfire date with the love of your life. Together you can go camping in a picturesque place and enjoy the cozy moments together. Enjoying the warmth of the bonfire, dancing to the music beats and gorging on barbecue delicacies can indeed be a fun idea. 

12. Shop till you drop together

If shopping feels therapeutic to you, and your partner, too, is a shopaholic, then going on a shopping date can be quite fun. Do your savings and prepare a list of stuff you both need. Then visit malls, thrift shops and streetside vendors to shop for your favorite products. You can even pay for each other and help each other in making choices. 

13. Go on bowling dates

dates for teenagers

Bowling can be extremely fun when you do it with your bae! And even if you don’t know how to bowl, then take help from your partner. He will hold you close to showing the right posture and technique to you. Keep yourself calm and enjoy the intimate moments while you learn bowling from your partner. 

14. Plan a picnic and do aesthetic stuff

Picnic dates can always be fun when done right. Pinpoint a safe and aesthetic picnic location. Take along a basketful of yummy snacks, cakes and desserts, water bottles, beverages and napkins. Also, bring a mat to make yourself comfortable on the green pastures.

You two can read your favorite books together, play board games or cards, listen to music, play outdoor games, capture photographs and relax all day. 

15. Visit an observatory

For all my nerds out there, you two should also have spectacular teen dates, which is why an observatory sounds awesome to me. You would have a chance to learn more about astronomy and view planets, stars, galaxies, and other celestial objects up close. Maybe even find something to bond over!

16. Visit an animal shelter and volunteer together

fun date ideas for teenagers

If your teenage date adores the little munchkins on the streets and shelters, you have to visit and volunteer together. This will not only show them how kind and humble you are but will also let you have brownie points. I think it’ll be a great first-date idea for teenagers!

17. What about a movie marathon?

Want to cut down on the unnecessary hassle of going out in the crowd? Then why don’t you plan a movie marathon night together?

Order some pizzas, beverages and tubs of icecreams. Snuggle together inside a cozy, warm blanket and binge-watch your favorite movies and web series together. 

18. Spend time indoors while playing board games and cards

This especially makes sense during the rainy season or extremely cold weather. Suppose you are not at all interested in going out but are craving to meet each other. To make your indoor date more interesting, get your board games and cards ready.

Games like monopoly, scrabble, ludo, Catan, and carrom can keep you engaged all evening. You can plan a double date to make your indoor dates all the more interesting.

There are other card games for kids as well that you can give a shot!

19. Buy tickets to a concert he has been dying to go to

cute date ideas for teenagers

Is he a die-hard fan of concerts? Surprise him with a couple-pass for his favorite rock band. Attending a concert together, dancing to the rhythmic beats, and clicking some amazing photographs will give you the best memories of your life. 

20. How about a long drive with your bae?

Going on a long drive with your bae can be one of the best date ideas for teenagers (only if he is 18 or more!). Long drives can get extremely romantic while you play your favorite music and enjoy the views out of the window. 

21. Attend an open mic night at a local coffee shop

There’s no better way of showing off your singing chops (or lack thereof) while having some laughs than an open mic! If things are getting a little serious, you could even narrate them a poem or something that would make him/her fall in love with you harder.

22. Paintballing sounds fun

cute date ideas for teenagers

As big a fan I am of paintballing, I can say that I have had some of the best times with Parav in paintball sessions. I become so competitive and he loves to stand up against me. It’s a lovely date idea for teenagers to test their aim in an adrenaline-filled battle!

23. Water park tour for my water babies

Summers can be extremely intimidating for your fancy date ideas. Worry not, as your girl has a quirky and fun solution for your summer date plans.

Book tickets to a water park and participate in different fun activities such as water cascades, slides, wave balls, water volcanoes and so on.

24. Evergreen coffee dates

A coffee date can be your best shot if you are planning your first-ever date with your bae. Visit a fancy cafe and enjoy some quality time with your partner while stealing glances at him. Engage in some meaningful talks, try to know each other, open up a bit and relish coffees and pancakes together. 

25. Attend live comedy events

Want to know if he has a good sense of humor? Attend a live show of your favorite standup comedian. Their punches and jokes will leave you in splits. Also, they will roast you like crazy. Attending a live comedy event is indeed an evening well-spent. 

26. Enjoy a food festival together

cute date ideas for teenagers

If you guys are ardent foodies, then exploring delicacies at food festivals can be a totally soul-satisfying experience. Get a couple pass to a food festival in your city and explore different cuisines and dishes together.

27. Cherish a hot air balloon ride

Have you ever thought about how your city will look from high up in the air? Why don’t you guys experience it together? Go for a hot air balloon ride with your partner and enjoy the 360-degree bird’s eye view of your city from the top. Don’t forget to capture this surreal moment on your phone and get some mushy and cute selfies together.

28. Enjoy a fine dining experience in a fancy restaurant

first dates for teenagers

If money is not your concern, try dining out in a fancy restaurant with your bae. Candle-lit decorations, soulful music being played and a romantic ambiance can ignite the love in your heart further and set that perfect date mood. 

29. Spend your day sun-basking and building sand castles at a beach

If you are lucky enough to reside in a beach city, then there’s nothing better than spending time with your bae by the seashore. You can participate in multiple interesting activities such as beach volleyball, sun-basking, building sand castles, strolling hand in hand along the seashore, water sports and much more.

30. Go Ice skating

first dates for teenagers

If it’s too cold for the sun, ice skating is a great way for teens to get active and have fun together! It’s a unique activity that can make for an unforgettable date. Plus, it’ll be so freakin’ cute to hold hands and skate around, help each other stand up and laugh out loud when one of you falls.

31. Plan a romantic beach date

And of all the summer date ideas for teens, I’m all for cute beach dates! There are just so many ways to have a fun or romantic date. The sound of the waves, the warmth of the sand, and the smell of the ocean make it a magical atmosphere that is perfect for quality time with your special someone.

32. Try painting each other

Or together! If you have the skill, you could create a portrait and memory your partner will cherish forever but if you don’t, you can have a laugh about it! It is indeed a great way to take a break from everyday life and create something beautiful together.

33. How about going to a photo booth?

first dates for teenagers

Going to a photo booth can be an insanely cute and fun date idea for teenagers. Look at it this way – it’s low-pressure and allows you to capture special memories on film. Not to forget, it can help you guys build confidence in yourself and your relationship. You can also print out the photos afterward and have them as a reminder of your time together!

34. Have a balloon fight

Oh god, if you are serious about fun and want to cherish your BFF bond but still be able to have adorable recollections, you HAVE TO have a balloon fight. Bring your friends and family over as well! Deck up your backyard and trust me, you will never forget this date.

35. Try baking a cake together

fun date ideas for teens

If it’s your 6 months dating anniversary, let’s celebrate it with a delicious cake! And how about baking the cake with none other than your BF? 

Shopping for the ingredients and preparing the setup together can escalate the element of fun manifolds. And once the cake is baked and you two decorate it together, trust me, you will fall in love with it. 

36. Experience a dreamy sunset together

Plan a trip to the sunset point in your city and grab the best cameras that you have got. Reach there on time and wait for the perfect moment. Hold hands together and witness the magical crimson-gold hue of the melting sun as it sets over the horizon.

37. Grab tickets to an amusement park

teen date ideas

Visiting an amusement park can also be an interesting first date idea for teens. Amusement parks are a great place to get your adrenaline pumping, quite literally. You will be able to enjoy multiple rides, magic shows, light and laser shows and other fun-filled activities there.

38. Attend an art exhibit or craft fair together

Another cute and compelling date idea for teenagers would be attending an art exhibit. It’s a great way to bond over art and get inspired by the creativity of others. You can take turns expressing your opinions on the pieces you see and even purchase something special as a memento of your time together!

39. Visit an arcade or carnival

first date ideas for teens

What’s a better way to let your guard down and have true fun with your bae than enjoying some fun games, rides, and sweet treats in an arcade or carnival? I remember Parav and I’s first carnival ride and that picture is still one of my favorite pictures of all time!

40. Try building something

Get creative with your inner builder and try building something together, like, a birdhouse, planter box or any other project that you like. Reminds of Phineas and Ferb, lol. Did you watch that cartoon?

41. Go to a planetarium show

Going to a planetarium show can be an out-of-this-world date idea for teenagers, quite literally! Not only will you be able to explore the mysteries of the universe, but it also allows for some quality time with your special someone. Be sure to take some pictures and create memories that will stay with you forever!

42. Take part in dark sky activities

fun date ideas for teenage couples

Explore nocturnal wildlife or participate in outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, or kayaking under a blanket of stars. There are just so many fun things to do, from stargazing and observing the phases of the moon to finding constellations that can make for a truly magical date night. Who knows, maybe you’ll even spot a shooting star!

43. Dine under the stars

I absolutely love under-the-sky dinners, be it in restaurants or in my backyard; nothing can beat their class and elegance. You, too, can create an outdoor picnic experience with delicious food, set up some twinkling lights, a few candles and enjoy a romantic evening meal.

44. Paint pottery together

Want a teenage date idea that is a little mature? How about painting pottery together? Whether you choose to make matching mugs, plates or planters, it’s sure to be a memorable date night. Plus, you get to take home a one-of-a-kind keepsake of your time together, that’s cool!

45. Picking your own fruit at an orchard

date ideas for teenagers

. Whether you prefer apples, oranges, or cherries, this is a great way to get out into nature and enjoy some quality time together. Plus, you’ll have plenty of delicious snacks when all is said and done!

46. Checking out a new drive-in movie theater

Going to a drive-in is such a classic teenage activity! The best part is that you don’t even have to leave your car. Put on some comfy clothes, get some snacks and settle in for a night of fun with your sweetie.

47. Have a scavenger hunt

It doesn’t matter if you structure it around your city or just around the house, this is an exciting way to explore together and have a little friendly competition. Does the winner get a prize – maybe ice cream?

48. Making your own pizzas

Who doesn’t love pizza? Make it a fun activity by letting you both create your own custom pizzas. Grab some pre-made crusts and let the toppings fly!

49. Planting a garden together

date ideas for teenagers

Get out into nature and work together to create something beautiful that will last for years to come. Plus, when the time comes, you can both reap the rewards of your hard work!

50. Going to a flea market

Get lost in all the quirky trinkets and treasures that you can find together – you never know what kind of unique thing you’ll come across.

51. Take a road trip to an interesting destination

Convince your parents and get out of town and explore a new place together, possibly a closer city or town. It’ll be an adventure that you both can look back on fondly!

And while you are at it, you could even play the “never have I ever” game for teens to get to know them better 😉

52. Play laser tag at an indoor arena

Relive your childhood and take on an intense game of laser tag! It’s a great way to get some laughs and have a blast together.

53. Build a sculpture together out of something unexpected

Try something new and combine your creativity to make something unique! It can be anything from Legos to toilet paper rolls – the possibilities are endless.

54. Have a spa night with DIY face masks and foot soaks

date ideas for teenagers

Pamper yourselves with a night of relaxation! Get some soothing face masks and foot soaks, light some candles, put on some calming music, and just enjoy each others’ company.

55. Create your own mini golf course in the backyard

Get creative and create the wackiest mini golf course you can think of – it’s sure to be a fun challenge! Plus, when you’re finished, you can put your skills to the test.

Dating Tips and Relationship Advice for Teenage Love

Take it slow, darling!

As a teenager, it is important for you to understand that there is no use in rushing your relationship at this moment. Just take one step at a time, and you will surely reach there one day. For the time being, enjoy this innocent bond with your bae.

Don’t get over-possessive

Over-possessiveness may lead to instances of jealousy and unnecessary trust issues. Be his close friend and trust him with all your heart. If any of his female friends makes you insecure, share the fact with him. If he is a keeper, he will resolve this issue in no time.

Stay loyal to your partner

If you expect his loyalty, be ready to do the same for him. Stay away from flings and two-timings. 

Minimal expectations, lesser fights

If you keep your expectations low, then you will never feel hurt by your partner. As a result, there will be lesser instances of fights and unnecessary drama between you two. 

In a Nutshell – date ideas for teenagers

Teenage romance is something that you will remember for the rest of your life. Of course, years down the lane, you will laugh away certain incidents while holding onto some special memories. Make sure you cherish these moments forever and do not indulge in anything that makes you regret your decisions. 

And if you think what you guys will talk to, these icebreaker questions for teens are an awesome start!

Next time you plan a date with your bae, refer to this article, and all your confusion will vanish in thin air. 

Sending loads of love your way!

Toodles, my lovebirds!

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