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If you know you are meant to be, here’s how to get your ex back from a rebound relationship positively!

Hey there, gorgeous! Today I am bringing you the secret to the happiest and easiest relationship ever!

Just kidding. Most likely, no one knows what that is, we’re all just figuring it out as we go! 

But talking about heartbreaks… 

Oh, they are never easy. All the crying and sobbing and healing is wayyyy too much work for a little would like us, isn’t it? 

But they’re especially hard when you see your ex moving on…with someone else. And you don’t know if it’s a serious one or a rebound, but it sure hurts like someone stabbed your heart, looking you eye to eye. 

I mean, whatever the f*ck it is, how could he move on so damn quickly. Didn’t he feel a thing when we were together? Doesn’t he need time to get over it? Or she…

Talk to the woman who was replaced within 8 hours (and it was an 8-month relationship, lol) about feeling a little down about it, wondering how you got replaced so quickly. Maybe you’re even feeling a little jealous of the new person in your ex’s life. 

But is it over? Like really over for you?

I think, sometimes, when you and your ex are meant to be, you may be able to see a little hope at the end of the tunnel. 

So stop asking why did they feel the need to enter what’s obviously a rebound relationship after you guys broke up? Because you know what they did no matter how you explain that to yourself — it is what it is, babe.

The good news is that having that mindset is the first step in getting them back.

A…what? What’s a rebound relationship?

how to get your ex back from a rebound relationship

Simply put, a possible definition for a rebound relationship depends on your perspective.

What if you’re not looking for a whole definition?

Generally, you can describe a rebound relationship as a fear of loneliness.

“Chill, it ain’t that deep,” oh, but it is.

A rebound, as it’s commonly called, is what’s there to help you distract yourself from someone.

Why does it only do a great job of taking your mind off your previous relationship?

Because while you may feel like you’re moving on, you can cuddle, kiss…You can have it all with someone new, if you’re fondly reminiscing your past memories with another person, that’s a way to know you’re in a rebound.

You might be thinking, “Well, I’m not the one in a rebound relationship. What’s the point here?”

The takeaway is that you can use this understanding to figure out if the other is maintaining a rebound relationship or not.

It can answer the question “How to get my ex back from a rebound relationship” before it’s on your mind.

Is it really worth it to get your ex back from a rebound relationship?

“Whatever you do, don’t go back to your ex.”

That seems to be what everyone says these days, right?

Well, I won’t go so far as to call millions of people liars, but this doesn’t always apply.

For example, you might have chosen to follow separate paths because of your studies or work. Maybe it was your impending desire to experience life in another country that broke you apart.

You see, in those situations, it’s okay to want to go back to your ex. Because there was nothing majorly wrong with you guys, it was just you had to choose something else over them.

The advice should be changed to: “Whatever you do, don’t go back to your ex— but….”

Now that’s out of the way, it’s okay to ask yourself, “How to get my ex back from a rebound relationship?” Because babe, if it’s meant to be, you better do that sooner!

Not to repeat myself too much, the repetition is needed to embed something into your mind.

I too, have rejected going against this widespread saying, so I know how hard it can be to accept it.

The only situation where it’s never wise to go back to your ex is if your relationship was abusive. Yes, mental and emotional abuse count just as much as physical abuse.

However, if the dynamic of you two doesn’t fall within that, read on.

How long does it take for an ex to come back from a rebound?

Well, the truth is that there’s no set timeline for when an ex may come back after a rebound relationship. It all depends on the individual and their level of attachment to their new partner. 

Some may jump back into an old relationship quickly, while others may need time to fully process and move on from their rebound.  And let’s face it – sometimes our exes come back because they truly realize they made a mistake, and other times they come back because things didn’t work out with the rebound. 

So try not to hold your breath waiting for your ex to come running back – focus on yourself and your own happiness instead. And who knows, you might be better off without them anyway.

How to get your ex back from a rebound relationship

Now you’re well-informed to decide if you want to rekindle with your ex or not. Your choice is probably taking the role of making your ex see you’re too good to miss out on.

How can you make that happen?

1. Be a little selfish

how to get my ex back from a rebound relationship

Selfishness doesn’t really need to make it in the picture if you don’t want. What I mean is: work on yourself.

It doesn’t sound very fair to want your partner to have the qualities you don’t portray yourself. You can’t turn down every introverted potential partner while waiting for a confident one.

Unless… you’re confident in yourself.

Don’t expect someone else to have the emotional maturity to be upfront with you. Not if you always avoid any deeper type of honest communication.

Do you see where I am going with this?

As cliché as it might sound, this works. Embody what could have been better between you and your ex. That way, you’ll both get him back and get yourself a happier starting point for the continuation of your relationship.

2. Give up blankets

Okay, no. Blankets are fluffy and warm. And you don’t wanna feel the cold weather or his cold heart.

While it doesn’t work for EVERY relationship out there, cutting off contact might help you. Especially if your ex is in a rebound, there’s a big chance their memories with you are still present.

If you’re resilient enough to handle deleting any traces of a person for weeks, this may work for you. The keyword here being weeks.

The way you’re itching to send them a text is similar to the urge they will be feeling. Having the comfort of being able to lurk and find out what’s up with anyone taken away…

Almost certainly, it will motivate your ex to reach out to you. That’s a great result if you don’t feel like reaching out yourself.

3. Give them time to realize what they’re missing.

how to get your ex back from a rebound relationship

“Just miss me!” Unfortunately, you can’t just yell that.

Well, you could, but it would probably not do much. Instead, find and value yourself.

Your ex is in a rebound relationship because they’re trying to fill the void that you left behind. But eventually, they’re going to realize that nobody can replace you. So give them some time and space to realize what they’re missing.

Trust that you bring to the table aspects good enough to be missed. You don’t really need to do much for this one, but value yourself…and wait.

You’ll probably be waiting a while.

True rebound relationships don’t last that long, even so, trust your partner even when they’re not too worthy of it. Trust them to figure out what they feel. Trust them not to be able to get their needs met as well as when they were with you.

If you value yourself, others will see that. Maybe you forgot about that while you were with your ex, so they left.

After all, no one enjoys that the only sense of worth someone has comes from dating, right?

I mean, you’re so much more than that.

4. Make sure you’re still available

I know it’s stupid because if you are not single, why would you be here to get your ex back?

But hear me out; sometimes, we talk to somebody or post something on social media that may give a look at something happening between the two.

Now, does that mean you can’t even hang out and have fun? Absolutely NO!

You must have every bit of happiness. Just show it as if you are friends only.

During this time, it’s important that you stay available. If your ex tries to reach out to you, make sure you respond promptly. You don’t want them to think that you’ve moved on and are no longer interested in getting back together.

5. Take a Step Back

It can also be helpful to take a step back and assess the situation. Why did your relationship end? What are your ex’s reasons for being in a rebound relationship? Are they truly happy, or are they just trying to forget about you? Once you have a better understanding of the situation, you can start to formulate a plan.

What kind of plan, you ask me?

If you want to get your ex back from their rebound relationship, you must have a plan. First, you need to decide what you’re going to say and do. You also need to think about how you’re going to approach the situation – are you going to confront your ex directly, or are you going to try and talk to them indirectly? Once you have a plan, it’s time to execute it.

6. Talk about the good times you had together.

how to get him back from a rebound relationship

Talking to your ex after a breakup can be difficult, but it’s important that you express how you feel and why you want them back. Be honest with them, and let them know that you’re willing to work on things if they’re willing to give things another try. 

When you do talk to your ex, make sure you bring up all the good times you had together. Remind them why they fell in love with you in the first place, candidly. This will help them realize that their current relationship isn’t as perfect as they thought it was. Haha, clever, right?

If they’re not interested, don’t get too upset – just move on and focus on yourself.

7. Be understanding and supportive.

If your ex comes to you for advice or support, be understanding and supportive. This will show them that you’re still there for them, even though they’re in another relationship. 

And who knows, maybe this act of kindness will be enough to make them realize they want to be back with you after all.

8. Give them an ultimatum.

If all else fails, you can always give your ex an ultimatum: just say straight, it’s either me or the rebound relationship.

This might seem a little drastic, but sometimes it’s necessary to get their attention and make them realize what they’re really missing out on.

But make it easy on them. Show them how good you are and how happy you both can be together. 

Don’t go to them and shout like a toxic bi*ch, okay?

A little recap on how to get my ex back from a rebound relationship, please?

how to get your ex back from a rebound relationship

We’ve covered so much already.

It’s understandable if your mind is in need of a good, ol’, and trusty list of bullet points.

If not, think of it as a bonus that takes less brain power. 

What’s the short answer to “How to get my ex back from a rebound relationship”?

  • Do some self-work – What could you take upon yourself to get so that there’s no lack between you two anymore?
  • Be radical by opting for no contact – Want to make sure someone misses you? Disappearing from their life for a while tends to do that.
  • Show yourself some value – How can anyone resist the charms of a person who knows their worth and asks for what they want?

Final Thoughts on how to get your ex back from a rebound relationship

There are many reasons why one chooses a rebound relationship. Just as there are many ways you can use for your ex to get back to you. 

Whatever your reasons are, hopefully, this article came in handy, much like sisterly advice. If you don’t have a sister, consider this article from your… family?

Maybe not so much.

Either way, hopefully, it helped satisfy the question. Take this knowledge and unapologetically own your power, ladies!

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how to get my ex back from a rebound relationship

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