Why Do I fall in love so easily

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Can’t resist the allure of a new love interest? Find out why you catch feelings so fast and unlock the secrets to making your relationships last!

Falling for someone is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. But if you find yourself catching feelings for others quite often, then it is indeed a matter of concern. 

Bub, getting butterflies in the stomach for a person the moment you meet them is NOT normal. To fall in love with someone requires that spark, that connection, that understanding which develops after months or even years. And even if you believe in the theory of “love at first sight,” falling for every other guy you see can land you in problems. 

Darling, you will end up smashing your heart into thousands of pieces just because your heart fancies every other guy you meet without knowing them closely.  

Do you want to know why you fall for those cute guys while ignoring all the obvious red flags? Your girl is once again here to save you from this catastrophic behavior of yours. Today we will discuss the reasons why you catch feelings at a speed that matches the sprint of Usain Bolt! Also, I am here to guide you against and stop you from falling for people in such a shots span of time.

All I need is your undivided attention for the next 5 to 10 minutes. So, stay with me, girl, and let’s find out why your heart is so fidgety right now!

12 Reasons Why you fall in Love so easily, like at lightning speed!

Wanna know why your heart wants to find a company quite so often? Here you go, girl!

1. Parental negligence

My heart breaks into pieces to say this, but maybe, your needs for affection and attention as a child went uncompensated. Maybe your parents were too busy building a financially secure home for you. Maybe they had their own personal issues. Whatever the reason, the kid inside you has not yet given up on the hope of that love and affection.

You still look out for those unfulfilled promises, quality time, and protective figures who can be with you as you go through the ups and downs of life.

You hope to find that person who won’t give up on you and leave your side no matter how busy they are.

And that’s exactly the reason why you catch feelings so fast for every guy who seems protective, caring, and chivalrous. But it is important to understand if they are actually that good or if it is just your heart that is seeking company!

2. Lack of true friends

We all need a few good friends to thrive and survive this mad race called life. That 4 AM friend with whom you can share all your worries irrespective of time is a must to survive the emotional roller-coaster ride of life. But what if you do not have a single good friend?

What if every other person whom you tried to befriend has left you for good?

What if you never had the chance to confide your deepest thoughts to your bestie?

What if you do not have that best friend at all?

Then your vulnerable self will try looking for romanticized relationships where you can be yourself and share the burden of your heart with that special person. You will do anything and everything possible to be in a relationship as you do not want to be alone. And this is the second biggest reason why you catch feelings for others so fast.

3. Poor mental health

Life has got quite hectic lately. And I totally understand if your mental peace has gone haywire at present. In today’s time, when our mental health is getting affected too often by the ups and downs of life, it is quite normal to seek solace in a person’s company.

Suppose you are battling the bleak symptoms of depression, and out of the blue, a colleague of yours or maybe a friend shows you little extra care. Maybe they make you smile. Maybe their company helps you to see that certain ray of hope. And in that moment of weakness, you can easily confuse their feeling of care and sympathy as love. 

Dear, you need to understand that only YOU are the source of joy in your life. It is YOU who can make your chaotic heart feel peaceful. You are strong enough to take care of your mental health.

4. Enamored by the idea of love

I personally know a few people who are moonstruck by the idea of love! They are crazy for romantic movies, cozy date nights, and all those hopelessly romantic, mushy stuff. Now I am not saying that this is bad. But, since life is not a movie, a little practicality won’t bring any harm. 

If you are actually enamored by the concept of love and not companionship, you will soon get bored in your relationship as the initial fizz subsides. Basically, you are attracted to the “honeymoon phase” of your relationship.

You crave those butterflies in the stomach moments, that giddiness which you get at the sight of your partner, the breathlessness that you feel when you get intimate with him, and the racing of your heart as if it is going to explode anytime. 

But the moment you get habitual of being in a relationship with your partner and this initial craze dies down, you tend to lose interest in him. You start missing those early “symptoms” of love and look for another guy who can help you relive those crazy moments again.

5. Extreme insecurity

Another reason why you fall for every other guy is maybe you are way too insecure about yourself. And to prove yourself wrong and keep those feelings of insecurity at bay, you try to be in one relationship or the other. Staying single makes you anxious, and you feel that you are not beautiful or attractive enough to be loved by a guy. 

But babe, your insecurity will eat you up gradually, and you will end up exhausting yourself in this process. You are GORGEOUS, my love, and you don’t have to be in any relationship to prove your worth!

6. The fear of being lonely throughout your life

catching feelings so fast

Loneliness is yet another reason that makes you catch feelings for others so easily. You dread the idea of being alone. You do not wish to return to an empty home. You do not want to have a phone with no “Favorites” call log.

Bub, I understand that loneliness can indeed be painful. But being in a relationship with the wrong person can be far more traumatizing. So, learn to enjoy your own company. Make yourself so strong and self-dependent that you do not have to depend on others to feel happy.

7. Feeling that you are not enough

catching feelings so fast

From our childhood, society wires our minds in a way that we start getting dependent on others for every single thing. And as we gradually grow up, this dependence sometimes results in low self-esteem. Childhood trauma, insecurity, any life event- there can be so many reasons that impact your confidence.

And to cover up that shaken belief, you start seeking validation in the form of relationships. 

Dear, you are ready to barter your property, acquaintances, body, and even your mental peace to just be in a relationship with a guy.

Trust me, bub! This is a vicious cycle from where there is no way out. Only when you recognize your true worth will you be able to love yourself and protect yourself from those self-loathing thoughts.

8. Shiny Object Syndrome

catching feelings quickly

What if you crave to be with the most attractive guy in society, college, the workplace, or even the gym?

See, I totally understand that physical features do attract us. But are good looks, a hot body, or seductive features enough to get into a relationship? Do you always judge a book by its cover? And is the cover enough to know what’s inside the book?

Darling, don’t just jump from one relationship to another because the other guy seems irresistibly hot! Relationships do NOT work in that way, dear. Instead, you need to be smart enough to look deeper into the soul, character, and personality of a guy before you say “Yes.”

9. Lack of emotional maturity

catching feelings so fast

Are you really able to understand the intensity of your feelings? Do you understand the difference between attraction, infatuation, and true love? Are you sure you are not mixing up love with fondness? 

Being emotionally immature can cause a great deal of damage to your personal and professional life. The moment a guy talks to you with a smile on his face, your heart starts melting. And THIS is your inability to understand your as well as the feelings of that person. 

10. Not ready to commit

why do i catch feelings so fast

While this may sound a bit unconvincing, babe, jumping from one relationship to another can be a sign of commitment phobia. Maybe you are too afraid to fall in true love with someone. Maybe you have some prior experience that makes you believe that committing to someone can break your heart or destroy you.

And that’s exactly why you prefer flings over serious relationships. Switching partners is your defense mechanism against heartbreaks and agonies.

11. Being too naive

falling in love too fast

Babe, are you too gullible? Do you believe that the rest of the world, too, is as pure and good as you? Do you often question your own perspective? Is it too easy to influence your thoughts? If you are too naive, then you won’t be in a position to observe the obvious red flags as well as someone’s genuine concerns.

Your naivety will encourage you to fall for people again and again. You will never be able to read the present situation and will always run after an illusive future.

12. Considering physical attraction as love

falling in love too fast

With all those hormones pumping down your hot body, it is normal to feel physically attracted to handsome hunks. But taking physical attraction as love can be one of the biggest mistakes of your life. 

So next time you catch feelings for that hot guy in your college, think not once, not twice but a thousand times before leaving your BF for this new guy. Babe, true intimacy and love is WAY different than enjoying those bed-shaking, insanely hot nights. 

What does it mean when you catch feelings for someone fast?

Catching feelings quickly for someone can mean different things to different people. Generally, it means that you have developed strong emotional or romantic feelings for a person in a short amount of time. It could also suggest that you feel strongly connected to the person and feel like you are meant to be together.

At the same time, it is important to remember that catching feelings fast doesn’t always mean that your relationship will last – it’s still important to take the time to get to know each other and make sure that this is the right relationship for both of you.

How soon is it normal to catch feelings?

Everyone experiences and expresses emotions differently. It’s normal to feel something for someone after spending an extended amount of time together as you get to know them better and form a connection.

However, it’s important not to rush into something too quickly, even if you’re feeling strong emotions right away. Take the time to get to know them better and make sure that this is the right relationship for both of you before taking things further.

Is falling in love fast a red flag?

Falling in love quickly can be both a red flag and a beautiful thing. On the one hand, it can be a sign that you are rushing into something too quickly and not taking the necessary time to get to know someone better.

On the other hand, it could mean that you have found something special in each other which is worth exploring further.

How to Stop catching feelings so easily for Every Good-looking or Nice Guy You Meet!

1. Fall for yourself before falling for another guy!

Why do I fall in love so fast

Hey pretty lady, before you fall for a guy (AGAIN), tell me one thing! 

How much do you love yourself? To what extent can you go for your self-love? 

Bub, you must be your biggest priority. Irrespective of your childhood traumas and past experiences, you need to be bold and strong enough to love yourself unconditionally. Know that only you are capable of loving yourself s much.

So, next time all those insecurities creep in a while, forcing you to get into a fling with another cute guy, hold the reigns. Say it out loud and clear – “I love myself and I am ENOUGH!”

2. Acknowledge your emotions

You will have to process your emotions so that you can understand what is actually going on inside your head! Dear, you need to be responsible for your emotional maturity. Ask yourself multiple times if it is love or if you are just infatuated.

Think hard until you gain clarity over the perspective. When you gain emotional clarity, it gets much easier to control those unruly feelings.

3. Take a step back to introspect and heal

Why do I fall in love so fast

Maybe you have just come out of a relationship. It’s just have been a week, and now you are already developing feelings for that guy next door. 

Wait! You need to take a step back NOW!

It is the perfect time for you to introspect and understand what went wrong in the last relationship. Think about what you actually want. Understand what works out for you. Figure out the non-negotiables for you in a relationship. 

And then look at that new guy and ask yourself if it is really love that you are feeling or if your heart is just missing those adventures!

4. Find the purpose for your existence

I know being in love and having someone who reciprocates that same love is a magical feeling! 

But, but, but…love is not life. It is a significant part of your life, just like your career, happiness, and other things. You have been blessed with this beautiful life. So go make the most out of it. Stop behaving like that lovesick cat! Make every day count of this precious life.

Learn, implement, experience, and enjoy- there’s so much to do in life. Breakups are never the end of the world, bub!

5. Redefine love for yourself

Why do I catch feelings so fast

Ask yourself the true meaning of love.

Is it the element of romance that excites you? Do you get a kick out of those surprise birthday and anniversary parties? Is it the physical intimacy that seems magical to you? Is the care and support of the man mean the world to you?

Darling, the meaning of love changes with people. Know your version of true love before you actually jump onto another relationship driven by fantasies.

6. Pay attention to actions rather than words

If you have a soft corner for that guy, and this is the 20th time in the same year you are falling in love, babe, there’s something terribly wrong with you. Just get hold of your feelings and start being more vigilant. The moment you feel that you are again getting attracted to a new guy hit alert mode.

Be a keen observer of actions, coz words, my dear, are flimsy and look good only in poetries. 

7. Keep your guard up until you are 100% sure

Why do I catch feelings so fast

I would advise you not to get too comfortable with any and every guy out there. I mean, it is good to be frank with your male friends. But a limit has to be drawn as not everyone is your bestie.

So, do not share your deepest desires and darkest secrets with a random guy whose chivalrous smile magnifies your heartbeat. 

Avoid getting physically intimate with someone until you are actually sure about it. Physical intimacy does complicate things between people at times.

Do not reveal your deepest wounds to someone whom you have known only for a week.

8. Learn to enjoy your own company

And this is the most difficult yet most significant of ‘em all!

It is hard to be alone. But once you start enjoying your own company, babe, you will unlock an insane power. You are no longer afraid of feeling lonely. Your idea of happiness is not restricted to someone’s availability. You do not need a shoulder to lean on for those days when you are feeling low. And with time, you will realize that this herculean power does get addictive!

Why do I catch feelings so fast In a Nutshell?

Love may happen once, twice, or thrice in your entire life. Or maybe, if you are blessed enough, you can get luckier the 4th or 5th time! But catching feelings for new guys every month is not something you should really get into. 

If you often find your heart wandering in new alleys, this article will bring you back onto the right track. And if you still need any help, your girl has got your back! Drop a comment, and I will do all that it takes to help you out of your confusion.

Taking your leave today, with a promise to meet again soon!


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Why do i catch feelings so fast

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