will I find love again

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Whether you are just out of a tumultuous marriage or a toxic relationship; Whether you lost your partner in a tragic turn of fate or had to sacrifice love because of “other” responsibilities – the grief is unbearable, to say the least!

You want to call it a nightmare, but the reality tears your heart apart! Just a few days ago, life seemed like a bed of roses. And now, everything is bleak, cold, and thorny!

In those moments of despair, it is okay to cry your heart out.  It is okay to ask God, “Why me???” It is totally normal to sigh in disbelief- “Will I find love again?”

Dear, if you are here, I know you are going through one of the worst phases of your life. But hey, you are looking for answers. And this itself hints towards the fact that there’s still some hope left in your heart, even if you are unaware of it right now!

And babe, I am right here to guide you through this painful situation and help you find love once again!

Yes, you read that right! A breakup or a mishap is NOT the end of your life. It is absolutely possible to fill your world with love once again. It is actually easier and much likelier to get into a new relationship than you think. And this time, things will be in your favor, I promise!

Are you still not sure about experiencing love again in life? 

I understand, babe. Your past, right now, is making it impossible for you to see the silver linings of the clouds. 

I want you to understand why your heart carries this negative baggage. And once you know that, it gets much easier to keep negative thoughts at bay and move toward self-love. Have a look!

What’s Stopping You from Feeling Hopeful?

1. You believe that it is impossible to find someone like your ex.

I know, dear, you loved him way too much. And that the tragedy has snatched the love of your life away from you. 

You cannot imagine your life without this person. It has left a gaping hole in your heart, and now you refuse to believe that your life will ever get back to normalcy without your man.

It is true that you will never find another guy who matches your ex in entirety. Your love for your ex-partner will always remain irreplaceable. 

However, it is possible to love a new guy in a completely new way without letting the past relationship affect your present one. The key is not to search for your ex in your future relationships. Rather, look for new sparks and moments and come out of old patterns.

2. All your previous relationships had been HUGE disasters.

My heart goes out to you, babe! I know how much it hurts to get your heart broken every time you fall for someone. I understand why you have built this wall around you, and now you are afraid of going through the same mind-shattering emotions once again.

But babe, just because it has not worked out until now does not mean it won’t work in the future as well. Give love another chance. Be mindful to avoid past relationship patterns and open your mind to better opportunities and a healthy relationship.

3. You are now extremely insecure about yourself.

Feeling insecure about your personality, looks, and background after a breakup is quite common. You tend to ask yourself – 

“What if it was ME?” 

“What if I was not enough for him?”

If your mind, too, is playing such games, snap out of it! You have done nothing to be on the receiving end of this pessimistic bullshit! Those guys are the ones who are on the losing side, coz’ they gave up on you. There’s nothing wrong with being a girl who knows to love selflessly. 

So, stop feeling insecure and embrace your truer self with open arms, you beaut!

4. It seems really hard to get over your past relationship.

Moving on seems like a humongous task, especially when you are freshly out of a relationship in which you have invested months and years. It feels as if even time won’t be able to heal this wound. 

But trust me, getting over your ex is actually possible.

The only catch is that you MUST want to get over this relationship wholeheartedly.

Listening to “Arcade” or “ Let me down slowly” on a loop while crying your heart out won’t take you anywhere! 🙄 Rather focus on the strategies and actionable tactics to get out of this ordeal, and you will indeed be able to move on and enter into a loving relationship.

5. You have extreme trust issues.

Past experiences of betrayal can break you to the core. Multiple instances of infidelity, adultery and endless lies can create trust issues, and there’s nothing wrong with it. However, it is important to understand dear that NOT all men are dogs!

There are so many lovable souls out there who can fill every second of your life with laughter and bliss. 

You just need some time and maybe a relationship coach to deal with your current state of mind.

Once you feel you are ready, go meet people, and make friends, and who knows, you may cross paths with love once again! 

6. You are too focused on your career/studies/responsibilities.

Being ambitious or behaving responsibly for your family members is not a crime.

But sacrificing your love and forsaking your partner for your career or family is not completely alright. There will be ways where you can find the right balance between your ambitions/responsibilities and your love life. 

Just academics and materialistic achievements won’t give you a fulfilling life. You need human relationships too! Stop squandering your love life, boo!

Here are 7 Reasons to Make You Hopeful About Love 2.0!

1. One Love? Nah! That’s not how practical life works!

The idea of a soulmate may seem like a fairytale story. But, in real life, things are quite contrary.

The world is brimming with 8 f**king billion people. And you think you have missed your chance to find the right person?

Do you think you are doomed to lead a single life forever? Just because your previous relationship did not work out?


Just look around. Once you are ready, you can easily come across a new guy who can offer you the love you have been looking for.

You will definitely come across another man who is willing to shower you with all the love, patience and trust you deserve.  

2. What you seek is seeking you!

You must have heard about the Law of Attraction and manifestation!

Darling, the Universe is there to bless you with what you want. Your thoughts actually get real and let you create the life of your dreams.

All you need to do is to stay positive about love. And boo, soon you will chance upon your new guy – the perfect person!

Remember, you attract what you are! If you are feeling incomplete at present and are looking for new love, then know that your perfect guy is also looking for you. Dig deeper into this thought, and you will definitely see results!

That’s how the Universe works, lady! Just have some faith and patience!

3. Time does heal all wounds.

Time is the best healer, and no one in this world can deny this fact.

With time, you will be able to get over your previous relationship. Your heart will once again yearn for love- a love that is fresh, blissful and heavenly.

It may take weeks, months or even years. But eventually, time will heal the wound in your heart. It will give you the strength to move on by enhancing your self-esteem and making your life joyful. It will make room for a new guy in your life with whom you can dream of creating the perfect life!

4. You will come across love when you are least expecting it.

will i find love again

We all have come across situations where we almost forget about a thing that we wanted so badly. And then, one fine day, that thing enters our lives all of a sudden!

For instance, that unexpected job opportunity, that call from your University when you almost gave up.

Romantic relationships are also not any different. Give yourself some time. Do not obsess over entering into a new relationship. Enjoy life and, of course, your single status. Take care of your mental health. And wham! Your lucky man will soon find you out when you least expect him.

5. You are not just the only one on this planet who is going through a breakup.

will i find love again

Breakups have become the new normal in this fast-paced world. And trust me, you are not the only one who is going through this shitty phase.

There are other people around you who are also looking forward to finding love once again. This includes your chance of finding your perfect person, and this time-the true one! You are just a mindset shift away from your next fulfilling relationship.

It’s all in your mind! You just need to get rid of those negative thoughts and avoid your old relationship patterns. And you are sorted, girl!

Develop a healthy and optimistic mindset. Get rid of all your negative baggage. And start living life freely. Soon love will enter your life, knocking at your door! 

6. Love is contagious!

will i find love again

You cannot stay away from love for too long! Love does find its way.

Especially when you are around lovesick couples!

Your heart will soon start craving the love that currently your bestie or neighbor is enjoying. You will wish to enjoy those warm hugs, cozy nights, a shoulder to lean on, and a heart to sync your beats with, and most importantly, a long-term relationship. And meanwhile, your new man will catch you off guard and steal your heart away! Just like those romantic fairytale stories!

How to Move On and Get Date-Ready Once Again?

Need some tips and tricks to move on with life and get over your past?

Here you go!

1. Discard old memories.

how to find love again

Delete all your chats, photographs and videos. That cheater does not deserve even a single MB of storage in your device, let alone your heart!

Discard all the gifts, letters, emails, etc., to get rid of his thoughts. 

Stop playing those “moments”- the same things in your mind again and again. Wipe clean the slate of your mind and let go of all his memories forever. 

And no, this does not apply to people who lost loved ones to fate. You can never discard those good ol’ memories. But what you can do is move past them and keep them in your heart’s locker forever.

You don’t have to get stuck on them. It’s easier said than done, but you have to at least try for yourself!

2. Start with selective dating.

how to find love again

You do not have to ace up your dating game in one night.

So do not download Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid and Badoo all at once. Going on a dating spree is the last thing you need right now.

Rather, be picky about your choice. Start dating only when you feel comfortable.

Do not settle down for anything less than what your mind covets. Don’t be afraid to share your expectations and desires from the relationship.

Take it slow, one swipe a day, lady!

Take breaks if you feel exhausted.

But don’t ever rush into your first date after a breakup or into a new relationship just because everyone else around you are behaving like lovesick cats.

3. Stop holding grudges.

how to find love again

I know, I know, you want to punch right onto your ex’s face! But babe! Holding grudges against him will only pain your heart. He, for sure, does not give a damn about you. Also, not everyone deserves to be in your mind forever!

So, why would you keep burning in anguish and hatred?

Forgive him, and move on. This will bring much-needed calm to your heart.

And wait! I want you to forgive but not forget!

4. Seek help from a therapist.

Visit a therapist in person. Or maybe you can also opt for online therapy.

This will make you feel much better. Their words of wisdom will bring solace to your heart. You will realize the value of your precious life. They will give you the best advice to cope with your loss and help you come out of the phase like a queen. Their therapy sessions will improve your self-esteem and ignite the passion within your heart to fall in love again.

5. Socialize. A lot!

will I find love again

I don’t care if you are an introverted or ambiverted girl! I just need you to take your a$$ to all the happening socializing events. 

Go enjoy that ex-alumni meet.

Catch up with your old pals at that reunion party.

Go out on family brunches. Spend time with your best friend. Plan night outs with your girl gang. Set out on a road trip with your friends. 

Go crazy and enjoy pub hopping. 

The idea is to convince your grieving heart that you are doing just fine without your old partner.

And the adrenaline boost that you experience during these social gatherings will definitely add to your self-confidence. And also, going out and meeting people and enjoying life, in general, increases your chance of meeting the right person.

6. Stop comparing everyone with your ex.

will I find love again

I know your heart aches for your partner! I understand that you planned a forever with this guy. But destiny planned it otherwise. No matter how much you loved your man, know that he is gone for good.

So now the worst thing you can do to yourself and your new partner is compare him with your ex. Don’t expect your ex’s qualities, habits or looks in this person. Do not coax him to get into the shoes of your ex. Accept him for who he is. And love him with all your heart! And trust me, you will find true love for sure!

7. Pamper yourself.

Did you hear about the term- breakup glow-up? It is high time that you bring on that glow, lady!

Say goodbye to your older self. Try something that you have always wanted to do. Paint your hair red, blue or whatever color you want. Join the gym and get those toned abs. Pamper yourself in spa and rejuvenation sessions.

Eat well. Sleep for 8 hours (no late-night calls after all!).

Shop till you drop. Get that piercing done. 

In short, stop holding yourself back!

Wrapping up – Will I find love again?

Life always gives you a second chance. In fact, if we are mindful enough, life is full of opportunities.

There will be multiple opportunities of falling in love again. Your heart will again skip a little for that special person. You will again experience those butterflies in your stomach. 

I promise there’s a light at the end of this dark tunnel. Until you can see the sun shining bright, keep walking through the tunnel, my brave girl.

Your girl is just by your side to help you through this time.

Sending hugs and loads of love your way, boo! Take care!

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Will I find love again?

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