He Hasn't Texted Me All Day

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Men and texting drama go hand in hand. But what to do When He Hasn’t Texted Me All Day?

Okay, so this cute guy you have been seeing for some time now has all of a sudden stopped texting you. And your overdramatic mind has already started second-guessing your decision to fall for that person. 

It is already time to call it a day, and there is no sign of his texts in your DM. Just yesterday, you two had been chatting all day, and BOOM! Today he has just disappeared in thin air. 

  • Oh wait, has he ghosted you?
  • Is he cheating on you?
  • Worse, is he bored of you and silently calling it a quit?


Girl, take a chill pill. Your guy has not texted you just for a day, and there can be valid reasons behind this behavior. Come on! Think rationally. At least give him a chance to explain!

He not texting you for the past 24 hours is NOT the end of the world, dear. 

So, instead of sulking, just relax. Breathe. And read this article!

Your girl understands how hurt and sad you are since you are here searching for answers. I will try to help you out of this it-hurts-so-much phase with some of the most logical reasons as to why your BF is not texting you. 

And most importantly, I will be by your side and won’t let you cry to sleep.

Now, scroll down and read on to know that your world is not falling apart! And that everything is OKAY!

Why is He Not Texting You – 14 Real Reasons!

The initial phase of any relationship is all fireworks and butterflies. You can’t and won’t stop texting each other. But with time, as the initial fizz dies down, you may notice a slowdown in this excitement.

You may notice that his messages are now taking a bit longer to slide into your DM. I know we girls are so emo about those Good Morning and Good Night texts, after-sex texts, bad-day texts and whatnot. But it will be extremely wrong to expect the same level of texting dedication from your boyfriend.

So, if he has not yet texted you today, then here are some of the credible reasons that you must take note of. Instead of cooking up negative stories in your head, have a look at why your BF might not be texting you!

1. He is stuck in an emergency.

Has he gone MIA all of a sudden? Has he not greeted you with good morning texts? Has he not asked about how your day went? 

Babe, instead of cursing him in mind, maybe you should breathe and think straight. 

It is possible that your guy is in a critical situation. So, girl, just talk to his friends, family or colleagues to ensure that he is okay. Once you know that he is fine, just wait for his message to pop up on your phone’s screen!

2. He is not that into texting.

While some guys are too fond of texting, it would be wrong to expect the same from every man. Maybe your BF is not a texter. And he is just taking a day’s break from texting you. Any guy who is not into texting will find the activity monotonous and unnecessary.

Yet to keep you happy, your boyfriend keeps texting you. However, today maybe he is too exhausted to chat with you over texts. 

3. He is unwell.

God forbid! But this, too, can be possible. 

If your guy generally texts you every day, and today he is out of action, then maybe, he is under the weather. Flu, sore throat, conjunctivitis, diarrhea, covid- there is so much to worry about. No matter how muscular your guy is, he, too, can fall sick on some days. So, it is better you check on him to ensure that he is doing well.

4. He is not a huge fan of using his phone all day.

Maybe your guy is not a big fan of smartphones. Maybe he does not stay glued to the screen of his smartphone. So, he might not have seen your texts at all. And since he is not into using phones all day, maybe he is delaying the texting activity for today.

5. He is way too busy.

I know, babe, that you leave all your work just to text him. But it will be unfair to expect the same from your guy as well. Maybe he is too busy today. Being swamped with work won’t even let him think about texting you.

Of course, he will miss you. But when there is too much work, it gets impossible to take the phone out and text someone.

Give him some time, and I am sure he will get back to you as soon as possible.

6. He is enjoying his me-time.

Everyone needs his/her quality “me-time.”

Maybe your guy is just enjoying his “me-time.” As a true-blue supporter of your man, it is your responsibility to give him his space. Don’t hover around him all the time and overwhelm him with your array of texts.

7. He is not a multitasker.

Umm…it is possible that you guy is handling multiple things at a time. And thus, he is not in a position to text you.

Maybe he is with his family or at work. Maybe he is running errands. It will be unfair to pressure him to manage everything simultaneously.

Your guy will text you back whenever he gets free. 

8. He is having a good time with his buddies.

Ah! This may sound hurtful. But babe, it is inevitable. 

Rarely do you come across a guy who is not fond of his friends.  So, if he is not responding to your texts or not initiating any chat at all, then there’s a huge probability that your guy is with his friends.

And when with friends, rarely does a guy text or call his GF. 

There’s no harm in this though, coz’ you too can enjoy with your girl gang. Or enjoy a quality me-time. Let your man enjoy a harmless soccer match with his buddies, and wait for him to get back home and text you back.

9. He feels suffocated because of your texting spree.

Do you send too many texts at once?  Do you expect your guy to stay in touch all day through his texts?

Well, this might overwhelm your boyfriend and make him feel choked.

If your guy is not a fan of texting, you should not bother him too much. Lower your expectations for the future of your relationship.

As of now, give him a breather. He is just recharging himself and will come back with full energy.

10. He is not that expressive with text lingo.

Maybe he falls short of words when texting you. See, not everyone cannot convey their feelings through messages. Maybe he is a call person. Or, maybe he loves to talk his heart out when he sees you face to face, online or offline.

Wait for today, and when he connects with you tomorrow, ask him about this lovingly.

11. He might have forgotten to reply back to you.

Come on! He is a human being, after all. It is not a crime to forget to reply.

Maybe he has seen your texts but was occupied with some stuff. And then it totally skipped his mind that he needed to text you back.

12. He wants to see if you are really into him or not.

Umm..well, the romance has just started brewing between you two, then maybe he is testing you. Hear me out, girl!

It is quite possible that your man is making you wait to know if you are really into him or not. Maybe he is playing to test your desperation and wants you to get all needy. It’s a good thing, isn’t it, babe?

Your guy just wants to know how badly you are in love with him. Of course, this tactic can backfire. But now that you know, just sit back and relax. 

In fact, do not reach out to him at all. Do not show your desperation. And let your guy wander about what has kept you occupied.

13. He is angry with you.

  • Did you end up on a bad note last night?
  • Did you say something mean and hurtful to him?
  • Have you done anything unknowingly that might have hurt him?

Just think it through and try to understand if you have done anything wrong. This can be a big reason for him not texting you all day.

14. He has a bad hangover.

Did he go to the crazy party last night? Then just maybe, he has a bad, really bad hangover today.

It is possible that he has gone a little overboard with all the booze last night. And the bad headache today is not allowing him to grab his phone and text you. 

What if, He Does Not Text You Consistently for a Couple of Days?

Has he not texted you for almost a week now? 

In case he has not and is giving you excuses for being unavailable, it is time now you start getting serious about the situation. He is not texting you at all because:

  • He is not so fond of you.
  • He is not serious about the relationship.
  • He is cheating on you.
  • He is avoiding you. 

5 Things to do When He is Not Texting You!

So, it has just been one day of not getting his texts, and you are clueless as to what to do with your relationship. Girl, you are doing it wrong. Instead of making assumptions that are hurtful and traumatizing, do the below-mentioned things to keep your mind de-cluttered:

1. Stop stressing out, darling.

Hey princess, Why are you so stressed out? I can understand that a text from him brightens up your day. But now that he has not texted you the whole day, it is okay to feel sad.

However, stressing out won’t take you anywhere.

If your guy is not texting you at all, then just leave your phone and relax. Just look around and see there is so much to do. 

So, stop getting all panicky and chill out.

2. Check on him to ensure he is okay.

Call him up to check if he is okay or not. Try to understand if he is stuck in a messy situation or is extremely ill. If he is not receiving your call, you can connect with a common friend or his colleague.

But make sure you do not share all your feelings with this third person. Just politely ask him about your guy’s whereabouts and health, and then calmly end the call.

3. Send a follow-up text.

If your guy has left your text on “seen” and has not replied yet, wait for some time (around 2 to 3 hours.) Then send a follow-up text. This time do not forget to mention that you are slightly worried about him. Drop the follow-up text and put down your phone. If he replied, valiant good!

But if he still keeps you waiting or again leaves you on “seen”, babe, you can’t and should not do anything else.

Just focus on something else and keep waiting.

4. Keep waiting patiently.

Do nothing. Just wait. 

Instead of throwing tantrums, bursting out on your friends, crying hard, or stressing out, just stay calm.

Be patient and wait for him to get back to you.

5. Pamper yourself.

Why waste your time worrying about the text that never floated into your inbox?

Just utilize this time to pamper yourself. Indulge in a skin or haircare routine. Or, go for that relaxing spa and unwind in style.

Relish some delicacies at your favorite cafe or restaurant and enjoy your “me-time.” Go on a self date!

How Long Is Too Long for Your Guy to Not Text You?

It is absolutely normal to stay MIA for 3 to 4 days. However, if he cuts down on all connections and keeps you waiting for over a week, then this may be a thing of concern. 

So, instead of playing that “why me first?” game, go ask your guy about it clearly. Don’t let go of your guy on the basis of doubts. Talk it out with him. If need be, give him some space and do not set many expectations. 

Parting Words on He Hasn’t Texted Me All Day

Darling! You are the princess of your own world. Do not let your world revolve around his texts. Do not break down if he misses texting you for just one day.

And most importantly, stop overthinking. It is your mind that is playing all the negative games and suggesting you the worst-case scenarios.

Just read this article, stay positive and wait for your BF to text you back.

Remember, it is just a matter of a text and not the end of your world.

Sending loads of love to you so that you can peacefully wait for your guy to text you!

See you soon, babe! xo

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