How to make him crave you

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Want to Become an Irresistible Temptress & Keep Him Coming Back for More? Here’s the plan!

The honeymoon phase in any relationship feels just so blissful. He never forgets to flaunt his chivalrous self, showers you with texts all day and plans surprises often to impress his lady love.

However, once the initial love rush subsides, your guy may tend to get a bit boring. You may take this as waning of feelings, but that would be so wrong.

Basically, after a certain period of time, every relationship goes through this phase where you start missing the spark. Your guy will now be more focused on building a future. Bills, lifestyle, work-suddenly everything will grab his attention, and romance will take the backseat.

But we girls are different, right? An independent woman is exceptionally good at striking the right balance between her professional and personal life. And she wants the same from her man.

Darling, if you want to create a stir and ignite the same old passion in your man, your girl has got your back. This article is all you need to ignite that long-lost spark and make him crave you like crazy.

Wanna be the queen of her fantasies? Wait no more and start scrolling to know the juiciest of details!

25 Surefire Hacks to Make a man Crave You!

1. Spark that sexual tension with your unexpected touch

How to make him crave you

Touch him when he is least expecting!

Guys do love to get touchy all the time. But, when you touch him out of the blue, it creates a different impact altogether. Reveal your naughty side to your person and keep him wanting for more.

For instance, grab his back in the pretext of looking for his wallet. Or, maybe you can brush your hands over his chest in a fake attempt to remove a spec of dust.

Be creative with your efforts.

He will always remember these moments and crave more.

2. Walk down the memory lane

How to make him crave you

A healthy relationship has a lot of fun memories. Whenever you are together, make sure you bring those good old days into your conversation. No matter how stressful life seems at present, talking about those special moments can bring back the old spark in your relationship.

Talk about your first date. Discuss those little things that you used to love about him. Put on that pretty yellow dress in which he liked to see you.

You can even participate in fun activities together, which you once used to enjoy in the early phase of your relationship.

Reminiscing these old memories will definitely tag a string in his heart and he will definitely start putting in efforts to revive his romantic side once again.

3. Smell irresistibly good

How to make him crave you - smell good

Once, a very renowned dating coach told me how fragrance works magically when it comes to wooing your partner!

Smelling incredibly sexy is one of the proven ways to make him crave you like never before.

Find your signature fragrance that turns your man on. Spray this perfume every time you meet him.

Don’t forget to spritz your neck and cleavage before getting dirty with him.

Men tend to develop carnal desire when their partner smells irresistibly good. Your guy won’t be able to keep his hands off you when you are around. And he won’t stop craving you when you are away.

4. Give him a reason to miss you

How to Make Your Boyfriend Laugh (9)

Take notes of the activities that he enjoys doing with you. Pay attention to the things he loves about you.

And repeat these more often when you are together. Is it your emotional maturity that he is fond of? Is it your self-confidence that’s what attracts him? Is it your sense of humor that he can’t stop gushing about?

Babe, you need to be the reason for his smile. Make sure there’s a smile on his face when he remembers you. He needs to consider you as the right person to be with.

If you don’t know how to make your boyfriend laugh, you can refer to this piece but make sure you do something about ittttt.

To make your man fall for you and miss you when you are away, it is necessary that you put conscious efforts into making things positive and unfilled in your relationship.

There should not be any room for unnecessary negativity, backbiting and stress. Be his safe haven, and let him remember you fondly.

5. Create a sense of mystery

How to make him crave you  flirting

Stop connecting all the dots for him. He is your guy, not a baby who needs spoon-feeding. Leave something to his imagination so that he keeps wondering about you in your absence.

This mysterious behavior works like magic, especially during your first few dates.

The air of mystery around you will keep him on his toes. So, drop details that are the bare minimum and keep him busy playing the guessing game. This will add a sense of spark in your love life and also make your man crave you for sure.

6. Work on yourself

How to make him crave you  self care

Have you ever noticed your body language when you are all dolled up in a gorgeous outfit with your eyebrows, makeup, and nails all set?

Your self-confidence skyrockets, and that imposter syndrome all of a sudden vanishes in thin air!

Girl, I know you feel comfortable with your partner. But, sometimes, our comfort becomes our habit. And it is always good to break out of monotonous habits.

Pamper yourself and take time out for self-care. Set a target and get that one week glow-up. Pay attention to your mental as well as physical health.

Stay well-groomed. Get a new hairstyle. Maybe color your hair strands in a bright hue. Shop a lot and get yourself some sexy dresses.

Trust me, your efforts will garner you a great deal of attention from your partner and make him miss you way too much.

7. Cut down on your number of interactions

Missing the person you love is a natural human behavior. And I understand, babe, that the urge to text or FaceTime your BF is too real.

But if you want your man to miss you and think of you all day, then you need to play it hard.

Just pull out of this habit and cut down on your everyday interactions. Stop reaching out to him to share the tiniest details of your life. Refrain from texting or calling him.

Your guy will start missing you and wonder what’s keeping you busy. In an attempt to gain your attention, he will actually try to spice up your relationship. And this is exactly what you want, right honey?

8. Stop being pushy

How to make a man crave you pushy

Start behaving like an independent woman who knows her sh*t well. Focus on your self-growth and find happiness in your own company. Do not rely on your partner for your happiness.

When your bae realizes that you are a confident lady who is happy in her own little world, he will start trying to be a part of that world.

Make a guy go crazy after you by acting the opposite of what he expects from you. Use reverse psychology to get his attention.

Do not throw tantrums when he is avoiding you or not taking your calls. Gulp down your anger when he ignores your date night for his buddies.

Stay calm and behave normally. Your guy will get surprised and start craving your attention.

9. Keep him waiting

How to make a man crave you

Women tend to be quite punctual with texts and call when it comes to their most special person.

But men generally fail to do the same for their lady love.

If you want to make a guy crave your attention, then babe, learn to keep him waiting. Stop replying to his text the moment he drops a message. Also, stop being available when he calls you.

Do this for a couple of days, and babe, when you meet him next time, expect fireworks in bed :-p

10. Give him ample space

Men are serious about their guy time. I know it sucks, given that we girls tend to make our men our priorities.

And the worst part is that your guy will expect you to leave him alone. So do that!

Give him the space he needs. He genuinely requires some me-time with his buddies. But when you stop nagging about the same, after a point of time, your man will start wondering what’s keeping you occupied.

11. Go MIA on social media

How to make a man crave you fitness

If you two are in a long-distance relationship and, of late, he is not putting in enough effort to keep the romance alive, then you should simply go MIA on all social media platforms.

He will definitely notice your absence from social media. Without any stories to check and posts to comment on, your partner will go clueless about you. He won’t get to know about your daily life updates and will get inquisitive.

This will compel him to get in touch with you and call/text you more often to check on you.

12. Forget your stuff in his place “on purpose”

 How to make a man crave you - leave stuff

Next time you visit his place, leave something in his apartment on purpose. For instance, try “forgetting” your pendent, one of your earrings, or maybe your jacket or scarf at his place.

Your man will actually think of you and miss your presence every time he sees that “token of love.”

13. Catch up with your people

How to make a man crave you get together party

Stop obsessing with your man, darling! One of the best tricks to make a guy go crazy for you is to stay occupied with your friends all the time.

So, if you feel that your relationship of late is going through the flame-to-flicker phase, it’s time to take a few steps back.

Take control of your own hands and make yourself busy with your own thing. Call your friends, plan night outs and party hard. Plan an impromptu trip with your gang.

Spend time with your family members and go for a vacay. And meanwhile, cut down on your communications to a minimum with your partner.

Do not sound rude. Just make it clear that you need some time and will be busy with your family and friends for a while.

I promise, lady, your guy will crave your attention more than ever!

14. Plan your dates meticulously

Come on, honey! Men love surprises too. They, too, deserve to feel special.

So, next time you are going on a date with him, plan it meticulously. Wear something that he would absolutely love. Everything, from food to decor, music to lights, should complement his taste.

A guy takes note of how you treat him and make him feel. These surprise dates will grow his heart fonder for you and will make him want you more.

15. Give him some really “good” time in bed

signs he wants you badly sexually

Men love physical intimacy. Next time you get into sheets with your man, try something wild. Shed inhibitions and show the “real you” in bed.

Be open to experimentation that he has been craving for so long. Maintain eye contact as you reveal your naughty side to him.

He will cherish this moment for days and months to come and will yearn for more!

16. Hang out with your male buddies

If nothing else works, try making him slightly jealous. Make plans with your guy friends.

Avoid his calls and texts while you are with your friends. Upload pretty selfies with your buddies on social media with nice, mushy captions. Make him go green, and enjoy his attention once you are back!

17. Focus on your professional life

Up until now, you have been prioritizing your love over your professional life. But now that he is taking things slow, it is time you double down on your career graph.

Remember that you are an ambitious woman with dreams and aspirations. You cannot let your love life ruin your professional life.

Get hold of your life and strike the perfect balance between your work and love.

And the moment you start neglecting his texts and calls during your meetings and conferences, your man will start missing you.

18. “Play” with him

I must say that this is one of my favorite hacks!

A fool-proof trick that works wonders; you will realize its effectiveness right from the moment you try it.

Dress incredibly sexy. Wear something tight and body-hugging. Try a transparent fabric. The hemline of your dress can be dangerously short.

Babe, you need to look seductive. But at the same time, act cute. Stay unfazed by his lusty looks.

This will confuse your guy and turn him on when you are around. In your absence, he will feel restless and won’t be able to stop thinking about you all the time.

19. Get a bit naughty while texting

Why should boys have all the fun?

Catch him off guard by texting something naughty. Your dirty talks will keep him excited throughout the day. He will crave to meet you and have a “nice” time together.

But don’t give in yet. Keep him hanging and keep teasing him with those naughty texts and nudes!

I promise you will get his undivided attention next time the two of you meet or hop on a video call.

20. Serve him fresh looks

Surprise him with fresh looks once in a while. Whether you are in a long-distance relationship or are married or in a live-in relationship, know that some small tweaks in your everyday looks can make him really happy.

Put on that steamy hot outfit, and apply some makeup before you hop onto that bedtime video call.

Welcome your exhausted hubby home in sexy, see-through lingerie.

Color your hair in bold red and put on something funky.

Try these and witness his eyes light up in no time! This trick keeps the element of fun alive in your relationship. And he keeps thinking of you and craving you when you are away.

21. Get naughty in public places

Ever tried seducing your partner in public? If not, now is the time, darling! Now you may be like my BF who hates PDA but you gotta admit, a little spiciness on the street totally turns anybody on.

Make him crave you by getting naughty with him right in the middle of a busy road. Or touch him seductively when in an elevator.

The key is to make him wild and ignite his desire for you. He will be dying to jump on you but won’t be able to do so as there are so many people around.

Slither your hand over his thighs. Brush your boobs slightly on his arm. Grab his hand and put it on your hips.

And just notice his reactions, lady!

P.S. Try these when he is dropping you back at your place after a date. This will make your man crave you every single moment until you two meet again!

22. Seduce with your enticing eyes

He loves your dreamy eyes. So make the most out of it, girl!

Maintain eye contact with your guy. Devour him with your eyes from top to bottom. Make him feel that you cannot remove your eyes from him.

Your man will find this move extremely sexy and bold, and he will crave this bold side of yours all the more!

23. Shower him with compliments

Do you think only girls love to be showered with compliments? No, babe, you are absolutely wrong!

Men, too, are hungry for words of appreciation. They won’t say it ever, but most men need compliments to stay motivated 24/7.

Darling, start appreciating your man for all the little things he does for you and this relationship. Praise him for the efforts he put in to build a secure future. Compliment him more often on his looks and physique. Shower him with appreciative words to let him know that you are genuinely proud of him.

24. Listen to him earnestly

Be an active and patient listener if you want your partner to miss you, want you and crave you.

Ask him about his day. Listen to his elated words as well as angry rants. Show genuine interest. Never judge him and stop him in the middle of a conversation.

Make him realize that you will be there by his side to listen to him earnestly and help him express his unfiltered, raw feelings.

He will be glad to find a partner in you who listens to him unconditionally and craves your presence.

25. Show off your adventurous side

If your man loves the crazy adrenaline rush, then get ready to participate in all the heart-thumping activities that he is madly in love with!

To a man, nothing seems as sexy as his girl enjoying bungee jumping, sky diving and sea surfing. Your bold nature and confidence will simply blow his mind away.

And he will no longer seek his friends’ company for the next adventure trip. Rather, your man will love to see your adventurous side, both during the day and at night 😉

Final Thoughts on How to Make Him Crave You!

Babe, if you follow these hacks, I promise you will soon be able to see how special you mean to him! He will start pampering you the way he used to do back in those good old days.

Basically, the idea is to brush off the dust of boredom and stress from your relationship and spice it up so that your man once again showers you with all the attention you deserve.

Try these tips and lemme know how it all turned out!

Will be back with another banger content piece to fill your life with all the love you need!

Until next time!

Toodles love!

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How to Make Him Crave You

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