How to Get Him to Commit

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Let’s take it From ‘Maybe’ to ‘Forever’ by Mastering the Art of Getting Him to Commit and Enjoy a Deeply Connected Relationship.

In this age of cup noodles and dating apps, getting into a committed relationship can indeed be a tricky thing! Lost among the right swipes and situation-ships, people often tend to ignore the charm of true love and commitment.

And even if you have been able to find your Mr. Right, it seems next to impossible to get him to commit.

Men, when nudged too much, can avoid commitment. Their mind works in a mysterious way when it comes to showing emotional connection.

Their insecurity, lack of confidence or maybe flirtatious nature stop them from owing their true relationship status. Genuine commitment is something that guys prefer to avoid in most cases.

If this rings a bell somewhere at the back of your mind, then babe, I have got you covered.

Yes, I know what it takes to make a man commit. Your girl is here to share the right set of relationship advice that will bring you a committed partner and make you feel secure.

So, wait no more and go grab your coffee, coz’ your bestie is gonna reveal the biggest commitment hacks that no one ever told you!

Read along to get to the juicy details!

Why is it Important to Have a Committed Relationship?

How to Get a guy to Commit

When it comes to red flags, on a scale from 1 to 10, lack of commitment is an 11. If he is unsure about his relationship status, then you must not plan any future with this guy.

Here’s why!

1. There’s a sense of security and longevity when you have got a committed man by your side!

Finally, you can relax now that your guy has given his commitment to this relationship! There won’t be any unpleasant instances of jealousy or stress. You will actually feel secure around a man who sees the future with you.

2. You no longer need to hold yourself back from your partner.

Building an invisible wall around yourself to protect yourself from betrayal and heartbreaks is painful. But if you are in a committed relationship, it gets easier to let your guard down and open up to your man.
You can finally feel comfortable in your own skin and be your authentic self without being fearful of his judgment.

3. It does not seem scary or unrealistic when you see the future with him.

If you are anything like me, then you must be fond of planning your entire future with your partner. But it gets impossible to plan your future with a commitment-phobic guy. You do not get to know what’s there in his mind.

On the other hand, when you are in a committed relationship, making plans get easier. From a job to having children, from trips to buying your dream home, you can plan everything together!

4. You can rely on each other during tough times.

Sometimes, life throws challenges at you which seem almost impossible to overcome.
However, with the right man by your side, tough times do not seem so hard. You do not have to face everything alone. He will be there, by your side and contribute his best to come out of the messy situation.

21 Fail-proof Tips on How to Get Him to Commit!

How to Get a guy to Commit

Commitment issues are quite common nowadays. Many women come up with the complaint that their partners are not yet ready to get into a long-term relationship.

If your guy, too, is giving you tough times, then try these hacks to get your guy to commit.

Here you go!

1. Let’s play the chasing game!

If your man is giving you a hard time and is not ready to commit, then try playing the insanely famous chase game with your guy.

A man loves to win his lady’s heart.

He experiences immense satisfaction in displaying his masculinity and charm to his favorite woman. He loves the feel of taking the lead in a relationship.

So, without much ado, simply let him flirt his way to you. Do not be too accessible to him. Take a few steps back and focus on your life.

Make your guy feel that you are out of his league. Give him a tough time before you finally say YES.
This will keep your guy serious about the relationship status, and he will never be afraid to commit.

2. Focus on building an emotional bond before you get into the sheets with him.

How to Get a guy to Commit

Babe! The sexual tension that you are feeling right now is all the hormones that are raging in your body.

But darling, if you want your man to commit, then first focus on developing an emotional bond with your man before you get dirty between the sheets.

Know each other’s love language before knowing each other’s arousal points! When your man realizes that you fulfilled his life emotionally, he will be more than ready to commit to you.

3. Be his best friend.

Darling, be his buddy. Stop throwing your lady tantrums and behave all cool and chilled around your guy.

If you manage to develop a genuine friendship, then he will not hesitate before entering into a long-term relationship with you.

The casual and uber-cool vibes will keep him comfortable, and he will commit faster than you think!

4. Shower him with surprises (pleasant ones, of course!)

How to Get a guy to Commit

Men, too, deserve all the pampering and surprises! Shower him with all the love he deserves.

Surprise him with a date night when he least expects it. Book tickets to a baseball tournament. Gift him his favorite watch. Compliment him more often.

When your man realizes that he is loved in this relationship, he will commit easily.

5. Know his friends.

We all know how much guys love their friends! So, if you want your guy to commit, then make special efforts to gel up with his friend circle.

When he sees you mingling well with his best buds, he will feel assured as well as make plans to take this relationship to the next level.

Also, if you manage to bond with his buddies, they will indirectly or directly influence his thoughts about commitment.

6. Be a fan of his chivalrous temperament.

How to Get a man to Commit

Men love to flaunt their chivalry, especially in front of a girl whom he has feelings for!

So, let him be the “Man” he wants to be. And don’t forget to show your love for his manly behavior.

From allowing him to open the door and pull the chair for you to letting him open a tight lid or helping you lift a heavy object, do everything to give a boost to his male ego.

This may sound counterintuitive.

But babe, it actually works. Your guy will gradually realize that he is adding some value to your life by helping you out every day.

And thus, he may plan to get into a committed, long-term relationship with you!

7. Focus on your own life.

Darling! I know when you are in love, your life revolves around your man.

But, but, but…If he is not yet in the mood and there are some commitment issues, then babe, it is your turn to play the game.

Do not look desperate. Show him love but also put a limit. Do not shower him with a “wifey” kind of love yet. Keep something in the store for the future. Do not allow him to take you for granted. Focus on your career. Pamper yourself.

Enjoy some quality me-time. Create an image of self-dependency.

Men love self-dependent women over possessive and clingy ones. This will give him one more reason to put a ring on your relationship.

8. Ask him straightforward questions.

How to Get a man to Commit

Stop playing dumb charades with your partner. Speak up and convey to him what you have in mind. Ask him about his plans regarding this relationship. Know if he is up for a committed relationship.

Sometimes, clarity is all you need to get him to commit. Your direct questions will compel him to speak his mind. Also, your clarity of mind will influence him to get hold of his wandering and confused thoughts and take a firm stand.

  • How do you see us in the long term?
  • Are you thinking of settling down?
  • Are you a little closer to getting committed?
  • What is your ideal age to marry and have kids?
  • What do you look for in an ideal woman?

Here are a few other questions for couples you can try!

9. Be a compassionate listener.

Remember those times when you wanted someone to just listen to you without being judgemental?
Be that listener for your boyfriend.

Let him know that you are there to listen to his elated talks and frustrated rants. Just be there by his side when he is pouring his heart out to you. Do not interrupt or judge him. Allow him to lighten the burden of his chest.

A man, all his life, craves a listener in front of whom he can open up without facing any kind of interruption or judgment. Be that compassionate listener and give him one more reason to make yours an exclusive relationship.

10. Stop coercing him about commitment.

How to Get a man to Commit

Forcing your guy to commit won’t take you anywhere. Rather it may backfire.

Maybe he needs some time. Maybe he is unsure because of his experience from previous relationships. Try to understand what’s making him avoid commitment instead of coercing him into marriage.

So, every time you have a conversation about commitment and stuff, make sure you two do not end up in a heated argument.

11. Don’t be afraid to try new things.

If the two of you have been together quite for some time now, chances are that the initial spark is fizzing out slowly. Do not, I repeat, do not let that happen. Never let monotony creep into your relationship.

Try spicing things up for him. Go bold and adventurous in bed. Do some adrenaline-pumping adventures together (out of bed). Go the extra mile to make him feel special.

This novelty in your relationship will assure him that you two make a great team and that this relationship won’t ever get boring!

12. Give him some space.

How to Get Him to Commit

Come on, babe! No one loves a clingy GF.

Stop hovering around him all the time. Give me proper space so that he can enjoy his time with his family and friends. Do not try to cut him off from his circle.

Otherwise, this may misfire, and he may get apprehensive about this relationship. And once doubt creeps in, it will become extremely difficult to get him to commit.

13. Be his home sweet home.

Be the peace he has been seeking all around!

Give him all the reasons to come to you when he is at his worst. Create a cozy, welcoming and peaceful atmosphere at your place. Keep the ambiance clutter-free. You can even try using aromatherapy to rejuvenate his exhausted mind.

Most importantly, do not shower him with your rants the moment he sees you. Welcome him with a warm embrace and a sweet, genuine smile.

Let him know that he has nothing to worry about when you are around.

14. Behave like his biggest cheerleader ever!

How to Get Him to Commit

Stand by your man through thick and thin. And be vocal about your support for him.

Be his biggest cheerleader and motivate him to pursue his dreams. Support him when he comes back defeated, and celebrate his wins like there’s no tomorrow!

A man always seeks a woman who supports him in all his dreams and aspirations. Be that girl, and your guy will not think twice before committing!

15. When in bed, keep his preferences in mind as well.

Sex is that domain where every guy loves to get experimental. Be open to such experiments and let him explore your “uncharted territories” in the most adventurous ways possible.

Of course, you can set boundaries if you are not comfortable. But as long as he is not crossing any limit, try exploring new things together!

16. Always adhere to your promises.

How to Get Him to Commit

How does it feel when someone fails to keep his promise?

It hurts, right?

Make it a habit to keep your promises. If you have promised your guy that you will give up on alcohol, stick to it. If you have promised not to keep checking his phone, do it, girl!

Fulfill your promises and build trust just like that. Win over his heart and get your man to commit.

17. Avoid giving him deadlines.

Ultimatums can create an unwanted riff between a couple. So, if you are planning to get your man to commit, stop giving him deadlines.

Look, it is important that your guy want to commit without any kind of external pressure. If he is doing this under any influence, then babe, this is not love.

And giving him ultimatums will only make things worse. He will start hating you just like he hates his boss.

18. Fulfill your part in the relationship.

Just because he is a “Man,” it does not mean that he is solely responsible for nurturing this relationship. Darling, women are equally responsible for making or breaking relationships.

So, do not hesitate to play your role in keeping your love life blissful and chaos-free. Decide mutually about your everyday roles. Do not hesitate to ask if he needs help. Offer him your shoulder to lean on. Make him feel comfortable. Give this relationship your best and make him realize what he is gonna miss if he does not commit to this relationship.

19. Be appreciative of any and every progressive step he takes.

I know that all you want is that one “Yes” from your guy.

But if he is taking too long to commit, then babe, you must have patience. Instead of showing your frustration, keep an eye on the baby steps he takes.

Praise him whenever he inches one step closer to commitment. Appreciate him when he hints indirectly or directly towards getting committed. Give him a warm hug out of the blue when he tries to make you feel safe through his future plans.

Your appreciative words will encourage him to finally take your relationship to the next level.

20. Add value to his personal and professional life.

Do not just exist in his life. Rather, try adding value to his personal and professional life.

Offer your suggestions. Leverage your experience. Use your contacts to make things smooth and easier for him. Do your best to help him out in all situations. Never throw an “I don’t give a damn” attitude on him.

The more value you add, the more irreplaceable you become in his life.

21. Talk about “it” when you two are alone.

Do you just blurt it out in front of your family and friends?

If yes, then babe, you are doing this horribly wrong!

If he is not yet ready to commit, then most probably, he is still in some confusion. So, whenever you want to discuss this commitment thing, do it in private.

There are certain things that are better kept private. Your relationship decisions are one of those.

Signs that He is Already Up for a Committed Relationship!

  • He always prioritizes you!
  • Your bae prefers dating exclusively.
  • He keeps his promises every time.
  • He has already introduced you to his friends and family.
  • Your man often talks about his future plans and includes you in them.
  • He makes genuine efforts to make you feel special.

How Much Ignorance is Too Much Ignorance?

Even after putting in all your efforts, if your partner avoids a serious relationship and keeps playing the waiting game, then babe, you must move on with life.

Commitment is something that you deserve from your man. But if you need to forego your self-respect and keep begging for a committed relationship again and again, then the relationship is definitely not worth it!

Do not allow him to treat you like a doormat, girl. Take charge of your own life and walk away from this unfulfilling relationship.

Final Thoughts on How to Get Him to Commit!

Darling! I totally understand that your world revolves around this guy whom you are completely in love with.

And it is natural to want your man to commit and take your dreamy relationship to the next level.

However, you can try only to a certain extent to get him to commit. As I told you earlier, pushing him too much can create permanent damage. And you don’t want that, honey!

The most important thing in any relationship is mutual agreement, and if he is honest with you, sooner or later, you will definitely say yes.

Try the above-mentioned tried-and-tested commitment hacks to get a YES out of his mouth!

But if he seems way too reluctant, then babe, you definitely deserve someone better. Remember that the most important thing in your life is you, my queen!

Sending you loads of love and light your way!

Toodles! xo

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How to Get Him to Commit

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