how to make a man feel loved and respected

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Men love and want to get pampered as well. After all, they are humans with a heart too. So know how to make a man feel loved and respected with these easy ways.

Wanting to feel loved is a pretty common and understandable feeling. I mean, isn’t it the only reason most of us live and stay in a relationship, place, or the worst situation?

And when it comes to us girls, we don’t fool with our pampering and attention sessions, do we? We want all kinds of mushy crap for us, may we be on our periods or not.

So why not let the only person who does that be with us no matter what and make us laugh all day, every day, have some relaxing, loving moments and make him want you even more? They deserve that, undoubtedly!

If you are here to swoon your boo yet again, here are some tips on how to make a man feel loved and respected in a relationship. Read on to find out some of the best ways to make your man feel like he is valued and cherished!

“Relationships are 50/50”

I’ll take a wild guess that you’ve heard that at least once. Even if you’re not in a relationship yet, you can expect that advice to find its way to you. That’s because it is true in every loving relationship ever, ever! It is by there being two people wanting to make it work that a relationship thrives and moves forward. 

You need two people to put in the effort, to wonder and ask about each other’s day, to spoil the heck out, and to make things work.

All these reasons are why you should ensure that your little munchkin feels loved and respected. By doing that, you will not only make him fall in love with you harder, but it will also feel make you happy and content to see your cutie on cloud 9. (Get ready for even more hugs and cuddles later 😉

But how do you do that? How do you make your boyfriend feel loved? Don’t worry, I’ll give you 12 tips to do exactly that, lovely!

How to make a man feel loved and respected?

1. Identify his love language and use it

Make a man feel loved and respected

What is a love language? It is just the way someone expresses their affection. There are multiple ways for someone to do this, but the major ones are what you need to focus on— Acts of service, physical touch, receiving gifts, quality time, and words of affirmation.

Your man probably has one or more of these. Maybe he loves to cook for you (an act of service), or brings your flowers and small gifts sometimes. He may even love to just hold your hand or thighs or kiss you all the freakin’ time (and not with a sexual motive) or maybe he’s your number one complimenter (words of affirmation).

You just have to figure out what his love language is to stay in tune with him. Many men will have at least 2-4. But it all depends from person to person.

For instance, if your love language is an act of service and his is quality time, you two might clash. He may not like you cooking a meal for him all day when you two could simply talk or go on a picnic date.

2. Listen. No really, listen to him

Feeling listened to is one of the easiest ways to make someone feel respected. I mean, think about it. You won’t say yes to a man who barely hears you and just goes on and on about himself, would you?

And most definitely, you remember all the moments when he actually listened to you and proved that by bringing it up in some convo or while gifting you something.

If you’re worried the other person might not get that message even if you seem attentive, feel free to try little tips like reiterating what they said, showing you understand it, bringing it up in a joke or conversation, or while planning a date.

You could also try strong, romantic eye contact, for that matter. Just don’t be too over him and miss out on what he’s saying.

3. Don’t be afraid to show you’re proud of him

how to make him feel loved and respected

Yes, we women love to get shown off. I mean, what all is this beauty for anyways (Just kidding, lol)?

But men love it just as much. They love it to death when you’re proud of him. They work really hard with you and for you. They deserve a little appreciation.

So next time, whether it is a family dinner or a friendly get-together, don’t be hesitant to show him off a little. Say things like how proud you are that you hit a jackpot or you’re the luckiest woman in the world, or kiss him in front of everybody. Little things like this will make him feel loved and respected.

Also, consider if he’s a PDA kind of person or not. If he’s not, he may not like some of the things in a huge public gathering. In that case, a very close-knit group of people or your bedroom might work. But if he is, there’s nothing like making a legit statement in front of your loved ones.

Either way, he’ll adore you for sure!

4. Appreciate the little things he does 

Your man might not do everything you tell him to, at least not to a T. However, it’s up to you to see the good in what he actually does. This is what it means to appreciate the little things.

Your partner might have washed a mug, but he didn’t dry it or put it back in the cupboard. But validating the fact that he did the dishes instead of honing in on how he didn’t put everything back in its place. If you just try and appreciate his dishes today, maybe he’ll dry them and put them back the next time. Ever tried that you angry muffin?

And as much as I know men, I know there are plenty of other small things he does for you that you never even acknowledged. So try to do that starting today!

5. Practice listening before speaking

It’s not a nice feeling when you feel like you need to watch your words when with someone. That would definitely turn someone off from talking to you.

Not to be the bearer of bad news, but this is exactly what your partner might feel if you interrupt excessively before he’s finished. More specifically, he might feel like you’re controlling his words or what he is saying.

This is why you need to practice listening before speaking, even while in an argument. If you want to be his safe space – the one he goes to when he wants an escape from life, this is the way to go.

And there’s n doubt that it will make a man feel respected and loved.

6. Support his goals

Men need support too! Showing up for your man when he needs it most is one of the best ways to make him feel respected and loved. Yes, sometimes you may not be in the position, or you guys are fighting, or you are busy in your own life, but just make sure you show him that you are his biggest supporter.

If your guy has goals he wishes to accomplish before some sort of relationship milestone, support him.

Whether it’s offering encouraging words during tough times, being present when he needs someone to talk things through with, or simply being there while he pursues his dreams and ambitions – it can mean more than you know.

Is he in need of networking? Connect him with someone in his industry. Does he need to study for an upcoming, very important exam? Make him a study tracker spreadsheet. 

This way, you will be supporting not only what he wants but also encouraging a happy future for the relationship. Supporting each other through life’s ups and downs is one of the best ways you can build a strong relationship together.

7. Genuinely make friends with his friends

how to make a man feel loved and respected

Believe it or not, but guys listen to their friends more than girls do. And a good image in the eyes of his friends will not only make you look like a wonderful option for their friend (your BF) but also make your man truly happy with his choice (you).

Find a way to be genuinely interested in what his friends talk about— yes, even if that is a completely new topic to you. Not only will your partner appreciate it, but it will also make meet-ups much more fun for you. And please, don’t be too clingy and stubborn. Let them enjoy their inside jokes. You don’t have to know everything then and there.

And most importantly, never, I repeat, NEVER make him embarrassed in front of his friends. It may or may not lead to a massive fight for you two, but it will indeed make his friends question your respect towards him.

8. try to love his hobbies a little too

I know what you’re thinking, I don’t like rock climbing, why should I even try it?

Agreed. But I’m not asking you to make rock climbing your passion. I’m just asking you to show him that you are interested in things that he likes. Show him that you GENUINELY tried but didn’t end up liking it.

It will surely make him feel loved and respected that you tried. And most of the time, you guys will have unlimited laughs and fun doing that.

Like the time, I tried hiking on our date, even though I hate exercise of all kinds.

9. Ask about his day

how to make a man feel loved and respected

There absolutely are days where everything just goes wrong at work, at home, with friends. Maybe your boss was unnecessarily harsh, your mom shouted on you, you couldn’t make it to your friends meet-up and now they are pissed, ectera ectera.

And what feels nice on such days? To be able to vent about those things to someone else. Some you could tell everything and they’ll still love you, right?

Extend this ‘courtesy’ to him and prompt him to open up about his day. It won’t only help him unwind, but it will help him change from his work personality to his off-work personality and leave work at work.

Just ping him naturally at night to ask how his day was. It a nice conversation starter and he’ll feel cared for, especially through your proactive listening and guidance, he will definitely show up in your relationship exactly how you want him to.

10. show him your vulnerable side

You know that thing you need to do, but you don’t really feel like it? Unless it’s something that can only be done by you, consider passing it on to your partner. I mean, after checking with him if that’s okay, of course.

Trusting him to get it done involves a lot of vulnerability. For a person like me who is a perfectionsist and cannot let others mess even a tiny bit, it’s HARD. But that’s the key. Letting your walls down and trusting him enough to show him that he is loved and respected too.

Even when overwhelmed, how easy is it to say that ‘we will just do it ourselves’? It might pay off if you trust him with something like this. The overall closeness and honesty in the relationship will improve simply by doing this, he will feel needed, and you will have one less thing to take care of 😉

Since guys love feeling needed and helping out their girl, this sounds like a win-win to me.

11. Penny for your thoughts?

how to make a man feel loved and appreciated

If you didn’t get it from that infamous expression, this part urges you to ask for his opinion. Wherever you can, whenever you can. There’s no better way of making him feel valued than this.

When you ask a guy for an opinion, you’re not only seeking his input in a decision that’s got you divided. You’re also telling him loud and clear that his thoughts matter to you. You’re making it pretty obvious that you want him to weigh in on parts of your life.

You could simply start by asking his opinions on a certain dress you wanna buy, or how should you deal with something at work or with one of your friends. You could even ask for his opinion on a new restaurant he wanna try or something like that.

It’s pretty easy and makes him feel included and valued in the relationship. Not only that, it will also deepen your bond because now he’ll also ask for your opinions on his life situations.

12. Let him in on why you like having him around 

You know what, in a right relationship and with the right partner, boosting each other’s confidence and securities come naturally. Just like how you would like timely appreciation and affirmations, he’d like that too.

If his presence and jokes is soothing your heart, tell him. Let him know that he is quintessential to you.

Start a conversation with a Hi handsome, Tell him how you think you both look dreamy as a pair. Throw compliments all over the conversation.

And don’t just stop there. 

Be sincere about it. Leave notes on his car about why you like him. Make him a small book with all the reasons. There are so many cute ways to boost a guy’s confidence and make him feel loved and respected.

13. Do small but thoughtful gestures

how to make a guy feel good

Isn’t it so nice when someone notices something you need without you having to ask for it? It makes you feel really special, right?

Well, that’s the goal in mind with this one. Even if your love language isn’t acts of service, it won’t diminish at all how much he’ll like this.

Everyone loves feeling appreciated, especially men who often don’t receive enough appreciation from their partners. Show your guy how much he means to you with small gestures throughout the day – from thoughtful texts or compliments, to surprise date nights or gifts for no reason – it’s these little things that will make your man feel truly loved and cared for.

For instance, maybe by interacting with him, you’ve found out that he loves music— maybe you’ll give him a Spotify Premium subscription. Or collectible vinyl records of his favorite band. Just leave a sticky love note. Or send him a good morning message to wake him up. It doesn’t have to be expensive or over-the-top – even just giving him an extra hug or kiss can go a long way towards making him feel special.

14. Make him smile in the morning

As I say, mornings set the mood for the day. And no matter you live together or not, there are endless ways you could make him smile in the morning.

Not only will it lay the groundwork right, he’ll think about you all day. How about making him fall in love even harder? 😉

A simple good morning text (which you can copy from this post too) or a sweet morning kiss with loving words are just enough to make a man feel loved.

15. Make him feel needed in the relationship

how to make your boyfriend happy

I don’t know but it has to do something with the male psychology and masculine energies. But it sure works!

You got to make your man feel needed in your life. You have to show him that there are things that you just cannot do without him to trigger his masculine energies. This is one of the secrets to healthy relationships actually.

I know what your next question is – Harman, I am a strong, independent woman who can lay on him for small things. How can I make him feel needed? Well, guest what? Ditto!

So I found my own ways 😉 Try asking him to run an errand for you or pay all the bills. Make him handle the finances and budgets or simple ask him for solutions to your problems.

It’s seriously as easy as it sounds!

16. initiate things in the bedroom

What man doesn’t love sex? And when it’s initiated by you, don’t be worried if it makes him go crazy for you.

If you believe me even 1%, I highly highly recommend you to start initiating things in the bedroom. I’m sure they love doing the work but try taking the lead sometimes. Tell them in kinky ways you’re open to stuff (which you must first be comfortable with).

Grab his attention in a room full of people with a naughty text or flirty eye contact. Take charge. Tell him that he’s good, maybe the best you ever had. Tell him how fu*king hot he is. Try a new position where you get to be on top of him.

17. flirt with him. Still.

how to love a man

Flirting with your man in a relationship can be one of the most powerful ways to make him feel loved and respected — and it’s also a whole lotta fun!

A sly smile or coy laugh here, a gentle touch or meaningful stare there- flirtatious behavior goes a long way towards showing your man that he means something special to you.

So don’t be afraid to let him know that you’re still vested in making your love thrive even after months and years of being together – have fun, be playful, and give him those “Woo-hoos!” of encouragement when shared moments arise. Not only will you boost his confidence and make him feel wanted – but you’ll get rewarded with those sparkly eyes and blooming smiles he flashes your way.

18. defend him in front of others, and behind his back

Only if there was a better way to show a man how much you love and respect him. You know you are in for a nice trouble when you cannot hear anything negative about them, no matter where it is coming from.

I once fought back with one of I and Parav’s closest mutual friend just because he was joking about something which Parav was fine about and I got furious, lol.

But at least I fighting back for him showed Parav how good of a girlfriend I am for having his back. I also recommend doing that when your boyfriend is around, because why not?

19. give him space sometimes

how to make your boyfriend feel better

Oh no no, don’t get scared. Giving him space can be good sometimes. In fact, if you give him the space he needs, he’ll feel even more loved and respected in the relationship!

Space can provide a moment for reflection, contemplation and calmness — making disagreements or conflicts easier to both recognize and address. It also can help set a distance in which you both can find ways to better understand each other based on the contributions that you each make to the relationship.

In this sense, it allows your significant other to (literally) breathe easier in knowing that love does exist between you two—and is not constantly smothering them with expectations of what they should always be doing or needing. Giving him space sends a strong message: “I trust you and I am confident enough to handle anything that arises”.

Final thoughts on how to make a man feel loved and respected

Although you can’t pick and choose what qualities will keep your man around, you can totally attract him to your authentic self by seeking how to make a man feel loved and respected.

With all of these tips, you have all the tools to do exactly that. Just don’t forget to love and respect yourself as well, beautiful!

Again, making a man feel loved and respected isn’t rocket science – but it does require effort from both parties involved! After all, relationships really are 50/50.

So what are you waiting for? Start showing your man how much he means by taking action today!

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