He Texts Me Everyday

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If he texts you everyday, I know the first question that pops up is – Is It Love or Just Habit? So let’s delve into it & figure it out!

I’ve had several friends trying to decode a guy’s texts, and I’ve myself been in situations where I’ve been obsessed with trying to understand what a guy’s intentions are when he’s texting me every day.

We would talk daily, but I was puzzled and curious to understand what it meant. Of course, the mystery unveiled itself later, but I would’ve been so relieved if I had discovered it earlier just by observing his texts. I mean, it was so obvious, but I couldn’t see it. 😵‍💫

I’m sure this sounds familiar, and you’ve also been in a situation where you’re talking to a guy regularly, but you just can’t seem to understand what is the deeper meaning behind his texts. 

If you’re wondering what it means if he texts you every day, this guide is for you. I’m here to help you crack the code by spilling the beans of some secrets and tactics of guys to understand their intentions through their texts. 

Let’s get started! 

9 true reasons why a guy texts You Everyday?

Girls, we all know that guys usually aren’t the type to use texting for communication. So, if a guy is constantly texting you every day, there must be some meaning behind it. 

In this section, I’ll help you understand what it means if he texts you everyday by discussing various contexts. Dig right in!

1. He is actually Into You

Men usually like to invest their time in people they like or are close with. So, if he texts you daily, chances are he is into you. (You go, girl!). This new age of dating can be confusing for a lot of us as texting regularly to show care, interest, and affection has become a thing. Trust me; I’ve been in your shoes. 

He may also text message you playfully, don’t get alarmed by that. While some guys may flirt with you or text you to get into your pants, most men text playfully when they like you a little too much. His playful and flirty texts are a sign that he feels open and comfortable with you. 

This also means that he’s constantly texting you because he wants to take things forward. Moreover, you’ll also know that he likes you if he sends you everyday texts like: 

  • He doesn’t send vague texts, and his texts are emotionally rich. Meaning he takes time to think of what to text you and tries to make conversation. 
  • He doesn’t send texts for sexting purposes only. In other words, he shares information about his personal matters, talks about things of mutual interests and shares viewpoints, and likes to have everyday conversations apart from the playful texts. 
  • He keeps asking questions about you, what you like, your life in general, your opinions and perspectives, etc. 

2. He’s Playing the Role of a Good Friend 

All my girlfriends would agree on this one! Trust me when I say it. We’ve all had that one good guy friend who texts everyday but doesn’t flirt or initiate anything. 

If you’re dealing with this type of guy, you have your answer, sister! He’s probably just playing the part of a good friend. You’ll know you’re getting everyday texts from a good friend if: 

  • He talks to you every day but doesn’t share a lot of personal or emotional stuff. 
  • He gives you details about people in his life and asks you about the men you’re dating. 
  • You have known him for a very long time, and it has always been platonic. 

3. He’s in the Rebound Phase

Not just guys; we women tend to do this too. Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve just gotten out of a relationship and long for that comfort and attention, so you start talking to other men to feel good? 

That’s it! If the guy who’s texting you every day has just bounced off from a relationship, it is highly likely that he’s texting you to get some comfort. He might also be interested in you, but he may not act upon it as it will take time for him to heal and see you for who you are. 

From one girl to another, you’ll know he’s texting you every day to seek comfort if: 

  • He’s not over his ex and talks a lot about them. 
  • He doesn’t pay attention to who you are as a person and your personality. 
  • He seems to be healing from hurt and regrets from his previous relationship. 
  • He doesn’t seem too interested in asking about your life. 

4. He wants to Get to Know you Better

This one’s good. Speaking from personal experience, I dated a guy once who was definitely into me but took things slow by constantly texting me and trying to know me better before he took the next step. 

The funny part is that I always knew he was into me and was waiting for him to make a move, haha! 🤪 So, if the guy you’re talking to seems to be taking too much interest in your life and keeps talking to you, he’s probably romantically interested in you. 

It’s just that he doesn’t want to rush into anything and wants to know you’re also into him before he makes a move. He’s also trying to get to know you better. If this is the case and you also like him, you should talk to him with equal enthusiasm and drop hints if you want to take things forward. 

If you’re still confused about whether he’s trying to know you better because he likes you, look for these positive signs to get your answer: 

  • If he’s always asking a lot of questions about you. 
  • If he subtly tries to convey that he likes you and doesn’t throw you off with strong romantic statements. 
  • If he openly tells you everything about himself whenever you ask him any questions. 

Moreover, he will also text you with many questions because he wants to keep the conversation going. A guy who doesn’t like you will never put much effort into his texts. 

If he keeps asking questions that require detailed answers, you’ve managed to get into his head, girl! It means he simply enjoy just doesn’t want to stop and loves every bit of it! 

5. He is Passing Time 

Usually, when a guy sends everyday texts, it means a lot of good things. However, life isn’t a bed of roses, and as your girlfriend, it becomes my responsibility to share the other side of it as well. 

If he texts you every day, but you don’t feel like he’s interested in you, it could mean that he’s just passing his time. He has too much time to spare, and he texts multiple people every day to get rid of his boredom. 

You will know if the guy you’re talking to is doing so for the same reason if: 

  • His texts don’t reflect that he’s putting effort into them. 
  • He doesn’t ask you much about yourself. 
  • He doesn’t mind discussing topics you want to talk about.
  • He texts every day but doesn’t ever ask you out. 

In other words, he is only texting you because it seems to be convenient, and he probably texts other girls simultaneously. 

You should only talk to this guy if you’re talking to him to pass the time as well. Because once he finds something interesting, he will probably stop texting everyday. 

6. He’s a Player

In most cases, players don’t tend to text you every day. However, today’s dating era has also upgraded the players as some of them have started investing more time in texting you every day to take their game to the next level. 

Based on how he wants to go about it, he can text you every day for a very long time till he suddenly ghosts you and repeats this pattern now and then. 

You will know that he’s playing games with you if he: 

  • If he seems to be insensitive and doesn’t pay attention to your needs and feelings. 
  • He doesn’t seem to be interested in whatever you say. 
  • He keeps trying to turn the conversation into sexting. 

There are so many other signs of him being player that you can check here 😉

You should continue talking to him if you’re up for a game with the player yourself. However, if this is something you’re not looking for, RUN. Take a step back and ghost him the minute you feel like he’s a player before you get played by him. 

7. He Genuinely Cares 

I’m sure you’ll instantly know what I’m talking about when I say girls get this gut feeling about a guy’s intentions as soon as they start talking regularly. Getting back to the good part, if a guy texts you every day and genuinely seems to be into the conversation, he probably cares about you. 

It can be both romantically or platonically. Whatever it may be, he is doing so to keep a check on you, see if you’re doing good, and what’s new in your life. He could either simply care about you or show care because he’s romantically interested. 

In addition, you’ll know he cares about you and your opinions if he asks for your perspective on every little thing and doesn’t make decisions without taking your opinion. 

He will also be concerned about your well-being and go out of his way to make you happy. If you’re talking to a guy who tries to make you laugh or does things that cheer you up, know that you’ve got a keeper who cares deeply.

8. He Likes a Friend of Yours 

This may sound offensive, but some guys do have the audacity to talk to you just to get a way to connect with your friend. There’s a saying, “Men will be men,” which goes perfectly with this example. 

You’ll know the guy who is texting you everyday because he likes your friends if his conversations often revolve around her, and he keeps asking about her. 

He will probably try to make you feel like he cares about you while he slyly finds ways to connect with your friend. Please don’t fall for his trap, girlfriend. You deserve better than that. 

9. You Boost his Ego 

Yes, men can be insecure too. If the guy you’re talking to has self-esteem issues or is insecure, chances are he’s texting you every day to boost his ego. 

He is probably texting you every day only to get some attention from you as well as some other women he might be texting. He finds you interesting and feels nice about himself when you reply. 

Here are a few great signs to look out for if your guy is only texting you to satisfy his ego: 

  • He doesn’t ask you out. 
  • He sticks to texting only and doesn’t call or make plans to meet. 
  • He doesn’t share much about himself or his life. 
  • He doesn’t seem interested in getting to know you better. 
  • He texts regularly at his convenience. 

Understanding His Intentions through the Timing of His Texts

As girls, we can also learn why a guy is texting us daily by understanding when he’s texting us. If you talk to this guy daily, his intentions will be clear to you by observing when and for what reason he’s texting. 

Don’t worry! I’m here to help you figure it all out! 

  • If he regularly texts you first thing in the morning, it means that he’s thinking about you and wants to start his day by talking to you. 
  • If he texts you during the day, it means he is either taking time out of his busy schedule to check up on you or thinking of you when he’s free. Anyway, it shows that he cares and thinks of you as an important part of his everyday life. 
  • If he texts you only at night, it’s highly likely that it’s a booty call and he thinks about you after he’s done with everything else. On the other hand, if his texts are flirty or he always wants to sext, it could also mean that his intentions are to get in your pants, which is also fine if you’re on the same page. 
  • If he texts you throughout the day, it means that he’s very much into you and likes you a lot. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are a few questions you girls often ask about guys and texting. I’m here to answer them for you! 

1. How much should I text him?

Your instincts will answer this question for you, not me. You should text him as much as you want to. If you feel like you want to text him regularly, do that. Listen to your heart if you don’t feel like texting him often. 

Text him as much as you feel like it, as long as you know he’s on the same page and you’re not intruding or being clingy. Life is too short to be overthinking these things!

2. How often will he text if he likes me?

Every person is different, and they can have a unique language for showing affection and care. If a guy who likes you isn’t much of a texter, he may not text you as often as you’d think. 

However, I’m sure he’ll be consistent because he’ll try to go out of his way to put effort into texting you. On the other hand, if the guy is an active texter, he will probably text you a lot. Thus, it is subjective, and there’s no specification for how much he should text for you to know he likes you

3. Does a guy text a girl every day if he just wants to be good friends?

A guy can text you for many reasons. Maybe he’s texting you every day because you’re a good friend, a fun person to talk to, or if he simply likes to indulge in conversations with you. Or maybe he’s texting you every day because he likes you romantically. Reasons can be many; the context in which he talks to you is what makes a difference. 

4. How to tell if a guy is into me through texting?

You’ll know he’s into you just by looking at his body language. So, if: 

  • His replies are quick. 
  • He often says that he wishes he wouldn’t just be texting you. 
  • He informs you whenever he’s busy and won’t be able to reply instantly. 
  • He likes to listen to you talk about your life. 
  • He talks about meeting you and what both of you would do together. 
  • He uses some flirty emojis. 
  • He hints at having in person conversations.
  • He seems to be interested in getting to know you better. 
  • He often sends long texts and indulges in detailed conversations. 

What Should You Conclude Out of It? 

Now that you’re here, I’m sure you’ve cracked what your guy’s intentions are. That said, I must be honest with you when I say that texts alone cannot portray his real intentions. 

If you want to know how he really feels, you should talk to him on call or make plans to go out with him. This way, you won’t just get a better idea of his intentions, but you’ll also get to know him better as a person. 

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