signs he likes you but is playing it cool

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Struggling to understand someone’s true intentions? Here are a few visible signs of taking note of – that he likes you but is playing it cool.

When it comes to expressing feelings, guys can really give you hard times.

Men, I tell you 😒

Well, not all guys are the same. But most of them will give you hot and cold vibes when they start falling for you. I know, I know…such behaviors are highly infuriating! Their on-and-off signs often put you in a dilemma. 

Even I had gone through kind-of similar experiences when I met my bae! But your girl is smart enough to decode those cryptic signs 😉

So, if you are sailing the same boat, girl, worry not. I am here to unravel the feelings of your man for you. 

Wait no more and jump straight to the meaty details!

Do guys play it cool when they like someone?

Yes, guys often play it cool when they like someone. They may act aloof or distant, not text back as quickly, or try to keep the conversation surface-level. This can be a way of testing the waters without being too vulnerable.

25 Telltale Signs That Signs He Likes You But is Playing it Cool!

1. His body language reveals his actual feelings.

signs he likes you but is hiding it

This has to be the biggest sign that will reveal his true feelings for you. No matter how hard he tries to ignore you, his body language will always betray him.

His involuntary actions are enough for you to understand what is going on in his mind. So, here are a few things to take note of:

  • He will keep staring at you but turn away as soon as you look at him.
  • His chest and feet will point toward you even when he is talking to someone else in your group.
  • He will act nervous and clumsy when you are around.
  • He will talk and laugh out loud in order to shift his attention from you.

Does your guy often indulge in these activities? If yes, then babe, something is brewing in his heart!

2. He is all ears to whatever you have to say.

When you are exalted or distraught and want to pour your heart out to someone, this guy shows up. For a change, at this moment, he will seem calm and supportive. He will listen to everything you say with all his heart. 

His eyes will light up in your happiness. And you will literally see that gloom on his face when you are upset. 

He won’t get bored of your words. In fact, no matter how many times you repeat the same thing, he will listen to you earnestly without interrupting you in between.

3. He tries to learn more about you from your friends and colleagues.

signs he likes you but is hiding it

Here’s another sign he likes you but is playing it cool. Basically, your colleagues and friends will often come to you saying that this guy was seeking information about you. Hang on, hang on! I know this might creep you out. But wait, he is not a stranger. He is just a friend or colleague who you find really cute.

He will often try to know about your childhood, ambitions, relationship status, and preferences from your acquaintances. This is just a smart hack to know you from the inside out. Next time when he meets you, he will come fully prepared to impress you. 

Also, when a special man seeks details about you from others, it means that they love talking about you and that their world revolves around you. 

4. His actions are contrary to his nature when with you.

Well, maybe he is an extroverted and fun-loving guy. You will often find him pulling the legs of his friends. But all of a sudden, when he is around you, he embraces a 2.0 avatar!

He will try to appear well-behaved and calm around you. Besides, he won’t make fun of you and will treat you like a gentleman. In an attempt to not reveal his feelings for you, he will actually try to stay silent and introverted. Also, since he loves to listen to you, he will give you more space to talk and express yourself.

5. He tries to help you out, but indirectly.

signs he likes you but is hiding it

He will try his best to offer you help and pull you out of any tricky situation. But at the same time, you will see the hesitation in his eyes. This guy will plan and plot to offer you help but not let you know about the same.

Ever heard of those letters that said, “Your wellwisher?” This man aims at being your biggest cheerleader but without letting you know. He will leave no stones unturned to make your life better and your days shinier. But, he will prefer to stay at a distance to enjoy the moment when you finally feel relieved. 

6. He is available for you whenever you need him.

I understand this hot and cold behavior can sometimes get on your nerves. You may even consider leaving all hopes on this guy. But, babe, the next moment you call him up for a little help, he will take no moment to reach your doorstep.

Yes, this special guy may seem busy when you ask him out for brunch. But, the moment you let your guard off and seek mental and emotional support, he will be there for you. 

Trust me, if he is in love with you, he won’t be able to see you upset or anxious. He will leave all his world behind just to be by your side in your low times. 

7. He actually remembers whatever you tell him.

signs he likes you but is playing it cool

It feels good when someone actually remembers the tiny-winy details you share about yourself with them. But such people are actually rare in life.

This man who likes you but is too shy to reveal his actual feelings for you will not just listen but actually remember everything you tell him. 

Whether it is a trivial argument at your workplace, a dress that is making you uncomfortable, or maybe an event that is making you anxious, he will remember it all. He won’t forget about the places, foods, and people that you mention fleetingly. 

Not just this, he will even follow up on you through any common friend about anything that is disturbing you. 

8. He steals glances at you more often.

Now, this is one of the biggest signs he likes you but is playing it cool! You will often catch him stealing glances at you. Even while he is with his friends or colleagues, he won’t miss a chance to stare at your beautiful face. 

Babe, he loves to watch you. But at the same time, he is afraid of revealing it to you. 

And tell me one thing, darling! Don’t you love it when your man does this?

9. He is always well-dressed and groomed when around you.

signs he likes you but is playing it cool

Even if he is trying hard to ignore you, he won’t commit the crime of dressing shabbily when around you. He will put on his best outfits and groom himself just to be in the same room as you. From denim jackets, and t-shirts to blazers, you will see him trying his best to look like no less than a Hollywood celeb when with you. 

10. He never misses an opportunity to touch you in a gentle manner.

Umm..if this guy often brushes his fingers against yours or touches your hands gently while returning the book to you, or maybe he hugs you lightly while seeing you off, then babe, this is another telltale sign that he likes you but is playing it cool.

Basically, he is testing the waters to understand your feelings. Also, he simply cannot stay away from you and loves those moments of innocent physical proximity. 

11. He finds excuses to be around you all the time.

signs he likes you but is playing it cool

Even though he does not want to get close to you, he finds all the excuses in the world to be near you. He will get enrolled in the same course as you. He will join your gang as you plan a picnic. You will see him dancing in the same pub where you are celebrating your birthday. You will see him lost under a heap of books in the same library where you are studying. 

This is just his way of not losing out on a moment to soak in your enticing beauty.

12. He makes outing plans with just you.

No, he does not have the courage to ask you on a date.

So, he comes up with harmless excuses to be with you one-on-one. For instance, he will request you to join him at a party, saying that he does not want to feel lonely and out of place. Or, he may ask you to accompany him to his interview, saying that he is a bit nervous and needs motivation. 

When you find more such excuses coming your way, know that your guy is definitely up to something. 

13. He tries to know about your idea of a perfect partner.

signs he likes you but is playing it cool

In one way or the other, he will ask you about your idea of a perfect partner. He is basically trying to know if he fits in the parameter of your ideal partner. He wants to know whether he is eligible or not to stay in the competition. And tries to mold himself in a way that resembles your idea of a perfect partner. 

14. He often gives a mixed vibe.

On some days, he will act all friendly, cozy and caring. On other days, he will simply ignore your calls and messages. He does not want his feelings to be so obvious to you. And that’s why he tries in vain to give you that “I don’t care” attitude. In the process, he hurts himself as well as pushes you away. Getting such mixed vibes from your partner is definitely not so cool.

15. He shares his fondest life memories with you.

signs he likes you but is playing it cool

During those rare moments when he is all up and close to you about his personal life, your guy will take his guard off and share his fondest life memories with you. He will get nostalgic as his eyes glimmer when he narrates about his childhood, hobbies, and similar stories. 

Now if a guy shares such beautiful memories with you, know that he is definitely up for something serious. 

16. He often cracks jokes about you two having an affair.

More often than not, he will joke about you two being in a relationship. He will make those silly relationship jokes and add, “just kidding,” at the end. Basically, he is trying to comprehend your thoughts about the same. Whether you laugh at the idea or consider it a bit seriously- he notices every single thing. 

17. He showers you with sincere compliments.

signs he likes you but is hiding it

Although most of the time, he will try to avoid you, but on times when he is truly with you, he never fails to compliment you with all his heart. He loves everything about you. But he is afraid to be vocal or expressive of it. So, when he thinks it to be right, he showers you with genuine compliments.

18. He seems jealous but tries to show indifference when you get close to any of your “male” friends.

Next time you two are with your common friends, try getting close to one of your guy friends. Notice how this completely puts off your special guy. But at the same time, he will try to show his aloofness. He will act cool and casual. But deep down, he feels envious of the other guy. 

19. He never misses out on your social media posts.

signs he likes you but is hiding it

If your man is into you, he will keep a tab on all your social media posts. He may or may not like your pictures and reels; he may or may not leave comments on them, but trust me, he is the first one to know that you have posted something on social media. 

Don’t believe me? Check the viewer’s list on your Insta story right now. Don’t get amazed to see his name there, babe!

20. His text messages seem cryptic at times.

If he is into texting, then at times, you will notice that some of his messages are cryptic in nature. And when you straightforwardly ask him what he means, he will simply change the topic on some pretext.  

21. He behaves strangely with his friends when around you.

signs he likes you but is hiding it

When his friends are around you two, he will seem under intense pressure. While his friends will show up all goofy and grinning, he will try hard to make them behave. He tries his best to stop his friends from disclosing his feelings for you. 

22. He encourages you in your endeavors but subtly.

Your special man will hype you up in more ways than you can ever imagine. He will motivate you but not openly. He will share with you instances and stories that show his indirect support towards your best endeavors. He will set up his friends to keep you boosted and hyped up on your special days.

23. He requests your common friends to check up on you.

does guy play it cool

When he finds out that you are not okay, he requests all your common friends to check up on you in one way or the other. He feels that he should not approach you directly. But on the other hand, he can’t stay calm until and unless he knows that you are feeling better. 

24. He seeks your advice on important life issues.

When he feels stuck or is in a dilemma, he will seek your advice without any inhibitions. He trusts you with all his heart and feels that you are the right one to advise him about important life issues. And babe, you are the only person he does not hesitate to show his vulnerable side. 

25. He behaves like a knight in shining armor for your slightest inconvenience.

signs he likes you but is playing it cool

Whether you have a common cold, your network is down, or you have forgotten to bring along that book to the class, he wants to be your knight in shining armor in all situations. He will go all out to make you feel comfortable and happy. 

But Why Does He Behave So Oddly?

This question might have popped up in your head so often. So lemme help you with male psychology. 

In all probability, your guy is literally dying to declare his love to you. But he is unsure about the consequences!

He is highly skeptical about your reaction. By professing his love for you, he does not want to lose you. He fears rejection more than anything else.

Also, your guy can be a big-time introverted personality (one of the many other male personalities). Perhaps he is too shy to open up about his feelings for you. 

And lastly, he may have experienced heartbreaks in his previous relationships. So, this time, maybe he is trying to be this tough guy who does not fall for anyone. 

How do you tell if a guy actually likes you or is playing you?

signs he likes you but is playing it cool

If a guy actually likes you, he will usually show it in the way he interacts with you. He may be more attentive and engaged when speaking with you, open up about his feelings and emotions, and find excuses to spend time with you. He should also make an effort to get to know your interests and values.

On the other hand, if he is playing you, he will likely seem distant or uninterested in building a connection beyond surface-level topics.

Here’s What You Should Do If Your Guy is Giving You Mixed Signals!

Darling, if you are tired of your guy keeping you confused about his feelings, here’s what you can do:

1. Take the lead

Babe, gone are the days when men used to take the initiative in any relationship. If you feel that this guy is introverted and shy and won’t be able to express his feelings, take charge in your hands. Make a bold move and approach him. If he is right for you, ask him out for a date. Let him know loud and clear that you are madly in love with him.

It is highly likely that your guy will take a sigh of relief and hug you with joy.

2. Give him the space he needs

If you can afford to wait and are really in love with this man, give him the time and space he needs. Let him introspect, and do the self-realization stuff so that he can make up his mind and approach you with confidence.

3. Play it his way

If he shows all the signs that he likes you but is playing it cool, then babe, hear me out! You can tease him by being unavailable. Go incognito, girl!

Keep a tab on him and notice how he gets distraught when you are not around. Ignore his messages and calls for some time. Miss the classes that you two used to take together for a few days. Give him mixed vibes and keep him confused. Let him crave your presence. He may himself get impatient and blurt his feelings out to you!

4. Ask direct questions

If you don’t want to play any game and wish to keep it direct, then communicate with your guy. Ask straightforward questions and make it easy for him. Be respectful and listen to what he says. Prompt him to give suitable answers and see how easy it turns out!

Signs He Likes You But is Playing it Cool In a Nutshell

Getting into a relationship with the right person is perhaps one of the most beautiful experiences in life. But when one person hesitates, then the other person should take the lead. 

If the man of your dreams is taking time to open up, look for these signs. In case he shows at least half of these signs, then babe, know that he surely has feelings for you.

I really hope that this article has cleared away all the clouds of your doubts. 

Don’t forget to let me know who took the first step!

Will be waiting for your comments!


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Signs He Likes You But is Playing it Cool

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