My ex has a new girlfriend, does he miss me

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Wondering, “My ex has a new girlfriend, does he miss me?” might be a good sign, here’s why.

It’s been a few months since your breakup, and you’re finally starting to feel like yourself again. You’re going out with friends, working on your career, and rediscovering hobbies that you love. Then, one day, you see a post on social media that stops you in your tracks: your ex is in a new relationship. You can’t help but wonder: does he miss me?

It’s normal to feel a twinge of jealousy or hurt when you see your ex moving on, but it’s important to remember that everyone copes with breakups differently. Some people need time to be alone before they’re ready to date again, while others immediately jump into new relationships.

There’s no right or wrong way to deal with a breakup, and there’s no guarantee that your ex is missing you just because he’s in a new relationship.

But it’s just that sometimes, we feel the urge to know if we’re being missed the same way we miss someone. Don’t we? 

From my experience, the feeling of missing someone is just plain unavoidable and hurting. It’s one of those emotions that only gets stronger if you try to eliminate it. 

With such an intense and impacting experience, it’s reasonable to want to know we’re not alone. Especially when it comes to someone you were so in love with.

You don’t want to be the only one who’s missing the other person. You need to know that they cherish your memories just as much. That even if they don’t go out of their way to show it, they still miss you. 

Now, missing someone manifests in all kinds of situations and relationships…

What if it’s with your ex? What if he’s the one you’re missing? 

Orrrrrr, what if you’re missing your ex, who has a new girlfriend? Already!

That context begs the question, “My ex has a new girlfriend, does he miss me?” 

Since we’ve already established, you can’t just stop yourself from missing someone you once were head over heels in love with…Let’s find out if it’s worth missing him or not, a.k.a. going back to him and doing something about his new girlfriend or not, shall we, gorgeous? 

Why would he miss you after making a new girlfriend? 

I mean, we could simply see the signs that he’s missing you and tell, but now that he has a girlfriend, it changes everything.

And we could simply offer a general answer, but that wouldn’t cover many (if any) of the scenarios possibly going through our minds. 

So let’s find out all the scenarios and reasons why he would miss you after the breakup and making a new girlfriend already!

1. He’ll realize sooner or later that you were far better.

My ex has a new girlfriend, does he miss me

The obvious one, indeed! You know, they say that the grass is not always greener on the other side. And it’s just a matter of fact that one day he’ll wake up and realize he made a huge mistake by letting you go. He’ll start to miss your beautiful smile, your laughter, and the way you always knew how to make him feel better.

He’ll realize that he misses having someone who is always there for him, believes in him, and loves him unconditionally. He’ll start to miss being with someone who makes him feel special and appreciated.

He’ll start fondly remembering all their memories with you. He’ll start letting thoughts of you and comparisons creep in, flooding their mind. 

What kind of comparisons, you ask? 

“I really don’t like the way she reacted to me accidentally snapping, my ex used to be much more understanding.” 

While it may not seem like much, small comparisons like that will inevitably influence someone’s thoughts. 

At that point, he’ll regret his decision to let you go, and maybe he’ll run back to you even if he had a girlfriend.

2. Your presence is still with him. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean your physical presence. If that was the case, you probably wouldn’t even need to ask this question in the first place. 

It means that there are still things in his life that remind them of you. 

Maybe you left your favorite CD at their house? Or maybe it was your limited edition scrunchy? Or lipstick? Or it’s something you gifted them?

And if there are no physical memories like that, the way you were when with him will probably linger on in their thoughts of you. What they felt upon seeing you enter a room is probably not something their mind easily forgets.

This is such a simple but heartfelt way in which we might miss you, and his new girlfriend would not have a chance here because she is yet to make all those memories that you guys already had!

3. The craving for connection

My ex has a new girlfriend, does he miss me

Research shows that blaming yourself is not a factor that will help you in these kinds of situations. In fact, your brain is probably firing all kinds of signals. 

I mean, yes, it doesn’t really fire; rather, it makes you aware of them, of the need, of the presence of someone you’ve been with for a long time.

That is why they say it’s worse to leave a habit than to add one. And you know what? It barely takes 21 days to add something to your habit.

And if your relationship was longer than that, I can assure you that he’s having a hard time removing you from his brain.

Psychology says…

As humans, we have a need to attach ourselves to something meaningful. That can be a nice and helpful charity, or it can be as deep as a personal attachment. 

You see, when something like that gets taken away, our brains resent it. This makes it practically a given to miss someone. 

The best part? 

It’s not anyone’s fault. The brain literally gets hooked on having that person around. 

4. You are not being happy with yourself. 

It’s not a very nice reason, but it needs to be said. 

Often we’ll find ourselves looking for the qualities of someone we’re missing. Qualities like ambition and resilience. Extreme care and a good listener.

However, this goes for all types of qualities. If you don’t have it, you’ll long to find them in someone else. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

There’s nothing wrong with you for missing what could be considered the total opposite of you. That’s just the way we are. 

From my experience, we see a shiny thing, and we want it, who would not?

And maybe that’s the reason why you want him to miss you even when he has a girlfriend now.

What’s the solution here, you ask?

Self-love, self-care, and doing things that make you fuller, happier and complete. Once you do that, you’ll always attract the right partners who would not complete you, but instead let you grow on your own!

5. What about your breakup?

My ex has a new girlfriend, does he miss me

The way you two broke up would say a lot about if he misses you now that he has a new girlfriend. It might even skew a little the answer to our answer.

Have you heard the saying that people will remember how you made them feel, not what you did?

I can’t stress enough how much it applies here.

Even if the moment right before the day you broke up was the happiest, it would get overshadowed. Well, completely, of course.

Because the last time you and your ex talked, it was when you either had a huge fight, miscommunication, or some ugly things said, which led to the breaking up. I mean, these are some of the logical assumptions, right?

So before we get the chance to think over our history with someone, our last meeting will prevail in our minds. 

Which makes it so important to reflect back on the time of your break up. Did you say things you didn’t mean? Were you overly aggressive? Did you overreact? Was their more of your fault?

If the answers to the above questions are yes, you might want to clear the air with them and let them know. Because they probably replayed that day over and over and realized they didn’t wanna be with someone who didn’t respect them and thought ugly about them. Your last convo may also be the reason they never wanna come back.

And clearing up may give you a chance to fix things. And no, it won’t be weird if he has made a new girlfriend. Okay, maybe a little weird, but at least you tried. And that’s what counts.

6. he might realize that his new relationship is more of a rebound

You know, sometimes, to forget someone, we have to get distracted by new things in the market. We need to dip our feet to see what the world has in store for us.

And rebound relationships are just like that.

So if they realized that their new relationship is more of a rebound than something serious, it wouldn’t take longer than 5 seconds to realize that they miss you. And they will.

But what if you know that it’s a rebound relationship, but they don’t?

I mean, we have ways to get your ex back from a rebound relationship 😉 If that’s what you want.

But they’re in a relationship, do they miss me?

I can almost hear you asking that.

The truth is, we can probably explore the feeling of missing someone indefinitely. But that would probably not give you half of the answers you’re looking for.

In this case, a specific answer to “My ex has a new girlfriend, does he miss me?” To find out that answer, we need to ask another one.

What would make someone who’s in a relationship miss someone else?

7. They are still not over you.

he has a new girlfriend, does he miss me

This probably comes as no surprise. It’s the most obvious reason for someone to miss you while they’re in a new relationship.

Even if obvious, this comes at a cast, which is the unknown. There are multiple signs to guess if someone is still not over you and still waiting for you

Nevertheless, you can’t get into their mind and poke around to confirm it, right? This feeling of being unknown and being left out in the cold is definitely not nice.

But if they are truly not over you, they’ll come back. It may or may not take some time, but it’ll happen.

8. Their new partner is a nightmare

Now, we all have flaws, and no match is perfect.

Even so, there’s a difference between clashing personalities and straight-up incompatibility.

One thing that might motivate your ex to miss you while in a relationship is this.

After the initial bubbly excitement of a new partner, the real facts kick in.

What are they?

They are the hard work and elbow grease needed to make a relationship work.

Of course, both parties might be willing to go through that. But it doesn’t mean your ex won’t think back to how you two handled things. It doesn’t mean they won’t wish to have your type of effort back.

9. Change might scare them. 

Even when it comes to ourselves, we hate letting fear stop us from falling in love again.

The truth is that no matter how much we hate this, it’s a reality. One that we need to come to terms with.

The way you’d imagine this being a reality for you, it will also be for your ex. Fears like this can hinder their new relationship from working. They might fear opening up once again as they did with you. It might scare them to introduce someone new to their parents again, with no guarantee it will work out.

Fear might be a really big factor for them to miss you even while having a new boo.

So, does he miss me or not?

At this point, you’re most likely wondering if there’s a straightforward answer to this.

Whether your best bet is to wonder an answer to My ex has a new girlfriend, does he miss me?

Well, you kind of have to, since the straightforward answer depends on all the things presented to you here.

But! As we said, there are a lot of signals and clues as to if he misses you.

And if there are even signs to decode and overthink about…

The very likely answer is yes, he misses you.

Final Thoughts on my ex has a new girlfriend, does he miss me?

The emotion of missing something is so complex that it’s hard to understand it. That doesn’t have to stop you from trying.

Actually, even just asking yourself with your eye closed, “My ex has a new girlfriend, does he miss me?” is a good thing.

Don’t be afraid to explore your own feelings. Chances are, they will somewhat resemble what the other might also be going through. Don’t shy away from this, and you’ll be well on your way. After all, owning and honoring what you feel is always the answer!

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my ex has a new girlfriend, does he miss me?

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