Date Ideas for Long-Distance

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Ever been in love with someone on the other side of the planet? Or maybe just a few too many zip codes away for comfort? 🤔 Let me tell you, being in a long-distance relationship (LDR) is the ultimate juggling act between keeping the sparks flying and not setting your phone on fire from frenzied, rapid-fire texting!

And darling, this is coming from an experienced 5-year-long LDR, so you better take these date ideas for long-distance relationship to your grave, haha!

So, let’s shake up the same ol’ “How’s the weather over there?” convos with some ridiculously fun virtual date ideas that will have you feeling closer than ever! 😘

I’m sure these long-distance date ideas will make those miles feel just a tad bit shorter!

1. Movie Night

“Why watch a movie alone when you can have a movie marathon together? Sync up your screens and watch your favorite flicks simultaneously. Sneak in real-time reactions over chat – it’s like whispering in the theater without getting shushed.

2-Player Gaming Extravaganza

Team up or face off in your favorite online games. Whether you’re battling zombies or racing for the finish line, nothing beats a little friendly competition. Ready, set, game!

3. Cook-Off Challenge

Pick a recipe, set up your video call, and start cooking! Watching each other fumble around the kitchen is half the fun. Bon appétit!

4. Write a Story Together

Take turns writing sentences or paragraphs to create your story. It might just end up being a bestseller with your combined creativity!

5. Virtual Escape Room

Solve puzzles and search for clues to escape virtual rooms before time runs out. High-intensity teamwork makes the dream work!

6. Starry-Eyed Stargazing

Grab your phones and stargaze together. Use an app to guide you through the constellations. Make a wish on a shooting star – bonus points if you both see it!

7. Online Mixology

Shake up some cocktails together. Create your own signature drinks, then name them after inside jokes. Cheers to you two mixologists in the making!

8. Book Club For Two

Choose a book and read it separately, then have your own intimate meeting to discuss it. It’s like a coffee date but with plot twists!

9. Open Mic Night

Take turns performing your favorite songs, stand-up comedy, or even reciting poetry. Applause is guaranteed!

10. Dream Destination Planning

Plan your dream vacay together! Research, build itineraries, and get psyched about future adventures. It’s a date that literally plans for more dates.

11. Arts & Crafts Hour

Get crafty with a DIY project. Laugh at each other’s less-than-perfect creations and maybe even discover some hidden talents.

12. Soundtrack of Your Love

Create playlists of songs that tell your story or express your feelings, then swap and discuss. It’s a mixtape modernized.

13. Virtual Dance Party

Create a playlist, hit play, and get those bodies moving. Best dance wins, but let’s face it – when you’re dancing like no one’s watching, everyone’s a winner.

14. Psychic Reading

Book a virtual tarot or psychic reading. Whether you believe or not, it’ll spark some interesting convo!

15. Bucket List Building

Create your individual and collective bucket lists. Dare to dream big and scribble those dreams down together.

16. Workout Buddies

Try a couple’s workout routine together. It’s like going to the gym, except you’re holding Planks over pixels.

17. Sunrise/Sunset Synergy

Watch the sunrise or sunset at the same time and share the view. Even the sky’s blushing at how cute this idea is.

18. Tutti Frutti Smoothie Date

Toss random ingredients in a blender and share your concoctions. Refreshing and ridiculous!

19. TikTok Together

Film and sync TikTok videos together. It’s like making your own music videos but with way more laughter.

20. Sending Snail-Mail Love

Go old-school and pen a love letter. Flood their mailbox with everything but bills; it’s time for handwritten hearts and doodles.

21. No Miles High Tea

Set a fancy table, don your Sunday best and video call as you sip tea (or coffee). Pinkies up for elegance!

22. At home Comedy Night

Watch stand-up specials together on Youtube. Prepare for cheek cramps from grinning too hard!

23. Language Learning Date

Learn a new language together! Say ‘I love you’ in French, Italian, Mandarin – the limit does not exist. Parlez-vous romance?

24. Virtual Tourist

Be tourists in each other’s cities through Google Earth. Explore landmarks, “walk” the streets, and plan for the day you’ll do it hand in hand.

25. Home Spa Day

Pamper yourselves while on video chat. Facemasks, aromatherapy, and fluffy robes will have you both feeling zen.

26. Wine & Design

Do an online painting class while sharing a bottle of your favorite wine. Here’s to masterpieces and… just slightly merry critiques.

27. Museum Meanderings

Take a virtual museum tour. Amaze each other with your “deep” interpretations of art. “Yeah babe, I totally get the juxtaposition too!”

28. Karaoke Knights

Queue up the karaoke tracks and serenade one another. Rock those living room stages; the more off-key, the more authentic. Score!

29. Say Cheese! Photography Contest

Choose a theme and snap pictures throughout your day. Who captured the essence of ‘morning blues’ best?

30. DJ For A Day

Craft the perfect playlists for each other on Spotify. From love anthems to power ballads, let the music echo your heartbeats.

31. Masterpiece Theater

Write a short scene and act it out over Skype. Bonus points for costume and props scrounged from your closet.

32. DIY Dive In

Pick a DIY project to do “together.” Whether it’s crafting or minor home renovations, it’s tool time for two!

33. Podcast Pair-Up

Choose a podcast episode, listen separately, then meet up to discuss. Wasn’t that plot twist nuts?

34. Plant Parents Project

Grow the same type of plant at your respective locations. May the best green thumb win!

35. Bookworms Unite

Pick a book and read it together. Discuss the juicy parts during your weekly book club meeting for two. Get lost in a plot twist without ever losing each other.

36. Stroll Down Memory Lane

Swap stories and pictures from childhood. It’s throwback time with a lovey-dovey twist!

37. Plan Your Future

Dream out loud about your future home, pets, vacations – everything. Building a shared vision is like a cozy cuddle for your goals.

38. A Virtual Vacation

Pick a city, find the sights on Google Street View, and explore together! Bon voyage, lovebirds!

Wrapping up – Date Ideas for Long-Distance

Who said long-distance can’t be amazeballs and dah-youm fabulous? 😉 With these unique date ideas, those video calls are about to get a major glow-up!

Don’t let distance put a damper on romance. With these fun and unique long distance date ideas, your love can soar over miles and screens. So, which virtual date are you planning first?

Remember, the distance is just a test to see how far love can travel, and babe, we’re going non-stop to Loveville Express! And to make it count and always – I mean always – end the night with a virtual kiss! 😘

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