romantic picnic ideas for couples

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Let’s get the adrenaline rushing with these romantic picnic date ideas and plan the special outing of your dreams!

Whether you’re in a new relationship, enjoying your long-term love, or just want to plan an extra special day for someone special, there’s something magical about planning out the perfect picnic date. It doesn’t have to be overly expensive – all it takes is some pre-planning and creativity!

To help get your wheels turning, I’ve put together 25 of the cutest picnic date ideas that will make both you and your partner’s hearts skip a beat.

Make foodie memories with sunset strolls, fort-building adventures, and romantic hideaways…you’ll feel like Woody Allen wrote this one for you! So grab the wicker basket (or vintage basket bag), and let’s start planning!

What Food to pack for a picnic date?

When packing a picnic date, there are many delicious food options that you can choose from. Some classic favorites include sandwiches, wraps and salads, along with sides such as chips, dips, fresh fruits and vegetables, crackers and cheese, olives and pickles.

For something sweet, consider bringing a variety of cookies or pastries. Additionally, pre-made beverages like iced tea or lemonade are great additions to keep your drink selection cool and refreshing.

best places to have a picnic date

When it comes to great places for a picnic date, the possibilities are endless. You can have a picnic in the zoo, nearby parks, botanical gardens, beaches, mountains, scenic overlooks, meadows, lakes, woods, amusement parks, outside concerts, or even in your freakin’ backyard or rooftop!

What are some picnic date essentials?

  1. A picnic blanket or two. You don’t want to be sitting on the ground.
  2. Some comfortable chairs or a folding table. Again, comfort is key.
  3. A cooler with all your favorite beverages and some ice.
  4. Plenty of sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses. You don’t want to get sunburned!
  5. Insect repellent, just in case there are mosquitoes or other pests around.
  6. A portable speaker for some music to set the mood.
  7. Delicious food! Think about what you’ll want to eat ahead of time so you can pack accordingly.
  8. Paper plates, napkins, and utensils, unless you’re planning on using reusable ones.
  9. Trash bags for cleanup afterward. Leave no trace!
  10. A first aid kit, just in case someone gets hurt, or there’s an emergency.

Picnic date ideas: what to do on a picnic date?

1. go flower picking

Plan a cute picnic at a nearby flower field or botanical garden. Bring a pair of scissors along and pick your own bouquet of flowers for your or his home. You can even use the flowers to create a romantic floral crown for your picnic partner.

2. stargazing is always cute

Create an enchanting atmosphere with a cozy blanket, soft pillows, and a stargazing app. Head to a quiet location away from the city lights and enjoy a romantic picnic under the starry sky. Add some sparkle to your date by bringing a telescope or binoculars to explore the magnificent constellations and planets.

3. create your own wine-tasting scenes

Yep, a wine-tasting tour would be delish, but you can totally DIY your own by asking the retailer to pack the best bottles of wine from his years of experience without asking you and let the fun begin! Don’t forget to carry different wine glasses for each bottle, and a selection of your favorite cheeses would just be *a chef’s kiss*!

4. do a scavenger hunt

Surprise your partner with a thrilling scavenger hunt leading to a hidden picnic spot. Leave love notes, flowers, and small gifts along the way to make their heart skip a beat. When you finally reach your destination, you’ll be surprised with an amusing surprise and a delectable picnic spread.

5. make it pet-friendly

Fur babies are always super special to us. You could simply transform this picnic date into a pet-friendly one where you both or the one who has can bring your munchkins to the ground and bond over and with them. You never know if the way to his/her heart goes through their dog’s acceptance, lol.

6. have a gourmet picnic date

Treat your loved one to a sumptuous spread of gourmet delights in a picnic basket. From fancy cheeses and charcuterie boards to chilled champagne and luscious desserts, you’ll be in for a feast of epic proportions. Snuggle up on a comfy blanket under a tree and enjoy your romantic picnic in style.

7. bring your favorite board games

Bring your favorite board games and enjoy some friendly competition over a yummy picnic. You can even make your own giant versions of classic board games like Jenga or Connect Four!

8. wine and paint date

This is undoubtedly my dream picnic date idea. The sound of a few bottles of wine, pizzas, paint brushes and so many laughs is precious to me. You don’t have to be a prof painter for this, I know I’m not. But just willing to enjoy the talks and creativity!

You can also try to create each other 😉

9. how about an adorable DIY photoshoot?

Create a fun and quirky photo booth with props, a camera, and a cute backdrop. Capture some hilarious and heartwarming moments with your sweetheart and create a priceless photo album of your perfect picnic date later.

10. give each other relaxing massages

Oh boy, I would give anything to get a beautiful date to massage the hell out of my back. Of course, it i calming and rejuvenating but it also is a sexy way to connect intimately without being physical.

And the best part? You don’t need any special equipment or training to give a good massage, your hands and some oil or lotion are just enough to let your intuition guide you.

11. Blindfolded food-tasting challenge

Want to challenge your foodie skills? Bring in a ton of laughter and entertainment to your outdoor adventure!

So here’s the drill – each person takes turns being blindfolded while the other person selects different foods for them to taste. The blindfolded person has to guess what they are eating based on the taste and texture alone, yep, without being able to see the food.

Not only is this game incredibly fun and hilarious, but it’s also a great way to bond over food and learn about each other’s taste preferences. You can even turn it into a competition by keeping score of who guesses the most foods correctly.

12. DIY karaoke

Oh no no, you don’t need a machine, just your handy Bluetooth speaker and maybe a mic (totally optional) and let the juices flow! Sing at the top of your voice (or maybe not if it’s a public place with a huge crowd) and dance and just have fun.

Drunk karaoke would be 100x better, won’t it?

13. hold them tight and cuddle

Now what’s a date if not cuddling and throwing ourselves all over each other? And if the weather is right and the person is cute, holding them tight and cuddling for a little while screams like something picnic dates are made for.

14. go for fishing

Combine a love for fishing with a romantic picnic by the water. Pack lunch and set up a cozy spot on the shore or on a boat. Spend the day fishing and enjoying each other’s sight. Don’t forget to bring your beloved sunscreen, pretty hat, and plenty of water, though!

15. set up a car theater or go to a drive-in

Have you seen those ultra-cute car set-ups with seats folded and topped off with blankets, yummy snacks, you two, and a screen to play all your romantic films? How about you recreate that? Not only will it give you both things to do but also enjoy each other’s company.

If not that, you could either go to a drive-in theater with beers and burgers or set up an outdoor movie night with a projector, a white sheet, and some popcorn for an extravagant night. You’ll love to get cozy with some blankets and a romantic movie under the stars!

16. Make s’mores over the campfire

Making s’more is another classic picnic date idea that never gets old. It’s a simple yet scrumptious treat that can be effortlessly made with just a few ingredients. Not to forget, there’s something incredibly romantic about sitting around a fire, roasting marshmallows, and enjoying the sweet, gooey goodness of a perfectly crafted s’more.

17. Picnic and Paddle

Take your romance to the next level with a paddle and picnic adventure. Rent a kayak or canoe and paddle to a secluded spot for a romantic picnic on the water. I bet you’ll be surrounded by breathtaking views and serenity as you savor your delicious treats.

18. plan an indoor picnic with blanket forts

Who said romantic picnic dates are only for parks, beaches and gardens? You could easily switch things up and start by creating a cozy blanket fort in your living room or bedroom and setting out some delicious snacks and drinks, and even play some board games or watching a movie while enjoying each other’s company in a unique and comfortable setting.

You can choose to dim the lighting and decorate your fort with fairy lights and flowers just to give it a whimsical touch.

19. dance together like no one’s watching

Put on the music and start shaking your booty like maniacs at your spot. Just enjoy the time of your life and vibe on your common songs. Play all kinds of genres, from romantic to pop, because why not?

20. play frisbee or volleyball

If you’re looking for a more active picnic date idea, why not bring along some favorite sports equipment like a frisbee or a volleyball? Playing a friendly game with your love can be a fun and spirited way to spend your picnic date while also getting some exercise and enjoying the fresh air.

Moreover, it can be a great opportunity to work on your communication and teamwork skills while also having a blast together 😉

21. make something to eat on the spot

Be it tacos, sandwiches, salads or anything you both like, building something together with your significant other can tell a whole lot about them, even if it’s just a small edible item. I have even played building blocks with Parav once and you bet we enjoyed even that like we’d enjoy adult things. It’s just cute xo!

22. treasure hunt shells or rocks

Feeling adventurous? Why not turn your picnic date into a rock or seashell-hunting expedition? Scouring the beach or countryside together can be a thrilling and intimate way to connect with your partner while enjoying the great outdoors.

23. exchange your favorite books to read

For all the pretty nerds out there, many of them may not know how reading a book together in a scenic environment can be insanely romantic, but I gotchu! An interesting way to spice up this picnic date can be to exchange your best reads with the other person and even schedule a makeout sess after a chapter or two 😉

24. go for a quick swim

Are you ready to heat things up on your picnic date? Take a dip in the water together! A quick swim can be a refreshing and invigorating way to spend your time, especially on a hot, sweaty day. You can splash around and have fun together or simply relax and enjoy the cool water.

25. have a bonfire & set up the mood

Isn’t a bonfire a perfect way to set the mood for a romantic and intimate evening together? Gathering around the flames, cuddling, and roasting some marshmallows while enjoying the crackling sound of the fire sounds like a dream.

Is a picnic a good first date idea?

Yes, a picnic is a great first-date idea. It’s an activity that can be relatively low-pressure and has plenty of opportunity for conversation and fun bonding. Additionally, it’s a unique way to show your date that you put thought into creating a special experience for them. Plus, if the weather permits, there is something special about enjoying the outdoors together.

What should a girl wear on a picnic date?

For a picnic date, it’s best to choose an outfit that is casual yet sophisticated. Consider wearing denim jeans and a cute blouse or dress with a pair of sandals or sneakers. Add some fun accessories, such as a statement necklace or hat, but don’t go overboard, as you don’t want your style to overpower the environment.

Lastly, make sure to bring along something warm for when the sun sets and temperatures drop. If you truly want some mind-boggling hot picnic date outfit ideas, this post will do you justice!

Are picnic dates romantic?

Picnic dates can be incredibly romantic, depending on how you plan them. Creating a special atmosphere with decor, lighting, and even music will help create a more intimate setting.

Additionally, if you cook your own food, it’s always nice to add a dessert or extra special touch to the meal that shows how much thought and effort you put into the date. Lastly, exchanging heartfelt conversations during the picnic will definitely make the experience memorable and special.

final thoughts on cute picnic date ideas

Whether you prefer a fun and light picnic date at the park, a romantic set-up complete with champagne and roses, or an adventure deep in the woods, there is something on this list for everyone. There’s no better way to show your significant other that you care than to create a special picnic just for them.

Make it unique: toss in that old childhood game, pair their favorite snacks with artisan cocktails, and don’t be afraid to get creative! Now all you have to do is pick one and let the fluttering feeling of love swoon your heart away.

Happy picnicking!

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